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  1. Machine guns against aircraft have the disadvantage that their range can not exceed 300 meters, which means that ships would be defenseless against air targets above 300m flight height. Sure, this would be no big deal since most people are flying low, but i think its better to keep it that way and i dont think it makes much sense to change it anyway because there are almost no players using ships at all. About the update, i found some small things that still need work before i can upload it. But dont expect much. I needed to disable water reflections because me and @XaskeL could not fix the issues yet.
  2. The problem is that this kind of stuff doesnt allow to pass parameters to the effects, just like createEffect is missing parameters. At least with createEffect you can control the draw distance. Thats why i created a simple map editor helper script that allows to place/move/edit these effects in the map editor with all their properties.
  3. Will your bullet physics increase the default GTA collision range of 300 meters? Its pretty annoying to have stuff falling through the ground when reaching the 300m distance mark. And it should be no problem for a powerful PC.
  4. I think i will push that new little update tonight but without reflective water, because that water reflection stuff refuses to work as intended.
  5. Yes. But it is very far from finished, as you can see i am still working on the engine.
  6. I am still working on the water shader. I managed to add specular lighting, shore foam and screen space reflections, but the reflections are currently inaccurate and require additional work. That stuff is not easy. But i think the outcome speaks for itself, it looks absolutely amazing. DEFAULT GTA, NO SHADER: WATER SHADER WITH SHORE FADING, SHORE FOAM, SPECULAR SUN LIGHTING, CAUSTICS, SCREEN-SPACE REFLECTIONS + DETAIL SHADER + GODRAY SUN SHADER + DYNAMIC SKY SHADER
  7. Except me? I dont think so. Maybe i will spend some money to put SAAW on top of the server browser. I have a small update soon, which fixes some small annoying things.
  8. The problem is that the SSLR shader calculates wrong texture coordinates, i dont know yet what to change in order to get the effect on a texture. The code on that website should be fine, because it is actually used in Ghost Recon Wildlands.
  9. The problem with this is that Ren712 is using a shader that gets drawn on the screen with dxDrawImage but my water shader is applied to a texture. Applying his image4D_mir to a texture results in nothing, there is obviously something that needs to be changed in order to make it work with a regular texture. And i have no idea what that could be.
  10. Now i see, what i actually want is this: https://habr.com/ru/post/244367/ remi-genin.fr/blog/screen-space-plane-indexed-reflection-in-ghost-recon-wildlands/ And it seems to be quite complex to achieve....... It has nothing to do with that lame attempt that i am using currently.
  11. Nope, that changes nothing. The problem is how reflectTexCoord is calculated in the vertex shader, the whole attempt seems to be wrong.
  12. I realized that simply flipping the image upside down with reflectTexCoord.y = 1 - reflectTexCoord.y; is the wrong attempt, a screen space reflection must be done in another way...🤔
  13. The problem is that it looks crappy and the reflection is lagging by 1 frame.
  14. This is part of my shader that is responsible for the reflection. I update the reflectionTexture as screenSource each "onHUDRender" because otherwise you have the User interface in the reflection image. ... sampler2D envMapSampler = sampler_state { Texture = <reflectionTexture>; AddressU = Mirror; AddressV = Mirror; MinFilter = Linear; MagFilter = Linear; MipFilter = Linear; }; ... // Vertex Shader //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PixelInputType WaterVertexShader(VertexInputType input) { PixelInputType output; matrix projection; // Create the view projection world matrix for reflection. projection = mul(gWorldViewProjection, gWorld); projection = mul(gWorld, projection); // Calculate the position of the vertex against the world, view, and projection matrices. output.position = MTACalcScreenPosition(input.position); output.worldPosition = MTACalcWorldPosition(input.position); output.lightDirection = normalize(gCameraPosition - sunPos); output.worldNormal = MTACalcWorldNormal(input.normal); // Store the texture coordinates for the pixel shader. output.textureCoords = input.textureCoords; // Calculate the input position against the projection matrix. output.refractionPosition = mul(input.position, projection); // compute the eye vector float4 vertexPosition = mul(input.position, gWorld); float4 eyeVector = vertexPosition - gViewInverse[3]; output.skyTextureCoordinate = mul(eulRotate(skyRotate), eyeVector.xyz); float4 vPos = mul(vertexPosition, gView); float4 pPos = mul(vPos, gProjection); // I think here is a mistake, this should calculate the reflection positions output.reflectionPosition.x = 0.5 * (pPos.w + pPos.x); output.reflectionPosition.y = 0.5 * (pPos.w - pPos.y); output.reflectionPosition.z = pPos.w; output.Depth = output.position.z; output.vposition = mul(input.position, gWorldViewProjection); return output; } ... // Pixel Shader //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// float4 WaterPixelShader(PixelInputType input) : COLOR0 { // useless stuff going on.... // only reflection stuff now reflectTexCoord = float2(input.reflectionPosition.xy / input.reflectionPosition.z); //flip the image to get a reflection (maybe here is the error? But how to flip otherwise?) reflectTexCoord.y = 1 - reflectTexCoord.y; reflectionColor = tex2D(envMapSampler, reflectTexCoord) * reflectionStrength; .......
  15. I will post the code soon when i have time, currently i am using resampleNow but it doesnt work. What is a render target scene reader?