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  1. qaisjp

    Open Source

    This would be really appreciated. We can't merge things without it being tested, so if you want to help get things merged quicker, please report your findings! It would also be great if you joined discord so we can communicate easier: Cheers
  2. qaisjp

    get Password Account Player

    @xXGhostXx The password is one-way hashed (hashing is not the same as encryption) and this means that it is not possible for anyone to read the password. It is important for server owners to not store passwords in plaintext, and in fact, many people have gotten into trouble for revealing passwords. If someone forgets their password, this is what you should do: Ask the player to join your server Check their serial Check your server logs to verify that this serial has logged into the account they want to reset. Use (or chgpass , as Dutchman mentioned above) to reset the password to something random Send the player the new temporary password Ask the player to log in using the temporary password, and then change the password using the chgmypass command as Dutchman mentioned above. Now the user has recovered their account without you knowing their password, and without you knowing their new password. In the future, you can write a resource to allow players to set an email address using This allows you to skip the process of verifying the serial, and you can simply start at #4 above, and in #5 send the temporary password to the email address saved.
  3. qaisjp

    [Help] Compiling MTASA

    What do you mean by "other gtasa"? Do you mean total conversion mods? Have you followed the instructions at or
  4. qaisjp

    Get positions from server

    Yes, 0.5s is probably a wee bit too frequent. You could compile your own server and push this info to the server in a separate thread, maybe?
  5. qaisjp

    Raw data

    It is not "more secure". If you are downloading lots of files everytime just to be "more secure" it will just be slower Please don't do this.
  6. qaisjp

    Youtube + createBrowser

    This is not possible with YouTube.
  7. qaisjp

    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.6 is released!

    Yes, but they weren't ready for release, so we took it out. There are still a few kinks we'd like to iron out. If you're looking for new features in the map editor, please do file an issue on GitHub and maybe someone will come along to help 🙂
  8. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.6 is released Today the MTA team is delighted to announce the release of MTA:SA 1.5.6. You will receive an automatic update soon, but if you don't have MTA installed, you can get it from the home page . There are many changes and improvements across the board, but one feature stands out as being especially exciting: custom animations! This has been a feature on our radar for many years, and @Saml1er was the one who decided to make what many have considered a dream, a reality. Take a quick look at this video of custom animations in action to get a glimpse of what's possible: Changes This release includes many additions, improvements, and fixes. Find the complete set of changes, and more information about the improvements listed below, in the 1.5.6 release notes. If you'd like to keep on top of all the things we're working on, why not watch or star our GitHub repository? Here is a heavily cut-down selection of features and fixes. Highlights: New features Ordered roughly by reverse chronological order New languages Bulgarian, Indonesian and Chinese (Traditional) (a3217) New server console feature for arrow command history (#274 by myonlake) New ACL property ModifyOtherObjects.resourceName for one resource only (6614d) New element functions getElementAngularVelocity, setElementAngularVelocity (#73 by lex128) New chat function clearChatBox (#215 by CrosRoad95) New vehicle functions getVehicleRespawnPosition, getVehicleRespawnRotation, setVehicleRespawnRotation (#334, #338 by l0nger) New goggle effect parameter "noiseEnabled" parameter to setCameraGoggleEffect (#324 by samr46) New drawing function dxDrawCircle (#266 by CrosRoad95, Saml1er) New jetpack functions setPedWearingJetpack, isPedWearingJetpack (#243 by Dezash) New element function getElementsWithinRange (de149) New GUI functions guiWindowIsMovable, guiWindowIsSizable, guiEditGetMaxLength, guiEditIsMasked (#272, #255 by FileEX) New fire function extinguishFire (#207 by CrosRoad95, #252 by myonlake, also 7838b) New world functions getPedsLODDistance, setPedsLODDistance, resetPedsLODDistance (#231 by CrosRoad95) New GUI scrollbar functions guiMemoSetVerticalScrollPosition, guiMemoGetVerticalScrollPosition (#248 by myonlake) New GUI functions guiMemoIsReadOnly, guiEditIsReadOnly (#236 by FileEx) New special property "underworldwarp" (#208 by CrosRoad95, #222 by myonlake) New vector support for collision functions (#217 by myonlake, #163 by Pawelo / 4O4) New animations functions setPedAnimationSpeed, engineLoadIFP, engineReplaceAnimation (Saml1er, with some help from Icensow, raw data loading courtesy of #247 by samr46) New colshape function isInsideColShape (#195 by tederis) New vehicle function for client-sided setVehicleHandling (#192 by Renkon) New world sound parameter to setWorldSoundEnabled to stop sound immediately (44844) New ped weapon function isPedReloadingWeapon (#149 by Neproify) New debug hooks pre/postEventFunction added to addDebugHook (#126) New event parameter "deleted" add to onResourceStop (98502) New vehicle function isVehicleWheelOnGround (#146 by ZReC) New command reloadacl (#131 by Timic) Enable switching camera view mode for trains (#125 by ZReC) New encode functions encodeString, decodeString (#184 by SDraw) New pickup events onPickupLeave & onPlayerPickupLeave (#176 by emre1702) New account functions getAccountIP, getAccountsByIP, getAccountsByData & setAccountName (#164 by emre1702) Highlights: Bug fixes and tweaks getChatboxLayout now works as advertised (#254 by myonlake) Return 2 vectors for ele:getBoundingBox (#305 by Pirulax, #332 by Addlibs) Fix inconsistencies in reading userdata in Player functions (#308 by Addlibs) Improve debug info for garbage collected files (#312 by Dezash) Fix crashes with account functions when using empty strings (faa57) Missing bShallow for server-side water (#240 by myonlake) Fix spawnPlayer rotation not working properly (#258 by myonlake) Fix false elements in getElementsWithinRange (#300 by Sergeanur) Removal of the /whowas command (0cffa) Improve connect to disconnect you less frequently (7fc29) Make connect port argument default to 22003 (d698b) Fix many bugs related to animations, jetpack and choking (#229 by myonlake) getVehicleType not being consistent server/client side (b08f3) Fix custom CEGUI skins accidentally breaking dxDrawRectangle (4e57a) Ignore colorcodes while tabbing in chatbox (#238 by Timic) Various bind tweaks, please tell us if something is broken (by emre1702) Fix empty string in getVehicleNameFromModel (instead of false) (#219 by emre1702) Weather blending improvements (#204 by emre1702) Fix 'stream_title' meta tag when the playback is started (#206 by Sergeanur) Fix problems when using a controller with more than 7 axes (382a3) Console no longer displays an error message when pressing the key of a disabled MTA control (23dad) Fix crash caused by calling client-side setPlayerNametagShowing with a ped (554a2) Fix server crash on server-window resize (becf0) Download This release is backwards compatible with the older 1.5.x releases (1.5.5, 1.5.4, all the way to 1.5). However, if you would like to take advantage of all of these useful changes, you will need to go and download the update! Servers: binaries are available, and don't forget to update your default resources. What's next? We're continually working on new features and fixes for MTA. If you're happy to report bugs and crashes do try out our Nightly release stream. You can do this by going into Settings -> Advanced -> Auto updater -> Update build type. Change to "nightly" and hit "Check for update now". Only do this if you like crashing and like filling out bug reports. We're also working on a brand new community: we want your suggestions, ideas and feedback! If you have any questions or would just like to chat with the community, do check out our official Discord server. We have channels for scripting, general support (bugs), mod development, and many more! Thank you! Thank you very much to the following community members for their work towards this release: Addlibs, ArranTuna, CrosRoad95, Dezash, Dutchman101, Einheit-101, emre1702, FileEX, forkerer, Icensow, jlillis, l0nger, lex128, lopezloo, MIKI785, myonlake, Neproify, Pawelo / 4O4, Pirulax, Renkon, samr46, SDraw, Sergeanur, tederis, Timic3, ZReC, and many others who helped document on the wiki, reported bugs, and helped out with issues. (If your name is missing or you want to change your entry above, please PM @qaisjp) You could be on this list! We're always on the lookout for new contributors. Contribute on GitHub, and chat with us on Discord. Finally, everyone, please give a 👋 to the newest maintainer of Multi Theft Auto: @Saml1er. Until next time, The MTA Team
  9. qaisjp

    heavy mouse lag when full screen

    it should be fixed now, get latest mta from
  10. qaisjp

    Known issues with input lag/heavy FPS stutter

    Hello, I am pinging people who I have marked down as experiencing this problem but don't have an MTA Diag report for: @This_Name_Is_Taken @Sp33dHunter48 @KINGKHAN @az20fx @NmLa @meawooo @Act0nMX @AncienT Please follow these instructions.
  11. qaisjp

    Known issues with input lag/heavy FPS stutter

    Hello, I am pinging people that I have marked down as using Avast: @TheBigSad @StanMarko @AncienT @ZsedriK @JoeGamer See the workaround above. Please remember: For now, consider this as a workaround. It's not a fix. We still need you here to help us! Let us know if the workaround works or does not work for you If you are not one of the above, please send us your MTA Diag and read my instructions at the start of this thread (first post by Dutchman has been edited) Thanks!
  12. qaisjp

    Black screen on 4219-20180903

    Thank you very much for reporting this, and thank you 10x more for testing this. It should be fixed in the next build.
  13. qaisjp

    Known issues with input lag/heavy FPS stutter

    That's good to know. For now, just consider this to be a workaround and not a full fix. That means you should keep an eye out for updates still, please.
  14. qaisjp

    Known issues with input lag/heavy FPS stutter

    THIS HAS NOW BEEN FIXED IN LATEST BUILD Available NOW! at If you are still experiencing the problem, please follow these instructions: Please provide a copy of your MTA diag report Tell us: whether you encounter lag in the menu, in game, or both. Tell us: when you think this problem started happening Tell us: what antivirus you use Read the below workaround if you are using Avast antivirus. For now, consider this as a workaround and not a fix. We still need you to provide an MTA diag if this works. Please give us generate a link before trying the workaround. Tell us if the workaround is actually successful and tell us if it isn't. Follow instructions here:
  15. qaisjp

    heavy mouse lag when full screen

    Please can we get your MTADiag results? Thanks