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  1. I wanna change my name .-.

    We can do this: what username would you like it to be set to?
  2. Report community resources here!

    Hi, I've deleted the comment in question for you. I've also moved your post to the relevant post related to community moderation. Thanks for your suggestions, we'll keep them in mind.
  3. Help

    Please provide the code! Here are some situations where your error can occur: `tab[999] + 2` `tab[999]` does not exist, so evaluates to `nil` `nil + 2` causes the error `thing + 2` `thing` does not exist, so evaluates to `nil` `nil + 2` causes the error etc. Good luck
  4. dxDraws are getting drawn on each other?

    In addition to what @koragg said, the issue is that when you first call onReceivedData you are adding the render function to the onClientRender event. You'll need to grab a hold of that render function (your render function atm is being defined globally), and execute removeEventHandler if the render function already exists. You need to do these three things: Before function drawReceivedData(...) write this line: local render; This will set the scope of the render variable Right after the function drawReceivedData(...) line, check if render exists (if not nil), and it does, run this: removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, render) Steps to improve general code: Lift the state: make the render function a regular function (not one defined inside another function) Make it refer to a safeStatus table onReceivedData check if safeStatus is defined. If it isn't (is nil), define it, and add the event. It is already defined, redefine it (or just update fields) so the render function will print the updated fields. Good luck!
  5. Wanna contribute, need some help

    @eAi: `element.position` returns the same thing as `element:getPosition()`. Thinking back on it now, whilst doing `localPlayer.vehicle` is extremely convenient, having it for almost every function is a fundamental design flaw. @AfterAll14: the vectors are mutable, but i think some of those utility functions only return new versions with the operation applied. You should do `M.position = M.position:normalize()`. Any updates on your progress?
  6. The new beginning

    Labas! The community will have a lot of the things you are looking for. I suggest you read a couple of the resources so you have an idea of how they are made. We're happy to answer any questions you have here.
  7. Forum | Code editor

    It's a clipboard btw
  8. Community ?

    Hi, I've updated the community to reflect the change that @pa3k suggested. Whenever the community is next updated the "feature" will be added.
  9. MTASA for MacOS

    I've written a guide showing you how to run MTA on macOS.
  10. hedit: MTA Ingame Handling Editor V2.1.4

    Handling Editor 2.1.4 (minor release) (2.1.3 wasn't skipped.) Download here This minor release contains: Minor bugfixes Spanish and Polish languages Minor UI rearrangements Compare the changes here
  11. Report community resources here!

    Grafu will have to report this himself, with sufficient information to raise doubt regarding resource ownership (i.e, proof)
  12. Matrices for vehicle components please

    Get component matrix is possible too.
  13. Matrices for vehicle components please

    The requirement is that you access it using OOP. vec = vehicle:getComponentRotation(...) x, y, z = getVehicleComponentRotation(vehicle, ...)
  14. setVehicleHandling -- Client side

    It could be restricted to client sided vehicles only.