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  1. I will look at that stuff
  2. I can increase reload time.... But explosions are hardcoded
  3. JN is currently fixing many maps. Wait for next update. And yes, Server crashed.
  4. This is exactly what he wants (with bad english). Dont expect this feature soon. But as said, its planned.
  5. I planned this already, but i am not sure if and how i may do it...
  6. UPDATE: -Fixed reload sounds happening even when a player doesnt reload -Fixed fireworks perk not adding rocket launcher ammo -Satchel detonator sound does no longer appear when pressing RMB while using any other throwable than satchels -Corrected 3D model rotation of IZH-43 and Winchester Mod. 21 -Fixed a bug that made it possible to switch vehicle lights while not yet sitting in a vehicle -Slightly changed aiming reticle when using Rocket launchers -Fixed an exploit that allowed players to fire more than 1 projectile with rocket launchers -Fixed an element leak -Fixed wrong damage calculations for many custom MGs -Heavy plane MGs (Me 262 and F-86 Sabre) do now less damage against all sorts of Anti-Air vehicles -Implemented a workaround to fix incredible topspeed of boats when FPS are low -Limited aircraft engine noise to 290m maximum distance because of sound bugs occuring beyond that -Fixed: Respawned landing boats could not attach vehicles to them - which made it impossible to win on maps where 1 team needs landing boats -Improved collision model of object #12990
  7. Whats the point of having a nuclear weapon on this server? I see no reason for that except for it to be a game-ender that both factions have to recover in order to win the match or something similar.
  8. What is this? A giant floating gun?
  9. UPDATE: -Improved reload behaviour, the new reloading needs testing and may have some bugs / exploits -Fixed first person view of double-barreled shotguns -Anti-tank rocket launchers can now be fired prone -Anti-tank rocket launchers can now be used as driveby weapon -Spawn protection does now only delete friendly molotovs or gas grenades and all enemy projectiles -Added the ability to crouch/prone with all weapons except flamethrower and binocular -Added information about the force at which grenades are going to get thrown in % -Satchels can now be thrown further -Throwing of grenades can now be cancelled by switching weapon and/or many other actions -Fixed a non-working vehicle shop on "[WAR] Diablo" -Fixed Anti-Air trucks not working after respawning -Fixed a small issue that broke the camera when opening the chat while zooming with a tank -Changed some parameters in shader_detail -Replaced RPzB 54 Panzerschreck with RPzB 43 (Removed blast shield because it was impossible to aim in first person) -Panzerschreck, PIAT, Panzerfaust and Bazooka now use the same ammo (you can pick it up) -Increased velocity of Panzerschreck, PIAT, Panzerfaust and Bazooka projectiles by 50% -Fixed a bug that made it literally impossible to tow USA 105mm artillery -Fixed missing LODs on [WAR] Utah beach -Fixed some functions triggering while MTA window, chatbox, console or mouse cursor is active -Fixed a bug that changed the players weapon slot when using jetpack (relevant for staff members only) -Tweaked fade distance of dynamic lighting -Reduced velocity of rifle grenades drastically
  10. Of course, i cant tell if some allied player is trolling with molotov or an enemy. Fire has no friendlyfire detection. This needs a mta fix. After that i will allow friendly projectiles again. Maybe i add a more complex variant that only deletes friendly molotov
  11. I fixed a ton of small issues reported by @J-N and @Sommy, a huge thanks at this point to them. UPDATE: -Improved streaming of vehicles (especially planes) -Removed key bind to fix vehicle for staff members, you have to bind a key for "fix" -Collisions of players do no longer get manipulated by script as it causes issues and MTA team will fix collision performance soon anyway -Punching vehicles does no longer cause damage to them (How stupid was that?) -Fixed an OOM glitch on "[TDM] Lagoon" that allowed a player to leave the map by abusing a mortar in a house -Disabled all vehicle horns because of issues (Mortars with horn...) -Fixed a shotgun fastfire glitch -Fixed a glitch that killed players falling in water because stamina got depleted without reason -Exploiting welding machine does no longer damage anyone or anything -Fixed a small issue that enabled the hydrophone sound in any vehicle when the player presses the hydrophone key -Players with enabled godmode are now distinguishable for everyone -Fixed a bug that made stamina usage / recharge dependent on current fps -Stamina perk is now slightly more efficient -Fixed an exploit that caused a desync and made the player invisible and invincible when exiting a tank -Fixed a bug that did apply wrong light states to respawning vehicles
  12. @R8ZOM: I could not reproduce that japanese sniper skin bug. It looks good on my PC. But i found out that sometimes animations dont work as intended... UPDATE: -Updated Server to new MTA version 1.5.6 -New minimum client version is 1.5.6 r14334 -Changed near clip distance to 0.1 -MTA Team fixed the bug that made it difficult for water planes (Arado 196) to take off (r14403 required) -Added dynamic lighting based on material3DLight, thanks to @Ren712 for the shader (Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/tjXo9ON? ) --> Dynamic lighting is emitted by gunshots, flares, explosions, vehicle lights, objects (lamps) and searchlights (Destroyers etc) --> Headlight position is wrong when using MTA version below r14403 --> Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/7w4csX9 -Added the ability to manually toggle vehicle light on/off (default key is F) -Added object_light_fix resource by Ren712 -zlimit does no longer affect depth charges -Increased anti-vehicle mine damage by 25% -Many top bar informations have never been displayed, this has been corrected -Ordnance training does now reduce reload times by 15/30% instead of fixed 0,75 / 1,5 seconds (fixes too fast firing rocket launchers) -Fixed missing gun reload sound of vehicles -Fixed explosions ignoring friendly fire on all vehicles except ships -Projectiles/tank shells that are flying into spawn areas will now get deleted from the game -Revived players will now get their "death" count reduced by 1 -Fixed a bug that displayed a strange submarine killmessage when a map with submarines got changed -Added sonar to submarines (Caution! Sonar may be very precise, but it gives away your position!) --> Submarine sonar can detect surface ships, destroyers can still only detect submerged submarines! -Added sonar decoys to submarines (default key "G" can be changed in key settings menu, F6) - they create a fake sonar target for 60 seconds -Added hydrophone to submarines (default key "H" can be changed in key settings menu) - this feature needs testing! --> Hydrophone only works while the submarine is submerged! -Marine captains will now see the direction where another Sonar ping came from -Marine captains will now see the course of objects that have been scanned with own Sonar -Added missing chimney smoke to ships when "Ship detail" is set to low -Fixed exploit that allowed submarines the accurate firing of torpedoes in any direction without visual contact to a target --> Submarines can now fire aimed torpedoes without visual contact by using sonar, but it gives away your position and it works only to the front -Fixed too fast reverse speed of submarines -Slightly increased submerged top speed of submarines by ~ 1 knot -Submarine periscope is now a lot darker (Makes it harder to spot, searchlights negate this effect) -Increased periscope length of both submarines by 50cm -Increased draw distance and brightness below water surface -Players that are prone do now take 50% less fire damage (suggestion from R8ZOM) -Improved transition between prone - crouch for players using nightly versions, an upcoming MTA update will further improve this -Removed background video of main menu -Fixed a bug that prevented a change of the enabled/disabled status of the godray shader -Fixed a bug that prevented the ladder animation from playing (It will still occur sometimes, i made a bug report because this is partially a MTA issue) -Fixed a bug that made headshots impossible with PPSh-41, Suomi M31, MG 81, Lewis Mk 1, Beretta 686 and Winchester Mod. 21 even at close range -Fixed vehicle shop of "D" capture zone not working on "El Alamein" map (And probably fixed some other vehicle shop bugs) -Removed stupid looking car rollout animation and too long stand up animation after getting hit by car -Added the sandy ground to LODs on "El Alamein" because it looked terrible without LODs -Custom tank turret numbers will now immediately get applied after changing them, no re-entry of the vehicle required anymore -Updated KDB and Cologne (Fixes for dynamic lighting) -Many other some small improvements/code cleanups
  13. https://m.imgur.com/a/F40ur1J @R4FSAN wat is dis
  14. 40 minutes is not even a long time. Do what they deserve.