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  1. Well this is it for a while, my time is running out, but i ironed some more things out, this server should be really next to bug-free now. UPDATE: -NEW MAP: [TDM] Iceberg -NEW MAP: [TDM] Railway -Updated [TDM] Poland (Removed traffic lights, added height limit to prevent roofing) -Fixed "Enter" key spawning the player when chat or console is active -Fixed wrong crosshair position of stationary machine guns -Finally fixed the bug that leaves the team selection flag on the screen after choosing the team "too quick" -Submarines and ships spawned by Admins with a command will no longer respawn -Fixed some debug warnings
  2. UPDATE: -Added dive alert sound -Added hearable sonar noise for the submarine commander when his submarine got detected by sonar (needs testing) -ASDIC sonar wave does now gradually fades out until reaching the 600m scan distance limit (looks nicer) -Slightly reduced velocity of K-Gun depth charge projectors -Switched sonar / submerge keys to SPACE to prevent confusion with players using F to enter/exit -It is no longer possible to remove ammo from occupied vehicles by using trucks (This has been abused too much) -Fixed the inability to access a submarine that has been left after pressing the "submerge" key -Fixed submarines having the wrong rotation when a map starts -Fixed HUD disappearing randomly -Fixed cursor disappearing randomly YOU HAVE TO DELETE F FROM THE SUBMERGE / SONAR COMMAND MANUALLY. EITHER USE /unbind COMMAND OR USE THE MTA SETTINGS MENU. MTA HAS AN OLD BUG THAT REMOVES ALL KEY BINDS FROM A COMMAND, SO I CANNOT DO THAT WITH A SCRIPT OR YOU WILL END UP HAVING NO KEY ASSIGNED TO THESE COMMANDS.
  3. Yeah these are the bugs I was waiting for. Enable debugscript 3 to see why the HUD sometimes doesn't work (this never happened for me while testing but we will see) On my PC i enter a vehicle with ENTER key, this is why I didn't take the fact into account that some players use F to enter.... I will need to change the submerge key - the next big update will offer a key bind menu where players can individually change all key binds.
  4. A modern warfare server is not planned and will most likely never exist (I will not make any promises in that regard because i am not interested in any way about modern warfare). Instead i have planned a Star Wars setting for a server in the future, i already collected a lot of assets for something like that. However do not expect a new server in a while, i am not finished here and my time is running away - so even the Star Wars project is most likely going to wait until 2019 - if MTA is still a thing by that time. Anyway - here comes the UPDATE: -Added playable submarines (Yes you read that correct) - expect some bugs, they are not 100% finished yet --German Type VII submarine --U.S. Porpoise-class submarine -Destroyers do now have a sonar to detect submarines that are in a certain degree in front of them up to 600 meters -Sonar detection effectiveness reduces the deeper the submarine is - at 40 meters it is more difficult to find than at 15 meters -Destroyers can now use depth charges against submarines (Refill them at the Pier, just like torpedoes) -Medics can now revive players that died up to 15 seconds ago and did not get a headshot -Bomb explosions do now a more serious amount of damage against tanks, especially heavy bombs -Fireworks perk now protects a little bit against explosion damage -Updated the main menu background video -Moved the merchants on Arctic further away and changed their paths -Added height limit to [TDM] Italy to prevent roofing players -Added 6 merchant ships to [SEA WAR] Pacific -Added team fire protection (Should now really prevent teamkilling with fire weapons) -Added 1 more pellet and +1 damage to shotguns (They failed too often) -Added Hotkeys to class selection: Keys 1-8 now select between the 8 classes, after that "ENTER" spawns the player -Added missing "B to throw bomb" tooltip to fighters with bombs -Added missing killmessage icon for torpedo boats -Added [ADMIN] and [MOD] tags to global chatbox messages of staff members -Added more ship engine sounds -Improved ship handling (more draft caused by damage, better mobility, higher speed + less rudder at high draft) -Improved ship turret rotation behaviour, they no longer get stuck when trying to rotate them beyond their allowed angle, instead they turn into the other direction -Improved some UI elements (Especially ship UI) -Increased torpedo damage by ~25% -Increased performance when many ships are on the screen (Only a slight increase, but better than nothing) -Increased splash radius of bombs dropped by heavy bombers (They might be OP now) -Increased splash radius of off-map artillery, reduced number of projectiles -Increased semi-automatic AT rifle damage multiplier to tanks from 1.5 to 2.0 -Reduced element data usage for better sync / performance -Renamed "Perception" to "Sixth sense" -Disabled the useless /me command to prevent useless spam -Re-enabled horn for all vehicles -Refined explosion damage for many vehicles / ships -The votemanager "You have to wait..." message is now broadcasted ONLY to the player who wanted to start the vote -Disabled ambience sounds (random shot sounds and others) when camera is under water -Collisions of dead players or players on board of ships are now disabled to save a little bit of performance (This is getting more and more desperate) -Number of remaining torpedoes is now visible in the status menu of destroyers -Fixed vehicle speed calculation formula (the calculation was just wrong, i created a new one), this could change a lot in terms of speed limits and sounds and may cause new bugs -Fixed ("worked around") a nasty, old MTA bug that randomly applies explosion damage twice to vehicles (see #9441) -Fixed ("worked around") an old MTA bug that completely disabled most water sounds (and probably more) -Fixed the issue that sometimes players get stuck inside other players when spawning -Fixed the S 100's too short torpedo reload time -Fixed a nasty bug that lets ships glitch and spin like hell while they are sinking -Fixed propellers and blistering/cavitation effect not working on merchant ships -Fixed cables of ships being visible under water -Fixed Howitzers firing wrong shells -Fixed "S" key for "aiming down" not working on field guns after entering them (You had to press "W" once) -Fixed hit information (Front/side/rear armor) appearing when the shell was high-explosive (HE shells ignore armor side) -Fixed a rare bug that prevents certain vehicles from aiming properly and glitched the HUD at the same time -Fixed explosions doing wrong damage to vehicles -Fixed the countdown after a finished match appearing multiple times -Fixed a bug with strange and very long ship trails appearing on the water surface -Fixed a rare bug that made ships "stuck" for a small moment while driving forwards -Fixed a little bug with foam on ship propellers not appearing/disappearing with water shader on/off -Fixed strange looking water bug that was occuring around large ships -Fixed a bug that made it impossible to fire certain vehicle guns after its ammo has reached 0 and has been refilled -Fixed a bug that gave unlimited ammo to field guns -Fixed some Chinatown map bugs -Fixed a shader leak when using infrared device -Fixed a small bug in chaticon -Fixed a bug that allowed medics to get money for standing close to dead players -Fixed a nasty bug with the german torpedo boat not properly reloading torpedoes -Fixed an annoying and useless script error debug output caused by chaticon resource -Fixed an element leak -Fixed a bug that allows players to board enemy merchants -Fixed a bug that prevents the player from buying more than 15 armor -Fixed a bug that lets players fire rifle grenades with weapons that are not supposed to do that -Other minor fixes, cleanups and improvements
  5. Oh don't worry, I have a little surprise coming in the next update.
  6. Just kick a teamkiller if he does it deliberately. Also - There is no ping limit.
  7. We had that bug a while ago and it was because one map didn't reset sky gradient when the map ends, maybe that bug returned, I need to check this later.
  8. @CodyJ(L) The ship collisions are quite complex (600 vertices is almost the maximum for a collision mesh and they have up to 90 collision spheres). But this is necessary, these things are very big. Also the ship models are not causing that issue, at least not alone, in map editor i can spawn 10 of them without a single problem. With textures, model and collisions they are between 1.5 and 3 mb (This isnt even much). I guess its a combination of everything, many vehicles, many objects, much going on in the script... i need to see what i can do. €DIT::: I find it HILARIOUS that both GTA and the MTA scripting engine run on the exact same thread. With 5 ships on my screen and nothing else running i have a 100% workload of Core 3, while all other cores sleep. Its hard to tell what exactly uses this performance, is it my script? Is it GTA? I dont know. Performancebrowser offers very useless data that cannot be correct in any way (It points 20% usage to line 5721 and again 20% usage to "onClientPreRender" and a total of 40% CPU usage, however Line 5721 IS ACTUALLY onClientPreRender, does it now take 2x20% or what? Who developed this??) @R4FSAN The problem with your 2HP bug is that isPedDead is bugged in MTA, that means i have to use other "methods" of checking if a player is "really" dead. So i put a "threshold" that makes the player only regenerate health if he has more than 1 health point (1 real HP = 2 HP on my server). I will now change this line to "More than 0 HP", but it is very good possible that this will cause other bugs, because suddenly we could have dead players regenerating HP and what-not (This happened before). We will need to test what happens after the next update. The funny thing is that switching the weapon has nothing to do with players health (It just must be above 0), also i did not even touch MTA's crouch system, Crouch should always work.
  9. I tried to find out why ships eat so many fps. Its not a scripting related issue, because even if all scripts are stopped each ship still eats 5-10 fps due to its pure existence. This performance cost is not caused by GPU overload (Many objects to render), because my GTX 1070 is sleeping on 15% GPU usage. In the end the main reason for the performance cost is, surprisingly, the fact, that obviously objects (regardless if they have a collision/are low LOD or not) eat CPU performance! It makes no sense at all, but thats the situation. Objects eat CPU, especially when attached. A few measurements: My machine can easily handle 82 fps (locked to screen refresh rate) on an almost empty "Pacific" map. Spawning 1 Leipzig cruiser breaks me down to 79. 2 Leipzig cruisers = 67 fps 3 Leipzig cruisers = 59 fps 4 Leipzig cruisers = 51 fps This means that 1 cruiser (31 objects attached) costs ~8 fps. ...and all this has been tested without my main script running in the background. Enabling all of my scripts brings me down to 47 fps, that means all of my scripts are only eating an additional 4 fps while GTA/MTA loses roughly 35 fps for zero reason! Further testing has proven that it is actually FASTER to use "onClientPreRender" to write a custom attachement script than using MTA's inbuilt attach function to keep these objects in place (It saves ~5 fps, not much but i still consider doing so because we desperately need any frame we can get) The next update is soon ready, most likely next week. I dont know if that custom attachement system is going to be included there. Depends on my time.
  10. Another player who has issues with explosions. Make sure your GTA is unmodified (also remove any custom d3d9.dll from the GTA folder). Dozens of players on my sever every day is proof that my scripts are not causing crashes. Most likely your effects.fxp is modified or whatever, and my server is pretty much the only one that uses a shader to increase explosion texture quality, maybe this is what confuses your MTA. Also I am not a MTA dev, I have no idea about your crash report, you need to give that to a MTA dev, they most likely can tell you what exactly messes things up but I am 99% sure they will ask you if your GTA is modified.
  11. Do you have this problem only on my sever?
  12. Because it's his own PC that causes it.
  13. That nasty flag bug will be fixed in next version. It happens because the flags need longer to fade out with fps lower than 50 and the menu comes up sooner than expected. By clicking anything too fast you can cause this bug because the flag doesnt fade out anymore.
  14. Players talk whatever they want, this server has no language restriction. But its supposed to be english/german.
  15. This looks not like a scripting related problem. I cant help you with that. Did you change anything with your graphics driver? -- Is your ingame nick Snake? Maybe we can meet online at some point and i can disable one resource after another to see if and which resource causes it.