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  1. agam sen yaşıyor musun ?

  2. I don't quite understand the relevance of kurdish channels with pakis
  3. on a serious notice, Turkish forums need a sub-forum for server advertisements and a moderator to take care of all the spam, etc. also, it would be nice to have 3 sub-channels on discord for Turkish category called #tr-serverreklam, #tr-destek and #tr-media.
  4. hemen hallediyorum dostum, merak etme.
  5. poopedy scoop, scooppydy poop

  6. merhaba, server ne zaman kapanır tahminen acaba
  7. lets get rid of Kurdish channel and give admen to turret001 on Turkish channel :^)
  8. Please add ability to remove non-collision objects from world like power lines, graffitis, some of the fences and plants, etc.
  9. looking great, I hope you'll release some of your scripts someday in the future.
  10. Please keep posting updates, this is the only topic I follow on the forums right now.
  11. Yes, I remember this. there was this one person working on such a thing but never saw anything about it again. I'm looking forward for this resource to be released, good luck! Cody
  12. I wish this was still a thing too bad it is deprecated now