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  1. UPDATE -Update to MTA 1.5.7 -Fixed a reload animation skip glitch when pressing C+R quickly -Updated dynamic lighting to use new "areVehicleLightsOn" function when the client meets the requirements -Removed the need of pressing "W" to enable debugging for staff members, added new setPlayerScriptDebugLevel instead -Updated Berlin-Mitte to latest version -Fixed an annoying warning of admin panel -Fixed fire rate of Remington Mod. 11 and Sjögren Inertia shotguns Future technical improvements I am never stopping to learn and in the meantime i managed to improve some shader effects, namely dynamic lighting and the water shader. While the new dynamic lighting will most likely not be implemented in SAAW-WW2 (it is very demanding for weak PCs), the improved water shader will most likely hit SAAW-WW2 with a coming update. The changes in detail: Dynamic lighting has been enhanced by a "night-mode" that can actually make nights realistically dark. This effect is demanding and will not be implemented in WW2 but it is a core feature of my next server. Dynamic lighting can also support lightmapping (Textures on objects/vehicles/players that can self-illuminate in the darkness). The follwing picture shows a dark environment at 2:00 AM with a robot that has glowing eyes. Better implementation of dynamic lighting with normal shading - the current lighting method has some issues because it is not compatible with the sun shader. Sun shader will not be used in my next server project, thats why i can make dynamic lighting fully compatible with everything: OLD STANDARD GTA AT NIGHT CURRENT DYNAMIC LIGHTING + NEW NIGHT MODE NEW DYNAMIC LIGHTING + NEW NIGHT MODE COMPATIBLE And now lets get to the most interesting aspect (at least for me, lol, it was a bunch of work) Shore fading! Objects in water do now fade out when they sink deeper into the water, the water is no longer a "hard" surface where suddenly everything disappears. The effect is not 100% finished yet but i think it could be done really quick. OLD WATER SHADER: NEW WATER SHADER:
  2. This tutorial is amazing, thanks for sharing your knowledge, especially with the Alpha ID trick / 2nd UV layers.
  3. So the central message of you is that a table is being looked up faster when the key is shorter, which makes sense.
  4. The problem is that the documentation of these vertex prelights is "poor" to say the least, i tried to bring that into some of my own models but i had no success. Personally i would be glad for some help about this...
  5. So you say its always a bad idea to access a table with an element as index? table[vehicle] is worse than table[number] ? Is there any reasonable explanation why that is the case or is it just a funfact?
  6. Very good, i didnt expect this so soon.
  7. I would suggest a "setting" that automatically stores all Lua functions inside the computers RAM for people who can afford that, it would increase performance of large scripts tremendously.
  8. I find it ridiculous that this isnt a basic thing of Lua itself, it should not eat less performance when functions are stored as local variables...
  9. We will set up everything this weekend. I hope MTA team will fix some important bugs soon. I want to create some new nice stuff.
  10. San Andreas At War WW2 will be offline for a few days/weeks starting at 23.07.2019. I will change my server provider.
  11. You have to use the map editor server. I can give you the password as PM
  12. You can do whatever you want, as long as its a good map.
  13. That is a MTA bug, i think its best to delete prone ability entirely The first one is possible and i will consider doing that, the second one is too much to do, active feature development for WW2 is stopped in favor of the next project.
  14. It would not work, the weapons are not designed for that I dont know, create a bug report @ https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issue And add your crash dumps.