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  1. MattHarris

    MTA Crash

    I haven't any modifications.. This happens with 1.0.5 and with 1.1 nightly builds too.
  2. Hello everyone, I need help about MySQL Database, I've made the connection script and it works but I don't know what insert into database: What tables and rows? like accounts...? So can you help me, please? Thank you
  3. I resolved my trouble just changing server, I was using wamp and I use xampp now. But now there's another trouble the registration script.
  4. MattHarris

    MTA Crash

    Almost always and not for speed hacks or other things..
  5. Hey guys, can you help me with it? It doesn't say me if connection was succesfull or failed and I tried registration script (mysql_insert_id) but doesn't work too. This is my code: connection = mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "", "phis_db") if ( not connection) then -- Connection failed outputDebugString("Unable to connect to MySQL!") else mysql_close(connection)
  6. MattHarris

    MTA Crash

    About 54/55 Mbps
  7. MattHarris

    MTA Crash

    Yes, I've got them.
  8. MattHarris

    MTA Crash

    Here is my dxdiag log: ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 7/7/2011, 15:33:16 Machine name: MATT-PC Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1 (6001.vistasp1_gdr.100218-0019) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: Apple Inc. System Model: MacBook6,1 BIOS: Default System BIOS Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P7550 @ 2.26GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.3GHz Memory: 1766MB RAM Page File: 1913MB used, 1863
  9. But how to excecute a query? And make adding user on database when a player register from a login GUI?
  10. What are you talking?? I need help with MySQL (don't answer always with "Learn scripting on wiki..."), please.
  11. Yes, we know how to create a xampp server. But we need some tutorials to use it in a gamemode, the wiki is poor in MySQL Section..
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