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  1. With the performance that we have in MTA a huge "Nope" to add a Zombie mode, but i try to get something similar working for my next server project. But dont expect that soon...
  2. UPDATE: -Added Carro Armato P26/40 -Added Type 97 Shinhōtō Chi-Ha -Added A15 Crusader Mk. III -Decreased the hilarious amount of damage that tanks received when hit by HE ammo -Disabled collisions of fixed MGs that are placed on some maps -Peds stream distance has been reduced from 500 to 90 because some trolls abused the bad MTA streamer to shoot others through objects by setting everything to low -Implemented a new method of rendering water -Re-added bubble effects for ships, sonar decoys and torpedoes -Players can now select the melee weapon -Added 3 new melee weapons: Hatchet, Bat, Crowbar -Reduced price of anti-tank rifle ammo -Armor does no longer show a "1" below its gadget icon and reduced armor price + amount in shop -Switching a weapon by picking another one up does now add the current clip ammo to the new weapon if ammo is compatible -Picking up flamethrower ammo does now put the ammo directly into the clip -Changing the weapon pickup key does now actually change the tooltip display ingame (was always displayed as "K") -Flamethrower does no longer need to reload, changed clip ammo from 300 to 500 (500 also is maximum ammo now), reduced ammo price -Fixed a bug with exploding tank turrets sinking into the tank -Fixed the correct ID of the LCM landing craft from 545 to 493 -Its no longer possible to pick up a weapon pickup while being in a menu or chat -Ladder climb animation is now properly played everytime -It is no longer possible to start climbing a ladder while flying in air (jumping...) -Grenade throw force no longer resets to 0 randomly when walking on slopes -Flares no longer glitch through the ground (At least 99%) -Flares do now enable even when they hit water -Updated pedwall shader to latest version (Thanks to Ren712 for his awesome work) -[WAR] Diablo has been reworked by JN -Updated [TDM] Italy, [WAR] KDB and [TDM] Forest to latest version bugfixed by JN -Players can no longer desync their animation when faking death while flying off a car roof etc. -Fixed an incompatibility between SSAO shader and some other shaders
  3. Einheit-101

    [Poll?]What would you like to see in a new map editor?

    Just contact me at any time and i get this done really quickly.
  4. Einheit-101

    [Poll?]What would you like to see in a new map editor?

    Do you need a german translator?
  5. https://i.imgur.com/SAcF214_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium
  6. We dont need to tell certain people that this is not okay, but i hope that mta team will fix that fire issue...
  7. I have received another complaint about a player called "coolapple96" because of Teamkilling....
  8. Yes of course, however i shut down the "real" public map editor, so anyone who wants to map has to get the password for the other map editor. I can PM the password to anyone, if he wants.
  9. Join the public map editor server, it has all map objects included. Or convert some yourself, map your own map and send me the resources when finished.
  10. Mechanics on a spawn point are not a big problem, but imagine a cap defender. He needs to be a real danger but at the same time not OP. And they could fire through collisionless objects (bushes) and what-not... Really never going to happen. Also how should active medics work? I would need to create an AI that actively finds routes on maps to get to players, thats literally impossible. Its really not like "create Ped, set ped walking, done"
  11. Adding bots causes new problems because every ped causes a Performance impact, players included. Since i already run into performance issues when having more than 30 players in one place i think its a bad idea to add bots. Firing bot defenders also require a script that controls them. I have other plans regarding bots but i doubt i can realize them at the moment because of the bad Performance.
  12. The problem is -much work for next update -no time to do it
  13. Merry Christmas everyone. I got a report of a teamkiller. Someone please take actions against him. https://imgur.com/a/K1knF52
  14. I dont know what it was, i can tell you it is a boat, most likely a bugged merchant. I could know it if i was online.