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  1. I'm new at all this and I didnt know you could use map editor until yesterday , so I started it up on my windows server and it screwed around with a couple of important scripts so I can't use it. I'm not trying to mke your life difficult but by doing it manually I get to learn how to script along the way.
  2. Could somone help me ? When I use 50p's bank system I would like to see the $ sign on my radar all the time and not just when I am 50metres away from it. Is there a way to do this? Thanks a lot.
  3. Can't anyone help me with the zombie spawns?
  4. It says "open map editor" but I'm not using map ed I'm doing it manually which file do I put the new spawnpoints in? Here: <def name="Zombies"> <element name="Zombie_spawn" friendlyname="Zombie Spawnpoint" icon="edf/zombiespawn.png"> <data name="position" type="coord3d" default="0,0,0" /> <data name="rotation" type="coord3d" default="0,0,0" /> <ped model="0" rotation="!rotation!"/> <object model="1254" posZ="1" rotation="!rotation!"/> </element> </def> ?
  5. I downloaded this zombie script :http://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=347 Now I have read the info page and I can't work out how to set spawnpoints for the zombies instead of having them randomly spawn. Could anyone help me out?
  6. Thanks a lot mate that worked great but one problem , when I walk into the house icon to buy the house the icon is green ( forsale) but when I buy the house the icon stays green and doesn't go blue?
  7. local marker = createMarker (tonumber(x),tonumber(y),tonumber(z),"corona",1,255,0,0,getRootElement()) setElementData (marker,"housenumber",tonumber(number)) else local marker = createMarker (tonumber(x),tonumber(y),tonumber(z),"corona",1,0,255,0,getRootElement()) setElementData (marker,"housenumber",tonumber(number)) end outputDebugString ("House " .. tostring(number) .. " loaded!") end Is there anyway I could change createMarker to createPickup and have the script spawn House icons instead of corona''s?
  8. Wouldn't the make it so they can pick it up? It wouldn't be a marker?
  9. Where would I find the 3D model of the marker?
  10. Ok I'm getting Studio Max now thanks for the tip I'll give it a shot:)
  11. Is it possible to create a different marker? i.e instead of the corona have a marker ressembling a for sale/sold house icon
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