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  1. Either with shader_projected_paint or with a custom object/ modified vehicle model, nothing of this is really easy.
  2. No Problem, there are trillions of bugs that can happen because something goes wrong while exporting models, its not even funny anymore.
  3. Reset X form of this component in 3ds max, this is an ancient bug.
  4. Impossible because this effect is not an element and you cannot limit shaders to a certain effect of a certain vehicle... If you change the color of one NOS effect, all will be changed because you need to apply this shader to the world in order to work at all. Unless you use some haxy workaround and add a custom object that can be attached to the vehicle which isn't really that easy for a beginner.
  5. I know but I had plenty of situations where it simply doesn't work with local player for whatever reason. €DIT: I believe resourceRoot is just as good but it saves some server CPU compared with root €DIT2: in any case you need to pass these weapons in another way to the server, I suggest the weapon base where they are attached to, because unlike the weapons, the weapon base exists server side. Then on the client you simply use getAttachedElements() to find the weapon that is attached to that base and fire that gun GG
  6. Trigger server event for root instead of local player and re test Btw what are you working on this time? I thought you quit MTA lol
  7. this is already a requested feature.
  8. Thanks Syntrax. The next update coming in June (hopefully) should improve the server significantly and increase the player count a bit, that was always an issue. Btw I forgot to mention: You all pls keep reporting stupid bans and bugs. Thx^^
  9. Hello Bunny, well I will talk to him, however it seems like I need to remove the ability to ban players for him, since he abused it earlier in the past already and I understand his reasons are nonsense.
  10. The next update will feature the class system along with a giant bunch of weapons. This update will take a lot of additional work and so dont expect a soon release, and i assure you there will be bugs once its out, it changes a LOT. (€DIT::: Yes #Sommy, here you can see your GTA IV converted PTRS rifle for the first time ingame)
  11. Official patch notes for the next update leaked, lol. Special thanks to Sommy for reporting many bugs: UPDATE: -NEW MAP: [WAR] Normandy -NEW MAP: [SEA WAR] Islands -Changed Server name one last time (removed SAAW version number) -Changed commander camera mode for 88mm Flak 36 -Changed unmounting of mortars, you now need one second to unmount it before you can move again -Implemented Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 and Piasecki H-21 helicopters -Fixed a bug where Autobalance could give US weapons to Axis and vice versa -Fixed a bug which let you spawn as US player with german skin on german spawn point and vice versa -Fixed a bug that broke vehicle shops over time -Fixed a bug where unmounting mortars could break the map dimension and cause multiple other issues -Fixed torpedo collision not loading -Fixed some warnings -Fixed wrong bomber startup sound -Fixed wrong rotation of ejected shells fired by 88mm Flak 36 -Added first-person mode for mounted machine guns -Added "shaderpednormal" by Ren712 (Accessed in video settings, as usual) - Normal mapping for Peds -Added new explosion burn mark on the ground -Added exploding head when getting a headshot -Added bloody footsteps when reaching a high killstreak -New Jeep 3D model -New flamethrower 3D model -Increased flamethrower ammo amount -Increased bomber and landing boat health significantly -Increased Autobalance threshold by 1 player to make it less annoying
  12. This is great. MTA never gets old. Good Job all together!
  13. Or calculate damage client side because otherwise the shot sync of MTA is so tremendously bad that you better dont even start a server which is about shooting players.
  14. UPDATE: -New map: [TDM] Forest -Added Capture-The-Area -Updated a lot of maps accordingly -Headshots distance limit implemented (For example Pistol does not headshot beyond 130m) -Added video setting for directX cap circles because Toasters cant handle it -Added weapon loadout remembering (no more re-choose weapons after team switch) -Fixed (finally) the :Oing tree collisions especially on snow valley -Fixed kills/deaths resetting when changing team / autobalanced -Fixed vehicle shops being visible for everyone instead of team players only -Fixed some reported parachute bugs -Fixed vehicle repair from shop not actually fixing the vehicle -Fixed hours resetting when gamemode restarts for updating -Moved missiontimer to the scoreboard - hold "Tab" key to show the remaining time -Many other very small fixes and adjustments The next update will take a long time, thats pretty sure.
  15. Dont get your hopes up, since almost no one has a clue about shaders except Ren712 and some other higher devs/scripters.