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  1. @R8ZOM: I could not reproduce that japanese sniper skin bug. It looks good on my PC. But i found out that sometimes animations dont work as intended... UPDATE: -Updated Server to new MTA version 1.5.6 -New minimum client version is 1.5.6 r14334 -Changed near clip distance to 0.1 -MTA Team fixed the bug that made it difficult for water planes (Arado 196) to take off (r14403 required) -Added dynamic lighting based on material3DLight, thanks to @Ren712 for the shader (Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/tjXo9ON? ) --> Dynamic lighting is emitted by gunshots, flares, explosions, vehicle lights, objects (lamps) and searchlights (Destroyers etc) --> Headlight position is wrong when using MTA version below r14403 --> Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/7w4csX9 -Added the ability to manually toggle vehicle light on/off (default key is F) -Added object_light_fix resource by Ren712 -zlimit does no longer affect depth charges -Increased anti-vehicle mine damage by 25% -Many top bar informations have never been displayed, this has been corrected -Ordnance training does now reduce reload times by 15/30% instead of fixed 0,75 / 1,5 seconds (fixes too fast firing rocket launchers) -Fixed missing gun reload sound of vehicles -Fixed explosions ignoring friendly fire on all vehicles except ships -Projectiles/tank shells that are flying into spawn areas will now get deleted from the game -Revived players will now get their "death" count reduced by 1 -Fixed a bug that displayed a strange submarine killmessage when a map with submarines got changed -Added sonar to submarines (Caution! Sonar may be very precise, but it gives away your position!) --> Submarine sonar can detect surface ships, destroyers can still only detect submerged submarines! -Added sonar decoys to submarines (default key "G" can be changed in key settings menu, F6) - they create a fake sonar target for 60 seconds -Added hydrophone to submarines (default key "H" can be changed in key settings menu) - this feature needs testing! --> Hydrophone only works while the submarine is submerged! -Marine captains will now see the direction where another Sonar ping came from -Marine captains will now see the course of objects that have been scanned with own Sonar -Added missing chimney smoke to ships when "Ship detail" is set to low -Fixed exploit that allowed submarines the accurate firing of torpedoes in any direction without visual contact to a target --> Submarines can now fire aimed torpedoes without visual contact by using sonar, but it gives away your position and it works only to the front -Fixed too fast reverse speed of submarines -Slightly increased submerged top speed of submarines by ~ 1 knot -Submarine periscope is now a lot darker (Makes it harder to spot, searchlights negate this effect) -Increased periscope length of both submarines by 50cm -Increased draw distance and brightness below water surface -Players that are prone do now take 50% less fire damage (suggestion from R8ZOM) -Improved transition between prone - crouch for players using nightly versions, an upcoming MTA update will further improve this -Removed background video of main menu -Fixed a bug that prevented a change of the enabled/disabled status of the godray shader -Fixed a bug that prevented the ladder animation from playing (It will still occur sometimes, i made a bug report because this is partially a MTA issue) -Fixed a bug that made headshots impossible with PPSh-41, Suomi M31, MG 81, Lewis Mk 1, Beretta 686 and Winchester Mod. 21 even at close range -Fixed vehicle shop of "D" capture zone not working on "El Alamein" map (And probably fixed some other vehicle shop bugs) -Removed stupid looking car rollout animation and too long stand up animation after getting hit by car -Added the sandy ground to LODs on "El Alamein" because it looked terrible without LODs -Custom tank turret numbers will now immediately get applied after changing them, no re-entry of the vehicle required anymore -Updated KDB and Cologne (Fixes for dynamic lighting) -Many other some small improvements/code cleanups
  2. https://m.imgur.com/a/F40ur1J @R4FSAN wat is dis
  3. 40 minutes is not even a long time. Do what they deserve.
  4. Interesting, i will look at it, the next update gets a lot of delay with all these reports lately, lol That is the intention, merchants should take some damage so they dont get wiped out in a few minutes, destroyers however need to be killable in a reasonable amount of time because its stupid when a submarine needs to hit them with 4 torps... Cruisers however have more HP ofc
  5. @R8ZOM both FPS and prone are pretty new/experimental features that dont exist in GTA and the main problem is the fact that i cannot manipulate the camera height
  6. 1. That is possible but keep in mind that there is a shop and ammo is pretty cheap 2. All these weapons already exist, the better ones get unlocked 1-2 levels later 3. Good idea
  7. @R4FSAN i received multiple complaints about admin right abusement, i ask you here and now to leave this behaviour behind as it is not beneficial for other players if you cheat health/money/jetpack to get to roof locations etc... https://imgur.com/gallery/ZpCea3n
  8. 1. Prone fire protection is a good idea, i look at it 2. I think i know what bug this is, thanks for report 3. I like the animations and there simply are no better ones, maybe i simply remove the too long stand up animation and its fine then? 4. Skin bug, i can fix this, only japanese sniper? 5. Actually yes, i found out that MTA Auto updater has a serious bug and players without nightly setting could impossibly join SAAW. This bug is currently not an issue because 1.5.6 has been released and now the new stable build is above/equal to my server version, and all players can play. That may be the reason why no one played SAAW all the time. 6. Will check d flag shop 7. Just slap spawn Killers to death, they need to respawn and the issue is resolved, a ban seems to be a bit rough Its always good to hear both sides, yes, its not abusing moderator rights when only a few players are active and you are testing stuff, Godmode helps in not getting killed however. And since Jetpack is not part of this server, there is no need to fix a jetpack bug.
  9. Glad to see it did work. Have fun.
  10. I dont think i see him personally, but if he reads this: do it, i doubt that someone comes here in this thread to try and cheat his rank. And even if he does, it doesnt make my life worse.
  11. Unfortunately not, but in 12h i will arrive.
  12. I can be online in 12 hours as of writing this Post and fix this, but you have to be there.
  13. Its only possible to do this when a staff member is online.
  14. Einheit-101

    Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.6 is released!

    Huge thanks from my side aswell, i will update SAAW today. This Version is one of the biggest milestones ever, there are so many improvements that there is almost nothing that cannot be done anymore. One thing that MTA still needs is the infinite streaming from MTA:Eir, it works perfectly fine in the test version and i would try to make a Pull request by myself if i had C++ knowlege...
  15. Its not meant to clean statistics, the enemy still has a kill. It is meant to support the team because you dont have to respawn and get into position again. This server is not made for playing Italy 24/7 and on a large map i definitely prefer getting revived instead of respawning and walking/driving 2-4 minutes. Maybe it is a good idea to remove the death of the revived player as it makes sense in a way. I did not have statistics in mind while developing this feature.