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  1. I'm just here to inform. Nothing more. I agree with you that it was Tjong's decision to sell the script. But I disagreed with you withholding the detail that you haven't made FFS' carball resource from scratch (I heard attempts to reveal that got deleted) and according to your apparently slightly upset reactions it's a thing that matters quite much. As we are in the real world, all the people will draw their own conclusions about all this. I strongly doubt this will damage you or FFS in any noticable way long-term. So keep cool and carry on.
  2. Hello dear MTA community, I just wanted to leave this piece of information here (because knowledge is power): Tjong has sold his Carball mode and it's now used on FFS, i.e. (maybe the more important thing) on FFS there's an only slightly modified Carball script. Credits for Carball workarounds and stuff still go to Tjong. Have a link to the original announcement of this in the Neon forum. Discuss, spread, ignore – your choice. Greetings, NeonBlack (aka Firzen, Neon Administration)
  3. Hello, do you think there's any chance for me to get some of those old MTA:Race DM maps that were on servers like XIII, EPG or DDC years ago? Of course they kept those maps secret back then to stay exclusive, but today there's no server with these old maps, is there? So maybe one of the oldschool server keepers reads this and still has an unused archive with MTA:Race maps they could send me, I'd be happy. We'd use these maps on Neon United in the Classic Race Deathmatch mode. If you don't want them to be on Neon, please open a server with them. I think we can all agree that nobody has any advantages when they're just idleing on some HDD.
  4. So far the possibility to precompile Lua scripts has mostly been used to prevent clientside scripts from getting stolen and modified or even distributed as own work. If a scripter desires, they should be the only one deciding who is allowed to have and/or use script sources they created. If they want it to be open source, a valid alternative is leaving scripts uncompiled, yes. MTA opens a wide variety of creating really good effects and stuff clientside and more and more scripters use that to offer their players good experiences on their servers. However, they at least would like to have cool things they put much effort into exclusively on their servers or the servers they're scripting for, which is fully understandable. One of the most demotivating things is when a scripter puts lots of effort and time into a script for their server, only to have it stolen from someone, who makes his own server much more popular with the help of the stolen script. Thus leaving scripts uncompiled isn't a real option in most cases. On one hand the new MTA Lua compiler offers the possibility to encrypt scripts, on the other hand clients and servers will hold an unencrypted version anyway, as they'll need a decrypted version to be able to execute it, so the encryption might add another security layer, but it isn't breakable at all. In contrast to that it adds a very scripter-unfriendly system making them dependent on the official MTA server not only at compile-time, but also when servers and/or clients need to decrypt their scripts. This is a huge disimprovement that has the potential to seriously damage the MTA scripting scene. It's no loss offering this system optionally to those who want to use it, but making it mandatory is a very very bad idea. If anyone doesn't want to discuss that here or whatever I'm usually reachable in the IRC. My nick is Neon.
  5. The MTA Lua Compiler (http://luac.mtasa.com) is an online serverside application required to compile (and optionally encrypt) Lua scripts used for resources. This process seems to only happen on the official MTA servers, even when using one of the downloadable applications (mta_luac(.exe)). Apart from the fact that this means one will not be able to compile(/encrypt) scripts when the official server is unreachable or offline and that this builds up an infrastructure for collecting all scripts their authors mostly compile for the reason of protecting them from being stolen and/or abused I do not see the reason for why this procedure shouldn't be voluntary. The only reason to make it mandatory would be if the official MTA server/team/whatever took damage from something that's possible when using the default Lua compiler. I strongly doubt that. Your efforts to make MTA a secure and hardly hackable software are highly laudable, but professional scripters will definitely dislike having to do it this way. I would like to get to know the intention and the thoughts behind this system.
  6. NeonBlack

    Server list spam

    [uG] UnderCover Gaming DM+DD espxiineonlkoguagogamessg IP:
  7. It started yesterday as I suddly was not able any more to join irc.gtanet.com. I thought maybe this problem solves itself and so I tried again today, but with the same result. The host cannot be resolved, so I think a ban is not the reason and in addition mibbit.com fails as well and downforeveryoneorjustme.com says gtanet.com is down. Just me excluded in a very mysterious way or is it really down? And if it's down: Why and why isn't a such important network not already up again? And why the fuck am I the first/only one(?) noticing and reporting this? Edit: I noticed now that there's an alternative host irc.multitheftauto.com... Do I really have been the only one using irc.gtanet.com? Edit2: Seemingly gtanet is just having DNS problems. Sorry for bothering you.
  8. Try printing out the elements' types by using getElementType on start and source.
  9. NeonBlack

    no idea..

    And you cannot add the event handler before defining the function.
  10. Neorange can has Oranges. :3 (once Neon)
  11. Hi, I'm from the NeoN GaminG multigaming clan and we just opened a new race server that shall be like XIII/EPG's one but not to compete against them but rather provide another great racing server if XIII/EPG's is (too) full. Our problem is that we don't have any nice maps so I want to ask all of you now if anyone of you would be so kind and provide us his map(s). We're searching for race, dd and especially dm maps. Unfortunately there seems no place where I can download any maps. Best regards, Neon(Black)
  12. I created a lua.xml for Notepad++, which contains all functions that are actually on the wiki. Therefore I needed function lists I took from the wiki. You can download the results of my day here. <.< And yes, I know, there's already an API and maybe also function lists, but some said they might be not actual and now it's too late anyway. (I already wasted my day ) So I hope this is useful for anyone. I'll try to keep them up to date. You might also post suggestions here. Maybe I'll add the Lua standard functions later. Lua.xml for Notepad++ (MTA DP2.3 + 1.0 functions from 06/04/2009 without Lua standard functions) MTA Function List (Server + Client, no doubles!) MTA Server Function List MTA Client Function List (Last update: 06/04/2009) The functions in the API should be all marked with “version/serverorclient:” in front of the function name. version can be dp2.3 or 1.0, dp2.3 are the deprecated functions, 1.0 are all functions that are compatible with MTA 1.0 (nightly). serverorclient can be sevrer, client or both. There are probably many functions with incorrect parameterlist or some other bugs since the wiki seems not to have the same syntax for every function entry. Just report such bugs. You can use the API by copying the lua.xml into your \Notepad++\plugins\APIs directory. You'll probably have to restart Notepad++ to use the function list. Go to Settings -> Preference... -> Backup/Auto-completion and set your auto-completion settings there. Then you will be able to use the API in any .lua-file. I hope this isn't completely useless. NeonBlack Last Changes: - added outputChatBox argument list since it's a common used function (06/04/2009)
  13. If you still need help... I had the same problem. If you have MTA SA DM installed you need to go into your GTA San Andreas directory and rename the folder named MTA to something like MTA_DM or MTA_backup or whatever, it must only be different from MTA. Then reinstall MTA Race and it should work fine. If you then want to play MTA SA DM again you must rename the MTA folder in your GTA SA directory to something like MTA_race and rename the MTA_DM or however you named it back to MTA. So finally you have to swap these folders by changing from DM to Race or vice versa. I hope I could help you.
  14. Did you pass the Function Name as a String?
  15. NOTE: Who ever used my Explode Function before 27th June 2008 should get the new Version! The old one has a bad Bug! I edited the Explode Function. I was tired of creating a new Event for every Function I wanted to call from Client to Server or vice versa, so I made a CallClientFunction and CallServerFunction Handler. You'll have to add this Script server-side: function CallClientFunction(client, funcname, ...) triggerClientEvent(client, "OnServerCallsClientFunction", getRootElement(), funcname, unpack(arg)) end function CallServerFunction(funcname, ...) _G[funcname](unpack(arg)) end addEvent("OnClientCallsServerFunction", true) addEventHandler("OnClientCallsServerFunction", getRootElement(), CallServerFunction) And this Script must be added client-side: function CallClientFunction(funcname, ...) _G[funcname](unpack(arg)) end function CallServerFunction(funcname, ...) triggerServerEvent("OnClientCallsServerFunction", getRootElement(), funcname, unpack(arg)) end addEvent("OnServerCallsClientFunction", true) addEventHandler("OnServerCallsClientFunction", getRootElement(), CallClientFunction) Then you can use void CallClientFunction(element player, string function, [arguments...]) SERVER-SIDE and void CallServerFunction(string function, [arguments...]) CLIENT-SIDE NOTE: Neither CallClientFunction nor CallServerFunction return Anything! This is, no Data is passed by returning something if you use one of these Functions! And here also the Complement to FormatNumber: number UnformatNumber(string formattedNumber, string comma, string milsep) function UnformatNumber(formattedNumber, comma, milsep) if (milsep) then formattedNumber = formattedNumber:gsub(milsep, "") end if (comma) then formattedNumber = formattedNumber:gsub(comma, ".") end return tonumber(formattedNumber) end
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