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  1. yeah, guess this post became more of a headsup for that particular resource.
  2. well after some trial and error i started and stopped each individual resource and fired one bullet at the driver (my friend whom is currently lanning with me) and we determined that it is the trials resource a Vehicle Stunt Animation posted on the community website. Just a note to anyone who runs into that error. I dont see why i have this script anyway. It's cool but... meeeh
  3. So driving around on my server today (vehicle does not matter) I noticed that when I get shot in the drivers seat the vehicle flys up in the air and spins out of control. Assuming this is a resource based issue... Has anyone ever heard of this? Any way to fix it? Any Idea what it could be for that matter?
  4. Okay so here is the updated code with SDK's suggestion... SetElementPosition would be a viable option as well and might incorporate it with other events rather than the initial spawn. I disabled P-spawn to program my own initial gui team selection screen, and to allow the script below to function, however. it doesnt function. --Teamless Weapons aka hobo local hoboWeapon = 30 local hoboAmmo = 2000 local hoboOtherWeapon = 24 local hoboOtherAmmo = 2000 --Police Weapons local copWeapon = 25 local copAmmo = 2000 local copOtherWeapon = 22 local cop
  5. Hello, I have a script where I have 3 teams. 1. Police 2. Medical 3. Repo Now I am using p-spawn for the initial spawn, Teamless people are homeless and spawn in grove street However, I want to make it so that in my function for the join team i.e joinpolice it kills the player and spawns them elsewhere( i.e. police station) . Now that part is the easy part... the question is... when they die... i dont want them being sent to grove street. (because p-spawn has a function for that...) However, I dont really want to destroy the p-spawn script. So i was wondering if there was a easy way to
  6. That would be it. However i recommend putting your code in HERE so you don't get chewed out However the little house icons are blips not markers from my knowledge Are you saying you want it on the minimap? If so look for a blip section in the code and check out the blip ID's on the wiki. Other than that, If you want the marker (the corona) to be that icon instead I think someone else would have to help you with that
  7. Ah i see that now, makes perfect sense. I did some moving around/added some things and it works like a charm! thanks alot for your help
  8. Thanks SDK for reworking my script Im just having one issue however... Server Sided File containing the location code is giving me an Error. Error:Missions\Mission2\.lua:3: attempt to index global 'location' (a nil value) local pizzablip, pizzamarker, house local locations = {} location[1] = { x = 2363.1, y = -1672, z = 13.3, blipicon = 32, reward = 100 } location[2] = { x = 2157.4, y = -1792, z = 13.3, blipicon = 32, reward = 250 } No blips are showing up, i also tried this client sided. So close yet far away heh. Not quite sure what to do
  9. Done. Sorry bout that Overlooked it
  10. Okay, I've realized since the beginning that you guys aren't here to code these scripts for me... And I'm not looking to post my entire code here seeing as the amount of people taking code and claiming it as their own nowadays but basically I have 2 functions that don't function as well as I hoped. The Deliver function and the House function. My Deliver Function: function deliver(thePlayer, matchingDimension) if isElementWithinMarker(thePlayer, pizzamarker) then -- if element is indeed in the marker and types /deliver givePlayerMoney(thePlayer, 100) --reward destroyElement (
  11. Ah thanks guys, got it workin now
  12. Ah well that sounds like it'll work. The goal is to just make a stationary smoking script but anyway.Im having an issue so far local xl,yl,zl = getPedBonePosition (ped, 25) function bluntequip () local blunt = createObject (1485, 0,0,0) attachElements ( blunt, getLocalPlayer(), xl, yl, zl + 1 ) end -- attach it to an event addCommandHandler ( "smokeblunt" , bluntequip ) I am perplexed as I vaguely know what I am doing at this point lol Obviously this code doesnt work, neither did my last attempt. I know im using the right parameters perhaps missing a couple things
  13. Ah, that saddens me. Oh well. I suppose I'll find an alternative thing to do with it til' weapons/peds are supported. Any idea when that will be released?
  14. Hello again. I'm having an issue trying to import a txd/dff over the brassknuckles model into my server. Instead of having brassknuckles I want to replace it with a cigar. Here is the code. Meta: <meta> <info author="n0ps" version="1.1" name="textures" type="misc" /> <script src="skins.lua" type="client" /> <file src="models/brassknuckles.txd"/> <file src="models/brassknuckles.dff"/> </meta> skin.lua: function onResourceStart() blunt = engineLoadTXD ( "models/brassknuckles.txd" ) engineImportTXD ( blunt,
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