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  1. This base Mode is theoretically easy to add, but it needs fitting maps. It would be like an outpost and as soon as it gets captured, it explodes or something and gets wiped out from the map. My time is still limited tho
  2. Theoretically yes, practically no. 1. It breaks shaders 2. I have no skins
  3. 1. Math questions?? Wat? Players are going to farm xp with a calculator, bad idea 2.possible, but first I need to convert some sounds 3. Possible, but useless on most maps I guess 4. Parachuting is not a thing currently and maybe never will 5. I have no sound files for that. 6. Impossible 7. Enemy players don't see the name of enemies anyway unless he is loud and they aim at him 8. Just use admin shout or msg or something 9. Just use /kill 10. This already exists, but there is not much info added
  4. UPDATE: -Fixed collision of model 13295 (A gas station/workshop found on "Ambush" map) -Fixed land mines not disappearing after the responsible player died -Disabled driveby ability for Flare pistol (I could NOT reproduce that bug, but better safe than sorry) -Increased speed of damaged ships -Fixed a bug that flooded the server with a giant load of timers when ships are used
  5. UPDATE: -Fixed bad collision file of the large house, found (for example) on "Canyon" map (Cap point D) -Corrected issues mentioned by R8ZOM -Fixed too large scale of T-34-85 and Sd.Kfz. 222 -Fixed an out-of-map glitch in Diablo and replaced the M2 light tank with a M8 greyhound -Fixed a rare warning when a wrong element is set as "wanted" -Fixed broken turret sync of submarines -Fixed explosions doing damage to a staff member in Godmode when "Fireworks" perk is used
  6. Yeah everything is done now, that was because i did that at 5:00 AM.... There should be no problem anymore. Parachuting is not easy because you can parachute out of map, but i could add it for bigger maps, it needs some work tho...
  7. UPDATE: -Added PanzerspƤhwagen Sd.Kfz 234/2 "Puma" (converted by me from Forgotten Hope 2) -Added M8 Light Armored Car "Greyhound" converted by Trento, modified & optimized for usage in SAAW by me -Fixed vehicle shops being not visible -New U.S. Airborne ranger skin -Added all 3 recently added vehicles to some existing maps
  8. UPDATE: -Added T-34-85 tank due to highly popular demand (And because it was really missing) - performs like M4A3 (76) or Panzer IV (H) -Added vehicle ID list to F9 manual ("roadmap" tab) for admins so they can finally look everything up -Fixed planes coming from vehicles shop being bugged in a house (This bug HAS to be OLD and never reported?!) -Fixed defense vehicles spawning on cap zones being locked to a certain team (Now everyone can enter them) -Increased damage of Johnson LMG and Breda 30 -Fixed horn of ships not working -Fixed collision and draw distance of objects 12991 and 12954 (A house with windows + a furniture pile) -Fixed rare warning with "Forces" being "false"
  9. UPDATE: -Drastically reduced bandwidth/server load by adding a timeout for sending damage information when something is burning -Slightly decreased health of "Toughness" perk -Drastically decreased health regeneration of "Toughness lvl 2" perk when not in range of a Medic (Yes, this was a bug) -Fixed a warning when doing suicide
  10. UPDATE: -Added assists (Now players get assists rewarded when an enemy gets killed within 30s after the last damaging hit) -Fixed issue with players not being able to spawn on cap zones (Why did no one report this yet?) -Shotguns now correctly create bullet impact holes -Submarines will now automatically sink when being above water -Fixed messed up vehicle crosshairs -Fixed an issue with Pier markers being visible to the wrong players after getting auto-balanced -Fixed missing change_camera tooltip in some vehicles -Fixed an element leak when submarines got deleted by script Only 22 hours from the previous update, you guys can be happy that my girlfriend has no time for me today LOL^^
  11. UPDATE: -Added bind options menu (Access it with F6 key or main menu) - Players can now freely customize SAAW key binds! -Possible fix for "players spawning on enemy spawnpoint" glitch -Players can no longer spawn on a cap zone that is not fully captured (It was so annoying, seriously) -Voice chat is now global for all players in a team (3D Voice turned out to be garbage and not really working) -Enemies can no longer, under any circumstances, hear friendly voice chat (since 3D Voice is now removed) -Cannon barrel does no longer drop down when a tank explodes while the ammunition is burning down (Fixes muzzle fire floating in the air above barrel) -Removed an unnecessary render target in shader_palette -Fixed a warning when trying to move ammo from one vehicle to another and no element is clicked in the inventory list -> Keep reporting any bugs/issues, maybe we get something like "Key XYZ is not working anymore" after that key options menu addon since i did not test each and every key bind. It is pretty difficult to find any bug on this server after all these updates. MTA Team should do something about Voice chat, its so silent, i can barely hear anyone chatting, really terrible compared to things like Skype - or maybe 90% of players microphones are just as garbage as their computers, i still think most players use resolutions below 1280x1024 with all shaders disabled - which is a shame. SAAW has not been designed for minimum graphics.
  12. You have to wait some seconds after saving/loading a map, its that simple. Previously MTA editor had a critical bug that destroyed maps when you attemptet to load another map shortly after saving the current one... I fixed that with a few seconds time delay. My MTA online editor is a little different from the original as it includes some fixes for ancient, annoying bugs and custom objects etc... Also, someone (Or MTA itself) managed to break editor_dump resource, i fixed that and now the Editor #2 should be working fine again. Btw dont use vehicles.. They are useless. Delete them. Use vehspawn instead, there is a reason why i implemented these many features into the SAAW definition. And maybe that caused your map to be broken. And watch out for zfighting issues... no one likes or wants flickering roads.
  13. 1. Impossible, there is no Bike with MG and no jeep with MG, I have no models and most important there is no casket bike animation and animation replacement is impossible in MTA 2. there is no animation for lying+aiming and it's impossible to add one, I would need to use a hacky way with custom weapons + a frozen car-on-roof-escape animation to get this working, but it would look terrible and it would introduce 1000 bugs 3. Explosives are extremely strong but small explosions have a very small damage radius + now there is an ability that rescues you 1 time when hit by explosion because the grenade/ riflegrenade oneshots needed a counter. Large explosions have an extremely high radius (Dynamite, Howitzers...) 4. The problem is that the player is already out of the tank when he presses Exit key, but he is kept invisible until the exit animation is finished. That's why you can be killed and it's kinda realistic, I just need to make the player visible while exiting but it looks terrible (tanks have no doors), that's why I keep them invisible.
  14. Oh and since i cannot edit anymore: -Players can now choose what they want to replace/refill by taking a weapon pickup - just switch to the weapon that you want to replace/refill -Reduced the time to hold "K" to pick up a weapon by 30% Imho this is way better than the previous system that told you what slot the weapon is going to replace. I dont know why i didnt make it this way from the beginning. Now feel free to use 2x Pistol or 2x Machine gun by picking up any weapon to any slot.
  15. UPDATE: -Added experimental 3D Voice chat system (Read F9 "Voicechat" section for more info) -Corrected the speed of ships and submarines according to the new vehicle speed calculation formula -Added depth bias to bullet impacts to fix some zFighting issues -Fixed the spawn menu sometimes opening up despite being in no team / spectator team -Fixed the poor collision of objects 939, 942 and 1594 (2 Shelfs and 1 set of chairs on Italy map) -Fixed wrong killmessage icon for suicide -Fixed a warning that came up when shooting other vehicles with Speedboat MGs and probably other MGs -Fixed a warning that could come up when the map is finished -Fixed Medics being able to revive and reload -Fixed the abililty to respawn after the round has ended