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  1. Hello, I'm just wondering if this is possable? To restart the resource at a certain time. Or even better when theres no players in it, it restarts. Has this been done already?
  2. Thats alright. Not to bad. I wasn't expecting to learn the whole language in 24 hours. Not like a crash course. Which I think would be impossable for Lua. Anyway, thanks for your help. I appreciate it!
  3. Oh good, I was expecting to read an overall of programing languages. So, just keep reading the LUA manual and reading the MTA wiki?
  4. Well, sad to say. I don't have really any scripting/programing in general except Web languages like HTML, XHTML, CSS. Would this be a problem for me to learning?
  5. Thanks, I'm getting right on to this. So, how long can it take for anyone to even get the dead basics? Would you know?
  6. Hello, I don't know if I've got the right area but here goes. I was just wondering if someone could direct me to where you can learn to start scripting lua. I've been to the wiki and read the Scripting Introduction and GUI introduction which I've learnt alot! I know how all the server software works I've been hosting a server on Linux and Windows for sometime I just want to start making small things then eventually making big projects like gamemodes. If someone could help me out with where I need to go to read the information I need to learn I would much appreciate it, Thanks Thomas.
  7. As I have said. This is for for people to experance whats it like to run a server etc. Not to run anything big. And anyway. I havent had any complants about lag issues but, what kind of resources would use that amount of Ram? Other than NPCs? And, Linux doesnt use the WHOLE Ram...
  8. Also, please note. This isnt for the people that think of accusing me of script stealing. I am providing a service to ones who wish to have the experance of running a server... Thanks.
  9. Yeah, I had just did this. And still did the same thing. But. It only had one Error. My guess its linked to more anyway. So why trying I guess?
  10. Thanks for the reply! So this should fix the problem it wont run?
  11. Hello, I wish to ask if anyone knows if there is a version of the gamemode "Interstate69" (http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ails&id=32) that runs with the up-to-date version of MTA. I have been told that it is a Very Very old mode. And that it ran on.. dp2? I don't know if that is right. But, yeah. All i'm wondering is if there is a updated version. And if that someone could release it or something? Sorry if i'm asking alot. I just really enjoyed the gameplay and love to make a server for it, Thanks -Thomas
  12. Hello, I've finally decided to give back to MTA by hosting some free servers for people to muck about on. I was orginally going to ask around last year. But, due to problems doing so. I was unable too. I have also included a few scripts that come in handy. That come with the server. The Server Spec: Dell GX150 CPU: P3 1.1ghz Ram: 512mb Network: 50mb (If more than one person wants to have a server this will be setup so no one has more than the other. ) OS: Ubuntu Linux 10.04 Location: Server Location is in the South Island, New Zealand. As It says in game-monitor.com its in Auckl
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