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  1. AnoN

    Server Binds

    Hey .. How to put in server binds ex : This server is by etc to appear in chat when play .. And after 1 minute or 30 sec to be again .. Can help me ?
  2. AnoN

    Hunter Top

    That freeze my PC -.-
  3. How to trade maps ? xDDD I want some maps XDDD
  4. AnoN

    Hunter Top

    Can give a topic or a tutorial from where to learn ? ..
  5. AnoN

    Clock resource?

    http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=1074
  6. Who want to dont see color codes enble color codes go Panel < Resources < DxScoreboard< Click On it < And change where says color codes from false do true
  7. AnoN

    Hunter Top

    hey .. I try to modify but Idk in LUA just in Note Pad so Can help me with somethings about top hunter ? I want it ..
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