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  1. Thank you! I have merged this project with other commitments, allowing me to make this project my full time (unpaid) "job". Absolutely. But it will be released open source (along with the entire code history) after all the base functionality has been implemented.
  2. To clarify, some work has already been done, but full-time work will commence in September. The grammar in your sentence is both non-existent and unclear.
  3. qaisjp

    Map Editor

    Wheels only without the rest of the vehicle? I don't think that's possible without replacing the model.
  4. Are you running the server or client?
  5. See and local txd = EngineTXD:create('banshee.txd', true) should be local txd = EngineTXD.create('banshee.txd', true) -- or local txd = EngineTXD('banshee.txd', true)
  6. Yes, you can do this using the PHP SDK. There is a pull request pending with lots of improvements:
  7. This is not the Portugese section.
  8. You need to post on the Mr Green forum, not the MTA forum.
  9. Please run /debugscript 3 It will tell you exactly which line has the problem. It will tell you that the problem is on Line 14. It will tell you that it can't index a nil value Veh This is because on Line 14 you typed Veh when you meant to type veh
  10. Not sure! This post has some interesting information: Namely, this bit: The first bit implies that there may not be any point, and the second bit implies that there may be support. It also says this: .. but. when you find out, do come back and let us know! Hope you enjoy the new PC!
  11. qaisjp

    MTA:SA crashes

    Thanks for the report, SalwadoR. It's appreciated.
  12. Try Visual Studio 2017 — VS 2019 build a buggy version of MTA for some reason.
  13. This is the "freeroam" resource. From the console (or as an admin) you can type stop freeroam to stop this resource and remove this functionality. You may also want to remove it as an auto-start resource from your server config (mtaserver.conf file).
  14. To do this you can cancel onClientPlayerDamage. Make sure you run the cancelling logic on every client, this is important for sync. You can implement the timer display using dxDrawText. Use getTickCount to record the start time instead of increasing a counter every second. If gangs are implemented using MTA's team system, you can use getPlayersInTeam and trigger an event to those players. You can modify the "start time" instead of every player having a timer. Assuming you want everyone to see the same timer. You'd modify the "start time" by subtracting 30s when they enter the turf (this means they have "spent more time capturing the turf"), or adding 30s when they leave the turf (meaning they have now "spent less time"). Note: timeSpent = getTickCount() - startTime You can use toggleControl with vehicle_fire / vehicle_secondary_fire. See "Control names". This will prevent those vehicles from firing whilst inside the turf. You may want to use a separate colshape to ensure that people outside the turf aren't shooting into the turf area, if that makes sense. You may also want to say "You are too close to a turf war to fire this vehicle!"