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  1. San Andreas At War WW2 will be offline for a few days/weeks starting at 23.07.2019. I will change my server provider.
  2. You have to use the map editor server. I can give you the password as PM
  3. You can do whatever you want, as long as its a good map.
  4. That is a MTA bug, i think its best to delete prone ability entirely The first one is possible and i will consider doing that, the second one is too much to do, active feature development for WW2 is stopped in favor of the next project.
  5. It would not work, the weapons are not designed for that I dont know, create a bug report @ https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issue And add your crash dumps.
  6. 350MB? Did you delete your MTA? The recent update was maybe 10mb...
  7. Thats it. Every bug is fixed (at least the ones that could be reproduced reliably). And the missing skins are here. UPDATE: -Added missing british sniper, gunner, medic and engineer skins -New model for mines -Added Sjögren Inertia and Remington Mod. 11 shotguns -Walther M1918 and Winchester 1897 can now fire the next shot without releasing the trigger -Rebalanced Arisaka and Winchester Mod. 1873 and some other weapons -Changed RPG-43s model to another one, maybe that causes less bugs -Blown vehicles will no longer cause the hitmarker to appear when hit by a weapon -Fixed some glitches that were used to cheat grenade ammo -Fixed a desync with AT-grenades -Disabled sorting of the player list in admin panel because of annoying bugs -Fixed some map bugs -Fixed a bug that prevented MG emplacements from working when X rotation is below 0 / over 180 -Fixed "Overkill" perk not working correctly when selecting the secondary weapon -Fixed ammo pickup only giving ammo when a primary or secondary weapon is currently selected
  8. Because i have no intention to buy ads, its a waste of money. I would not consider this server as "dead", the player count was always pretty low and i think its a simple result of the gamemode and PRO players that are slaughtering newcomers. However, seeing many of the top servers makes me wonder what their secret is, what players want, because many of the populated servers have nothing to offer.
  9. Okay, there is almost nothing left that i can fix. But here are a few more improvements. It is possible that i will add a few more crosshairs in near future. UPDATE: -Updated Thailand, Guam, Canyon, Tenochtitlan, Islands -MG turrets of bombers do overheat 25% slower -Added the new explosion concussion effect to F1 settings because of complaining players with toaster PCs -Fixed ear rape of AS-44 sound -Molotovs do no longer cause the new explosion effect -Vehicle velocity limiter now only reacts when a vehicle is really on ground -Tanks now take damage from falling -Freecam mode can no longer be activated while chatting -Decreased armor of troop transports, anti-air vehicles and missile trucks -Machine gunners do now always have 2x ammunition supply -Ammo supply perk renamed to "Supporter", it increases the default ammo supply from 2x to 6x -Players with fireworks perk can now buy more grenades at the shop without getting an error message
  10. JN found many other small issues, here we go again. UPDATE: -Updated server binaries -Increased FPS limit to 60 (Not that it matters much, you need a NASA PC to get this performance) -Fixed P26/40 and Crusader having wrong headlight rotation when dynamic lighting is disabled, also improved their collisions -Updated british paratrooper skin -Added new animation when firing a pump-action shotgun while crouching -Added an explosion concussion effect with tinnitus -Added MG 15 and RPD to Machine gunner classes -Added MAS-38 and AS-44 to Paratrooper classes -New Type 100 model -New Winchester Mod. 1897 model -Updated texture of Lewis MG -MG 81 replaced with MG 08/15 -Slightly buffed Breda 30 and Johnson lMG -Added Type 100 and PPS-43 to Officer / Offizier classes -Cap zone colors are now representing the color of the team that is holding the cap -Added a custom key bind for "Detonate satchels", default is now "Mouse3", can be configured in the key binds menu -Fixed a bug that showed the wrong key bind for artillery strike -Fixed a bug that allowed enemy players to enter some friendly vehicles that have a team restriction -Autospawning players will now spawn as "Soldier" -Players now need to wait 7 seconds after dying to open the team window to prevent abuse -Players can no longer throw grenades while using parachute -Fixed a bug that gave players 2 deaths when using "kill" command -Fixed MP 40s weapon sound -Players can no longer toggle first person while being dead -Toggling the crosshair is now only possible while aiming with a weapon -Finally fixed "Flare gun doing 5 HP shot damage to players" -Fixed a bug that prevented players from picking up a weapon -Players can no longer throw grenades while climbing a ladder -Players can no longer enter a machine gun emplacement while switching their weapon -Binocular zoom now works correctly again -Further improved screenshot mode -Fixed missing shops on "Husselnuss" map (No shop at ARMY spawn, no shop at D Cap) -Updated [TDM] Nippon and [WAR] Philippines, changed "Guadalcanal" to "Thailand" -Fixed ARMY players cant enter their aircraft on "Utah beach" -Various micro fixes
  11. I checked it, yes, i added "RickAnd", but with the last big update, not with a recent small update. UPDATE: -Updated maps: [TDM] Stalingrad, [TDM] Assault (Its now [TDM] Lvov), [WAR] East Africa, [WAR] Philippines, [TDM] Tenochtitlan -Added the ability to toggle a crosshair with F7 key -Replaced IZH-43 with Luftwaffendrilling M30 (New and good model) -Fixed a bug that showed always "B" to board a ship, no matter what key is set -Removed the ability to toggle Binocular while sprinting -Removed the ability to place mines over other mines and build a mine-tower (Yea it was funny) -Removed the ability to enter a machine gun emplacement while aiming with the weapon -Removed the ability to place mines while using a machine gun emplacement -Players will no longer get put into spectator mode while sitting idle in a vehicle -Fixed a bug that allowed players to open the spawn menu while being a spectator -Fixed a bug that prevented health regeneration and weapon switching when having less than 1 healh left -There is now a 500ms timeout where players can not revive after cancelling the revive procedure -Attached players can now correctly cap zones
  12. No, this update has changed nothing in the ACL. Is RickAnd the account name?
  13. I checked the bug that revives players at the location where they died instead of the location where they actually got revived, and it is actually a MTA desync issue. I reported it. MASSIVE BUGFIX UPDATE (Special thanks to JN for the long list of small issues): -Ballistic calculation of tanks and other armed vehicles now takes water surface correctly into account -Fixed some minor issues and warnings -Fixed some map bugs -Screenshot mode now correctly hides reload and stamina status, bases and spectate button -Fixed 5-cm PAK 38 increasing a players noise while he drives it -Fixed another glitch that makes no noise while running -Fixed a bug where players could kill godmode staff members -The reload time is now exactly shown in seconds on the small red reload bar in the lower left screen corner -Fixed a bug where medics could revive players while using a mounted machine gun -Fixed a bug where spectating players still occupied a class slot of a team -Fixed grenades that get thrown close to mines getting deleted by spawn protection -Fixed a bug that reset player ammo when entering a fixed machine gun -Fixed a bug that reset player ammo to 0 when reloading a sniper or shotgun -Fixed a bug that lets players unmount a destroyed mortar -Fixed a bug that caused the flare pistol to do 5 damage with each shot -Fixed a bug that made explosive ammo cause damage to friendly vehicles -Fixed a bug that let the infrared vision remain when a player dies while infrared is active -Fixed a bug that let players glitch their ammo when climbing something with enabled first person mode -Fixed a bug that let players glitch their ammo when falling down from something -Fixed a bug that stopped the camera from moving upwards when a player climbs a ladder in first person mode -Fixed a bug that made a player freeze/stuck when reloading a bazooka (or similar weapons) while crouching -Fixed "/brake" command not working -Fied wrong rotation of visible tank machine guns (Hetzer, StuG, M10...) -Fixed a bug that allowed grenades behave like a shotgun -Fixed british engineer having a woman voice -Disabled "/dance", "/heil" and "/handsup" commands because they were useless and caused some bugs -Killmessage colors of submarines and ships should now be correct -Reconfigured azimuth of submarines again: The upper shows the direction of the submarine while the lower shows the rotation of the periscope relative to the submarine -Updated first person mode to work slightly better than before (at least it should) -Spectators can now open the video settings menu -Increased ammo of PWM-1 and RPG-43 from 1 to 2 -Fixed a bug where players could manipulate a vehicle number when entering the vehicle as passenger -Players can no longer toggle First person mode in air to prevent damage from falling -Improved handling of CCKW 335, Opel Blitz, Crusader, Chi-Ha, Sd. Kfz. 222 and Carro Armato P26/40 -Cables of ships are no longer lagging 1-frame behind the actual ship position -Player weapons are now visible to spectators -Cap zones are now visible to spectators -Tickets are now visible to spectators