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  1. Maybe the server provider has a problem. Also, I will fix that missing mp5lng image file.
  2. I see no sign of DDOS.
  3. UPDATE: -Fixed the "Spawn as spectator" glitch -Added an auto-ban for someone trying to advertise MTA:Battlefield (Specifically for that one annoying troll) -Enabled latency_reduction for testing -Slightly changed some sync interval settings -Updated server binaries to latest nightly -Slightly reduced damage of PPSH and Suomi M31 -Added a 500ms fire delay for .357 Magnum and M1879 Reichsrevolver (Needs testing if balance is better now) -Fixed out-of-map glitches in [TDM] Forest, [TDM] Vacant, [TDM] Poland, [WAR] K├Ânig der Berge and [WAR] Diablo -Hitmarker does no longer scale with the screen aspect ratio -Temporary disabled any speed limit for vehicles because it is currently causing bugs like "lag" or "jumping" vehicles
  4. At this point I want to remember you about the votekick command, and I probably add the voteban command to get rid of certain players for 15 minutes. The spectator glitch is definitely fixed in 5 hours from now.
  5. This it a pathetic move, I will try to take care of this tonight.
  6. reset password feature

    You may not know it but I work on my server since 2011 with many breaks in that time... Also it's very unlikely that this server will get much bigger - in fact the player count is falling. People have to realize that developers have a real life and sometimes this catches me.
  7. reset password feature

    Yeah well i am pretty busy currently and I have no idea how to send emails with MTA scripts. Especially i have no time to redo the account system just because once in a while someone forgets his password - which is by the way often stored in the MTA folder in a xml file.
  8. You logged in with an older account that is only rank 4, try another account if you have one. If not - well - better dont forget your password in future. I have no idea why vehicles are behaving so laggy. I have seen it too. This started after the last big update if i remember correctly.
  9. Login information is saved in Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\mods\deathmatch\resources\SAAW-WW2-v3 there is a file called "login_D7FBEA5E26EC9CA.xml" or something like that. Open with any editor.
  10. Thanks for report. Sommy told me about it aswell. However I can't fix it now, simply no time.
  11. UPDATE: -Dead players will no longer be collisionless - fixes "dead players standing still" bug -Fixed "vehicles catapulting into the air" bug (Thanks to Sommy for report) -Increased range from which players can enter a submarine (makes it way easier to enter them) -Test fix for "jumping" remote submarines -Test fix for submarines falling down after entering them, effectively killing the driver -Fixed player making weird animation when pressing "enter_exit" while sitting on a mounted MG and a vehicle is close I am still investigating why the vehicles currently are lagging in general...
  12. I still have not played ONCE on my sever after the update - I have no idea what's really going on and I am not aware of team killing issues.
  13. Well this is it for a while, my time is running out, but i ironed some more things out, this server should be really next to bug-free now. UPDATE: -NEW MAP: [TDM] Iceberg -NEW MAP: [TDM] Railway -Updated [TDM] Poland (Removed traffic lights, added height limit to prevent roofing) -Fixed "Enter" key spawning the player when chat or console is active -Fixed wrong crosshair position of stationary machine guns -Finally fixed the bug that leaves the team selection flag on the screen after choosing the team "too quick" -Submarines and ships spawned by Admins with a command will no longer respawn -Fixed some debug warnings
  14. UPDATE: -Added dive alert sound -Added hearable sonar noise for the submarine commander when his submarine got detected by sonar (needs testing) -ASDIC sonar wave does now gradually fades out until reaching the 600m scan distance limit (looks nicer) -Slightly reduced velocity of K-Gun depth charge projectors -Switched sonar / submerge keys to SPACE to prevent confusion with players using F to enter/exit -It is no longer possible to remove ammo from occupied vehicles by using trucks (This has been abused too much) -Fixed the inability to access a submarine that has been left after pressing the "submerge" key -Fixed submarines having the wrong rotation when a map starts -Fixed HUD disappearing randomly -Fixed cursor disappearing randomly YOU HAVE TO DELETE F FROM THE SUBMERGE / SONAR COMMAND MANUALLY. EITHER USE /unbind COMMAND OR USE THE MTA SETTINGS MENU. MTA HAS AN OLD BUG THAT REMOVES ALL KEY BINDS FROM A COMMAND, SO I CANNOT DO THAT WITH A SCRIPT OR YOU WILL END UP HAVING NO KEY ASSIGNED TO THESE COMMANDS.
  15. Yeah these are the bugs I was waiting for. Enable debugscript 3 to see why the HUD sometimes doesn't work (this never happened for me while testing but we will see) On my PC i enter a vehicle with ENTER key, this is why I didn't take the fact into account that some players use F to enter.... I will need to change the submerge key - the next big update will offer a key bind menu where players can individually change all key binds.