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  1. Satchel detonator works for me, it is bound on Mouse3 (Middle mouse key), are you sure your key bind is correct? Please check it in F6 key binds menu. Maybe there is something that can cause it to stop working, but it definitely works fine when joining the server freshly.
  2. We now have a community partnership with IMPLICIT gaming and their || Grand Theft Auto Roleplay || server. They created a Discord server and our goal is to bring a bigger community together. UPDATE: -Added mtasa:// GTA Roleplay IP to the advertisement system -Added new IMPLICIT / SAAW Discord server to advertisement: https://discord.gg/44adDxJ -Added ability "Raid": Medics can now capture zones with light vehicles -Added ability "Radio transmitter": Radio operators can deploy this device that uncovers all enemies for the whole team in a 20m radius. The transmitter can be shot. -Added a full map list to the "Votemanager" F9 help section -Advertisement/Help messages are now output to chatbox again (one message every 80 seconds) -Fixed a bug that calculated the wrong sound level for a player -Fixed a bug where some pistols made no noise when firing them -Fixed messed up shops in [TDM] Thailand -Nerfed Silent & deadly perk from 20/40% to 15/30% noise reduction -Slightly increased noise from jogging / swimming -Increased noise caused by weapon fire -Auto-Selfheal does now only heal up to ~90% - only a medic can heal beyond ~90% It is very likely that this update introduces new bugs. As usual, report them.
  3. UPDATE: -Added a brand new map (default key F7) -Added a key bind for toggling the new map in F6 menu -Nerfed all revolvers -Fixed a bug that prevented the map vote from appearing at the end of a match -Fixed a bug that some newer melee weapons did not instakill other players -Fixed a bug that prevented some MGs from making shot sounds -Fixed a small visual artifact when water shader was disabled -Fixed a visual artifact of ship wakes -Updated prone animations and vehicle shops -Updated Berlin-Mitte, Africa, KDB, Egypt, East Africa -Enemy player nametags are no longer visible, under no circumstances -Doubled lifetime of sonar decoys -Updated shader_soft_particles
  4. UPDATE: -Small improvements for the prone animation stuff (should work better now) -Worked around a bug that caused non-replaced models when joining the server ( https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issues/1183 ) --> This workaround can cause visual artifacts on some maps because i do no longer delete world models when joining the server. If you see any map issue, please report it. -Off-Map artillery cooldown is now properly displayed inside the gadget icon -Increased depth charge ammo of destroyers from 20 to 30 -Welding device no longer works when the player is inside a ship
  5. The old discord.gg/V5u5JTb link is no longer valid and i dont use discord personally, so i guess nope, there is none. "landship"? You mean prone on regular ground? Also, when does that happen? I noticed that animations can become non-cancellable and unstoppable in certain situations, for example when i dont block the player movement keys when he presses prone. setPedAnimation() has some serious issues and i need to create dozens of workarounds for all the small bugs, some may even be impossible to fix. Maybe you are trying to "prone" while running and the movement keys dont get blocked quickly enough due to low fps, causing the prone animation to freeze. I need more data about this bug. €DIT::: Yup, i can reproduce this bug. It happens when sprinting and pressing prone. You have to keep "sprint" pressed and release "forward" when the player starts to prone, after 2-3 seconds the camera will move up/down and you are successfully bugged. This is actually a combination of two separate bugs: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issues/462 https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issues/953 retainPedState still doesnt work as it really should. The player is not crouching while playing a crouch/prone animation, it just looks like that and the crouch state is reset AFTER the animation is finished, this causes bugs. This, combined with unstoppable animations creates this specific freeze bug. I guess i need to disable "sprint" control when the player is prone.
  6. UPDATE: -NEW method for crouch/prone: The player can now use "crouch key" to crouch or "prone key" to prone independend of the current movement state. That means, when the player is prone and presses "crouch", he will go crouch instead of standing up and when the player is prone and presses "prone" again or "jump" he will stand up. This is a lot more straightforward than the default behaviour because now you know exactly what you will get when pressing crouch, prone or jump. It is very likely that this has some small bugs somewhere, so if you find a bug, report it. I want to make this as perfect as possible. -Due to abuse of admin commands all players will now receive a chatbox message when a staff member does something like giving ammo, health, etc -Fixed water shader enabling itself despite having it disabled in settings -Fixed the fact that we had 2 different moons -Fixed visual artifacts that were going on at the water surface when SSAO was enabled -Fixed a small issue with votemap not correctly checking for the player account -Fixed a compatibility problem between rain drops and godray sun shader -Fixed some situations of sudden color switching of peds / vehicles when godray sun shader is enabled -Fixed a strange sun appearing in the night when dynamic sky is disabled -Fixed sudden light direction change when moon or sun started to appear -Fixed a bug that let impact holes disappear when vehicles stream out for a short while -Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong dynamic skybox when disabling and re-enabling dynamic sky -Added a tooltip that torpedo range is 800 meters -Players can no longer reload their weapon while sitting in a ship -Increased range of torpedoes from Speed boats and torpedo planes from 600 to 800 meters -Torpedo trails are now better visible on the water surface when the new water shader is enabled -Re-Enabled votekick (Someone must have disabled it) -Set Money in admin panel has been replaced with Give Money
  7. "There are 284 servers ahead of my server..." WOW Whoever invented this, it must have been the greatest marketing idea ever. I guess my server has to wait a few decades.
  8. The problem with dxDraw effects is that smoke and all other effects are drawn after dxDraw functions. When using, for example, a refract shader, you will always see the effects behind the dxDraw shader. That is especially annoying when players throw smoke grenades and you can clearly see the smoke being "refracted" when water is anywhere behind. Thats why i live with that 1-frame lag and apply all shaders directly to textures, if possible.
  9. Huehuehue (I still could not fix the issues in the current post process resource, the SAAW-WW2 update has to a few days longer)
  10. Why doesnt someone of you record a youtube video of these incidents? Because i cant judge when someone posts screenshots that dont show what was happening before... What "hacks" should he do?
  11. I dont know what CLEO exactly can do to allow ragdoll, i can just say it wont work in MTA (yet).
  12. That is done with CLEO and CLEO can do some things that you cant do in MTA.
  13. Machine guns against aircraft have the disadvantage that their range can not exceed 300 meters, which means that ships would be defenseless against air targets above 300m flight height. Sure, this would be no big deal since most people are flying low, but i think its better to keep it that way and i dont think it makes much sense to change it anyway because there are almost no players using ships at all. About the update, i found some small things that still need work before i can upload it. But dont expect much. I needed to disable water reflections because me and @XaskeL could not fix the issues yet.
  14. The problem is that this kind of stuff doesnt allow to pass parameters to the effects, just like createEffect is missing parameters. At least with createEffect you can control the draw distance. Thats why i created a simple map editor helper script that allows to place/move/edit these effects in the map editor with all their properties.