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  1. how can i export it, it says "error with exporting file" or something like that. i added admin rights.
  2. TonyJunak

    race server?

    how to make race server??
  3. how to make a black screen when register screen is there? something like this By TonyJunak at 2010-10-30
  4. TonyJunak


    you mean it needs to be 24 h open to go on internet list?!
  5. TonyJunak


    i solved the problem by disableing the firewall, but i dont get it how my server doesn't appear on list. actually it appears on lan list, why?
  6. TonyJunak


    I opend my server? on the computer where server is running i can play it, but on other i cant. what should i do?
  7. you can't expect from others to make scripts for you if you dont offer anythng. whatever, LUA is easy to learn. The way i learnd it is to read other scripts, but for gui use QTtoLua or GUIeditor
  8. Who said i will copy them? you said what kind of rpg it whoud be, i said like saeg and sanl. that doesnt mean i will copy them. what i meaned by that is: - player can be criminal, civilian, cop, emergency... - house buying and selling - mobile phone - race organizing - making teams(gangs, squads...) - cars ... (that is not copying, all mta rpg's have that) sor
  9. Like SAES:RPG and SANL:RPG
  10. i am searching for someone who will help me to make mta RPG server. i am scripter, and i need help from someone (mapper, resourcer...) to make my server becouse i cant make it alone. contact here. By tonyjunak at 2010-10-16 sorry for bad eng...
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