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  1. myonlake

    [HELP] Problem with loading JSON

    Okay. Make sure you have saved the JSON to the right file in the right place, restarted the resource and tried renaming the name temporarily for example.
  2. myonlake

    [HELP] Problem with loading JSON

    How do you use Locales.load?
  3. myonlake

    [HELP] Problem with loading JSON

    What's your JSON?
  4. myonlake

    Ped's behavior strange bug

    You can see your MTA:SA client version by typing the "ver" command into the F8 console. Same goes for the server console.
  5. myonlake

    Ped's behavior strange bug

    I am not able to reproduce this in Multi Theft Auto v1.5.5-release-13804. What is your MTA version and have you tried running the latest nightly? Perhaps it's a bug in your code.
  6. myonlake

    [HELP] Interior Bug

    We don't offer support for leaked scripts.
  7. myonlake

    Removing object from interior

    As far as I know you can't remove them as world objects. You can use
  8. myonlake

    [help] Open two screens

    You can officially only run a single client at a time.
  9. myonlake

    [HELP] Binding

    You're welcome.
  10. myonlake

    [HELP] Binding

    You need to use getElementsByType as described in the link (see the examples section). Try this. function addKeyInBlinkers() for _, player in pairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if (not isKeyBound(player, ",")) and (not isKeyBound(player, ".")) then bindKey(player, ",", "down", "lleft") bindKey(player, ".", "down", "lright") bindKey(player, "/", "down", "warn") end end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, addKeyInBlinkers)
  11. myonlake

    [HELP] Binding

    Show the code on how you're doing it now.
  12. myonlake

    [HELP] Attemp

    What is CafeTable.hesap? zaman is probably returning a nil because it is not set correctly.
  13. myonlake

    [HELP] Ciro Aritmetich

    What is KumarhaneTable.hesap? The error says that ciro is a boolean.
  14. myonlake

    [HELP] Binding

    BindKey takes in a player element as the first argument. Loop through all players and bind them that way. Your isKeyBound is currently using "source", which is the resource. This is not right. You should move that into the for loop and then use the player element as the first argument there as well.
  15. myonlake

    Player:Spawn not working

    Make sure to add the following line to your meta.xml. <oop>true</oop>