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  1. Try again, and report any issues you encounter with handbrake (or anything else).
  2. Yeah but i cant fix that, they automatically freeze but if a player with a very slow pc is streaming these vehicles they might fall through the ground after they got unfrozen by another player and the ground is not loaded... Its a complicated issue. Players need to destroy the vehicle again when it sunk into the ground.
  3. Good work. I was waiting for a long time for this bug to get fixed so i could write a better bone attachement function.
  4. @*UndecomingMedic9 i checked it, this code has been created to prevent players from throwing teargas and molotovs in spawn zones to avoid abuse of fire/gas exploits. Nothing to fix here.
  5. These projectiles get deleted by spawn protection, idk if i can fix this for the players of the spawning team only. But i will check.
  6. No. I would have to update all 3D models to make that work and change hundreds of lines of code. Thats insane.
  7. No. But i am sure that we will see a beta in a few months No. The reason is simple, star wars will not be finished on Release, it will grow just like ww2
  8. This object alone is not responsible for fps drop, there are many objects causing it together. MTA cant handle many objects very well, every one fills up draw calls and demands resources. The only way to increase fps in a large manner is to create maps out of very few large objects cut together in 3ds max. Star wars will use this and offer much better Performance.
  9. UPDATE: -Added new spectator mode for ships and submarines (Not enabled yet, but i will enable this soon) -Optimized all sandbag models -Optimized some textures €DIT: Yes, now i got 7 fps more on Budapest, where a lot of these bags are sitting around. Nice change.
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