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  1. qaisjp

    [HELP] Creating Turf System

    To do this you can cancel onClientPlayerDamage. Make sure you run the cancelling logic on every client, this is important for sync. You can implement the timer display using dxDrawText. Use getTickCount to record the start time instead of increasing a counter every second. If gangs are implemented using MTA's team system, you can use getPlayersInTeam and trigger an event to those players. You can modify the "start time" instead of every player having a timer. Assuming you want everyone to see the same timer. You'd modify the "start time" by subtracting 30s when they enter the turf (this means they have "spent more time capturing the turf"), or adding 30s when they leave the turf (meaning they have now "spent less time"). Note: timeSpent = getTickCount() - startTime You can use toggleControl with vehicle_fire / vehicle_secondary_fire. See "Control names". This will prevent those vehicles from firing whilst inside the turf. You may want to use a separate colshape to ensure that people outside the turf aren't shooting into the turf area, if that makes sense. You may also want to say "You are too close to a turf war to fire this vehicle!"
  2. qaisjp

    The last reply

  3. qaisjp

    Open Source

    Don't know how I missed this (but I can't find you on discord). anyone can post a review, so you can send a review saying "tested" e.g. see green "Review changes" button. click that and you can send a review. cheers
  4. qaisjp

    Introducing Sphene, the SCM Interpreter

    Very cool!
  5. qaisjp

    CU01 error

    Moved to Client Support
  6. Facebook seems to have self-corrected... (at least on
  7. Hi Apocalypso, please check your forum PMs for a new password. I recommend you to reset your password once you've logged in.
  8. qaisjp

    My mouse doesn't move on menu..

    Hi, do you still have this problem? Topic moved to Client Support.
  9. qaisjp

    Error code AC#4

    I've moved your post to the correct section: Client Support. Do you still need help with your problem?
  10. qaisjp

    Voice Chat

    Thanks - an issue has been created here:
  11. qaisjp

    Some features should be added in admin2

    Thanks for your suggestions. I've added this suggestion to the project, in a new column "To explore". This is not possible in its current form. MTA ACL doesn't have a concept of tiers. However I think integrating some sort of layer above might be interesting if we can do it in the style of Discord. I've added this "discord style permission management" as a card in the "To explore" column. There is an ACL management matrix "planned" (well, it was originally planned). It probably won't be a new GUI like the one you linked. But hopefully the investigation into "discord style permission management" will satiate your needs. (This suggestion is not added to the project.)
  12. qaisjp

    I not spawn my server dead and down world

    Hi, do you still need help with this? Is this your own server or does this happen to you on all servers? Moved to Client support.
  13. qaisjp

    -1 dimension for everything

    I like this idea as well. Copied to
  14. qaisjp

    scripts for fiveM gtaV

    Moved to Resources from Suggestions
  15. qaisjp

    Player Stats for MTA

    The statistics have now been updated again. The record for concurrent players (i.e. players at the same time) has not changed.