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  1. Well...if rockstar made it themselves they don't have to have anyone's permission. It could be also a whole new game, similar to gta but just multiplayer. Maybe similar to mafia but in modern time, that could work also.
  2. New ideas -couldn't find this from any post of mine although it's an old idea but when a player joins the game, he would have to wait like 10-15 mins to be able to join a gang, it would prevent idiots from joining a gang right away and messing around. after that time if he still wants to be groupless he could only get in if voted in or with an acceptance from the group leader -if a player is poor enough (got money like -1000 dollars) he would be automatically kicked out of the group cause he is more likely a tk -like 5 tk's and get autokick from the group -some own servers for n00bs to lea
  3. You are absolutely right buddy. But this could be done in so many ways. This thing is too big for MTA team to make I think. The problem is that who would make it? Those big fancy developement teams (not to mention publishers like EA) don't even bother reading the idea unless they get money already from that. They don't know what they are missing. There are plenty of people who would want a game like that. I got lots of friends to help me developing this idea to even better. We could make an address or something Cause one thing is for sure: who ever makes it with succeed, he will be swimming
  4. Sure, but he can't communicate privately with any clan. He can collect money also as a freelancer and of course, the more money you got, the more easily a clan will accept you cause it will automatically raise their wealth.
  5. Well, it seems very much possible to make a multiplayer game also for VC but MTA don't seem too willing to do this thing, at least not at this point. Someone will make it someday and oh he/they will be famous
  6. Yeah, I know it's a big process and I think it would be one of the most complicated (if not the most complicated) multiplayer game ever seen. They don't know if it's even possible to make one yet but they are scanning for stuff and we just gotta wait. They have showed me big thumbs up and will certainly be thinking hard whether do it or not, if it turns out that it would be possible to create one. That's the reason I made this poll so that it could help them with that decision There are so many aspects to take under consideration that the first version could fail. But luckily 1) they can bu
  7. What a beautiful story, put a tear in my eye Hehe, that would be a two team battle on a vice city map with cubans vs haitians 128 players each Lots of money at start, big bombs and you are way to go Actually I didn't mean this big war but sure if there are 3 maps: 1) vc map 2)a half of vc map 3)other half, there could be servers running only the first map with as many players as possible and lots of money for starters. Have you thought about this what comes to bribing. What if team A decides when the game starts that if team B asks some of them to be bribed, then the player should acce
  8. Hmm, what if that stats screen was a little windows application? Would that work? It wouldn't be so userfriendly though...
  9. Yes I know. I was just posting my ideas and was just coming to that question. While I was thinking about this mod, I very often thought if it's possible or not. Much I've said, much is left to say what comes to my ideas but the most complicated to build are there I think. If it turns out that it's possible to create a game like this (if not everything, we can think a way to maybe come close with another way) and you are willing to do, I will write a 100 page book if needed to help out your brainwork. I bet people here have many other great ideas to be published as well. But IF, just IF, this t
  10. You are absolutely right about this and I've been thinking about the solution. I bet there are people who wouldn't mind if those games were long. They could just join the game at some point and then leave when they don't want to play anymore. It would be so much fun, I think, that it wouldn't be so big minus. Another problem is that if the game lasts like 6 hours, players will change all the time, maybe one or two players will play that six hours but the teams will change quite a bit during that time and it will take time to the new players to get the idea what is going on, who is loosing and
  11. Some more ideas -players have asterix above their heads but only teammates can see them (so you don't see enemies so well), different color asterix above the head of a bribed player -you could buy a remote bomber plane or chopper but they would be pretty expensive
  12. EDIT: A better document on this idea can be found @ http://koti.mbnet.fi/mika_j/mpidea.doc in Word 97-2002 format. Hi! I have an idea which is much like what smokemasta suggested but more detailed. Hope you like it! Short version (the basic idea, read my all posts for more stuff more detailed): -gangs fight against each other -you can do missions and steal banks etc. to get more money (and of course by killing people from other gangs, driving taxi, whatever) -you can prevent other gang from doing missions by *bribing a player from other gang to tell what they are planning
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