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  1. br_core scriptine ACL'de admin yetkisi vermen gerekiyor. resource.br_core olarak ekle adminin altına, geçer hata.
  2. agam sen yaşıyor musun ?

  3. I don't quite understand the relevance of kurdish channels with pakis
  4. on a serious notice, Turkish forums need a sub-forum for server advertisements and a moderator to take care of all the spam, etc. also, it would be nice to have 3 sub-channels on discord for Turkish category called #tr-serverreklam, #tr-destek and #tr-media.
  5. poopedy scoop, scooppydy poop

  6. merhaba, server ne zaman kapanır tahminen acaba
  7. lets get rid of Kurdish channel and give admen to turret001 on Turkish channel :^)
  8. Please add ability to remove non-collision objects from world like power lines, graffitis, some of the fences and plants, etc.
  9. looking great, I hope you'll release some of your scripts someday in the future.