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  1. In 4 hours from now? I have 14:00 now. Which means meeting at 18:00 Berlin time.
  2. Uhm you are already added as Admin for a long time, at least in my ACL, doesnt that work?? XD
  3. Try again, and report any issues you encounter with handbrake (or anything else).
  4. Yeah but i cant fix that, they automatically freeze but if a player with a very slow pc is streaming these vehicles they might fall through the ground after they got unfrozen by another player and the ground is not loaded... Its a complicated issue. Players need to destroy the vehicle again when it sunk into the ground.
  5. Good work. I was waiting for a long time for this bug to get fixed so i could write a better bone attachement function.
  6. @*UndecomingMedic9 i checked it, this code has been created to prevent players from throwing teargas and molotovs in spawn zones to avoid abuse of fire/gas exploits. Nothing to fix here.
  7. These projectiles get deleted by spawn protection, idk if i can fix this for the players of the spawning team only. But i will check.
  8. No. I would have to update all 3D models to make that work and change hundreds of lines of code. Thats insane.
  9. No. But i am sure that we will see a beta in a few months No. The reason is simple, star wars will not be finished on Release, it will grow just like ww2
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