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  1. KNOWN ISSUES (01.08.2020): - Reflections are flawed, we get flickering and non-correct reflections in some situations (i have commented the shader very well, and some potential fixes are there, but i am no smart enough) - Reflection edges are not stretched yet, we can see artifacts at the screen borders because of that. I dont know (yet) how to fix that aswell - Refraction of stuff below the water surface seems to be impossible to add, but i am pretty sure that some genius can find a way - Shore foam currently depends on camera view angle because i am not smart enough to calculate the vertical water depth at any given surface position
  2. Today i proudly present to you: OSWS (OpenSourceWaterShader) for MTA: San Andreas! What is this? This resource is a project that i started long ago in order to finally (!) get a decent water shader working for MTA that benefits everybody. The main goal is to get an amazing shader where everyone should contribute to make it the very best looking water that we can get for this game engine. The code is pretty well optimized and the performance should be good for everyone, but a shader model 3.0 graphics card is REQUIRED for this resource! The effect is applied to the water texture itself. It is NOT a post-processing water shader. This means that we do not have to deal with any issues that come with post-processing, for example smoke and any other effect that is rendering behind the drawn water. The downside of this method is the fact that we can not (as far as i know) add refraction to the stuff that is below the water surface. But maybe some genius knows a way to make it happen, or fix the rendering issues of post-processed water. Stuff like that is the main reason why i decided to make this resource a community project, improvements for everyone! Features: Water reflections, surface refraction: Shore fading, shore foam: Dynamic_sky support with sun + moon specular lighting: DOWNLOAD: https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18239 DOWNLOAD DYNAMIC_SKY RESOURCE BY @Ren_712: https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=6828
  3. UPDATE: -Added new map "[AIRSTRIKE] North Sea" made by Nor -Added new map "[WAR] Budapest" made by Nor, Totenkopf and Jack -Many small performance and code improvements -Updated Berlin-Mitte (slightly reduced draw distance for better performance) -Fixed an object leak
  4. No, anything beyond 70 causes MTA bugs but some small issues start at 60 fps, there is a reason why fps limit is 60
  5. UPDATE: -Smoke grenades will now explode after 5 seconds and eject smoke that is synced from the creator to all other players to prevent smoke desync -Fixed non-working mortar smoke shells -Fixed satchel detonator not working when the player is sitting in a vehicle -Satchels can now be detonated with any weapon equipped (No longer needed to equip satchels specifically) -Satchels can now be "defused" by shooting them or by exploding something in their proximity (Beware, satchels have no collision, you have to hit the surface that is next to the satchel) -Players can no longer switch first person mode while reviving to cancel the revive animation -Changed default key for "Sonar Ping" to "J" -Changed default key for "Toggle vehicle light" to "O" -Changed default key for "Detonate satchels" to "P" -Added new key "Call artillery", default key is "lalt" (I separated artillery call from satchel detonator) I will soon upload the new maps Westerplatte and Budapest. I wont create a new post for that and i dont know when they will be added exactly. Also we have currently a problem with missing killer information when a satchel explodes. I will fix this soon.
  6. I wish we could edit effects.fxp file on server side. What mod is that?
  7. He got his account deleted and a new PC, but i will contact him because of vehicle abuse
  8. Its amazing to See some action on this server. I am currently working on a small update that i wanna push tonight (maybe).
  9. I recommend someone tries this out and reports bacc, maybe there is something unclear and i can improve the manual.
  10. Recently @Tut and I were experimenting about lightmapping with a light map and a shader (Very different from vertex lighting) and i want to share our experience with that. Initially we only wanted to make the 2nd UV channel work with objects but then i remembered about @Ren_712 lightmapped "Dust" map from counter strike and i wanted to re-create that effect. I thought his instructions were a bit unclear, so i write it down here again. If an Admin reads this, please move this topic to User Guides, i think thats better than this scripting tutorial section. This is the original resource of Ren: https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=12151 In 3ds max, first you need an object that you want to assign the 2nd UV map to. Doesnt matter what object. -Create the "unwrap uvw" modifier -Select "2" as Map Channel in the modifier -In the following Dialog, "Move" or "Abandon" the UV coordinates of Channel 1 to the new Channel 2, you will most likely need to use "Flatten mapping" anyway -Do whatever you need with the new UVs (Flatten mapping makes everything fit on 1 texture = no more "tiling") -Create the lightmap with whatever tool (Radiosity?) that can render the light onto a grayscale lightmap image. This image will later produce light with our 2nd flattened UV map. -Right click on the object and "Convert to -> Editable mesh", this collapses everything nicely and saves your changes. -Finish your object and then export it with rwio or Kams max scripts. This is the lightmap shader created by Ren, its nothing special and i simplified the code a little bit and i added some comments: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zrfk7nahdduq938/light.fx?dl=0 Now all you need to do is assign the lightmap shader to your object with the following simple code: local lshader = dxCreateShader("light.fx") if lshader then local lightTexture = dxCreateTexture("your_lightmap.png", "argb") if lightTexture then dxSetShaderValue(lshader, "lightTexture", lightTexture) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(lshader, "*", THE_TARGET_OBJECT_THAT_NEEDS_LIGHT) end end
  11. UPDATE: -Added new map "[WAR] Japan-Fortress" by Didi -Fixed a bug that prevents correct rendering of torpedo and water trails
  12. UPDATE: -Added new map "[WAR] France 1944" made by Nor -Added new map "[TDM] Little-Village" made by Didi -Slightly changed ARMY team color to make it better readable
  13. That solution has to be checked. It would be amazing. Maybe someone can try and report this. The only other solution: Use Sam@kes Godray sun shader... Extract the ped shader from the resource and use only that one. It fakes sun lighting. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=10219 But extracting that shader and making it work stand-alone is not very simple.
  14. Ped lighting depends on the surface that they are standing on. If a ped is standing on a low-light ground, he will also be near-black. The same happens when you create a Ped in Air and there is no ground below him, GTA doesnt know the vertex lighting so the Ped appears dark when spawning.
  15. I have seen that you are working on something, what is the file name? Maybe i can finish it tonight and upload it