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  1. You've pointed out the problem here. It is the domain, when you hit "keep me logged in" on the login page, it'll set a cookie (as everyone knows). phpBB (the boards software) makes a cookie using the domain presented in the configuration. In the administration control panel, you can go to General > cookie settings there you can see what domain the cookie points to. There is a solution to this, but it requires programming. Can't be done in the boards configuration. Spitted out, it ain't problem of the browser, the problem is the different domain names pointed to the board.
  2. Why not directly create the resource itself? Use this function to create the resource, note that you will need acl permission in other to do it; http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/CreateResource Also after creating the resource create the meta.xml inside the resource it self, just by creating the xml using the filepath ':{resource_name}/meta.xml. For the rest, I rather create my resources by hand and not go in-game to do it.
  3. Little tool here to test your regular expressions, it is a very handy tool to use. It also has some community added expressions; http://gskinner.com/RegExr/
  4. Regex is all about string patterns, it is a way better than lua's patterns. The thing is, it is very difficult to understand. Try google and search for "regex" or "regular expressions".
  5. Just had a look in the source code, and I must say very well and clean scripted. Just the way I like seeing scripts. For the rest, thanks for sharing this module with us.
  6. DutchCaffeine


    If I'm not mistaking, it is quite easy cd in to the mta server directory and run: ./MTAServer -s change the text 'MTAServer' with your mta executable. The -s stands for silent. Hope this is working for you, if not write a daemon script
  7. What does the file 'test.php' contain?
  8. Die %20 komt niet van mij, maar door het forum zelf. Je moet je foto ergens uploaden, [link=http://imageshack.us/]ImagesHack[/link] is een goede website daarvoor. Daarna pak je de link van de afbeelding plaatst hem tussen de 'img' tag. Dan krijg je de volgende link, en die kan je plaatsen in en img tag: (haal de spatie tussen [img ] weg) [img ]http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/3193/imag0202e.jpg[/img] Dan krijg je: Je kan ook het plaatje linken naar een bepaalde site: [ url=http://mrdejong.nl][img ]http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/3193/imag0202e.jpg[/img][/url] Dan krijg je:
  9. [img=(url%20naar%20het%20bestand)]
  10. Hier is je spam: Anders nog iets?
  11. Well I made something small in addition to your script, my little addition just detects a interactable object and shows a little message on top wich disappears after 5 seconds. The detection script: http://pastebin.com/j9QaKKWt The ui script: http://pastebin.com/Q7C7UN2e
  12. UAEpro, the TS already did say that he will use callRemote along with the php sdk, so that don't put the mysql information & queries inside the resoruce.
  13. That editor is here viewtopic.php?f=108&t=32529 And here is some documentation about plugins: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Res ... or/Plugins Hope this helped you...
  14. AeroXbird, nice to see a project like this, if you need any help with it. Please contact me. Got one problem with mantiz, it won't send me an activation e-mail.
  15. viewtopic.php?f=108&t=36481 - Read the manual... and btw, look at the top of the page and find a link that says wiki and then click on it. Have a nice day
  16. This is so nice! Thanks for putting you time in a project like this. How to make the rader a way smaller? I tested this resource on my server, and it is to huge for me! A nice future will be that the user can change the color of the health bar etc. P.M. me with you need my photoshop skills.
  17. Goodday everybody, The function addAccount returns false when I'm calling it, I put the resource where I'm calling the function in the right acl group. The user I'm trying to register does not exist. The server console doesn't give any errors or reasons why the function wont create the account. I'm developing my server on a nightly build of mta 1.1 (without voice). The peace of code that does all this fun stuff: function mrCreateAccount(username, password, data) if #getAccounts() >= MAX_ACCOUNTS then return false, ACCOUNT_CREATION_ERRORS.ACCOUNT_LIMIT_REACHED; end -- removeAccount(getAccount(username)); if getAccount(username) then return false, ACCOUNT_CREATION_ERRORS.ACCOUNT_EXISTS; end local p, salt = hashPassword(username, password); local newAccount = addAccount(username, p); if newAccount ~= false then local ingame_key = md5(username .. SERVER_BOOLFISH .. p); if not data['sql'] then data['sql'] = {}; end data['sql']['ingame_api_key'] = ingame_key; data['sql']['username'] = username; data['sql']['password'] = p; data['sql']['salt'] = salt; local newData = exports.mj_utils_lib:tableExtend(DEFAULT_SQL_DATA, data['sql']); local result, error = exports.mj_sql_lib:query_insertid("INSERT INTO mr_accounts (username, password, autologin, autologinhash, salt, email, enabled, game_enabled, banned, banned_till, warnings, ingame_api_key, newsletter, birthday) VALUES ('%s', '%s', %s, '%s', '%s', '%s', %s, %s, %s, '%s', %s, '%s', %s, '%s')", newData.username, newData.password, newData.autologin, newData.autologinhash, newData.salt, newData.email, newData.enabled, newData.game_enabled, newData.banned, newData.banned_till, newData.warnings, newData.ingame_api_key, newData.newsletter, newData.birthday); if not result then print(error); removeAccount(newAccount); return false, "UNKNOWN_ERROR"; end return true, mrGetAccount(newAccount); end print(tostring(newAccount)); return false, "Account creation error"; end All the functions and exported functions called in this peace of code does exists. The resources of the exported functions are started. Mr. de Jong
  18. Later this they I will try to look at it, and make it possible to check the passwords in php.
  19. Don't figure it out, just change the way mta-paradise hashes the passwords... and btw if you are a real programmer, you can figure this one out real easy
  20. Using CDATA tag will work also: <help popup="yes"> <![CDATA[ Server Help Welcome to GNR (guns N roses) stunt/freeroam server!! Normal commands found at Freeroam GUI. Rocket Car by : press left shift to use boost, you have to make the bar empty to make it refill Fuel. SuperMan by Ryden: Superman script. Let's your ped fly and you can see others flying as well. Hints: - Toggle with sprint key to get super fast speed. - Toggle with walking key to go slowly. - You can start the flight with /superman command or hitting jump key while you are in air (falling or double jump). - To land, just fly to the ground. - Try to not fly too fast and collide with buildings or you will get stuck inside them. - You can fly under the water, but smoke trails won't spawn. 50p's SaveAndload: left ctrl+ 1-9 for save location, left alt+ 1-9 to teleport to saved location (with vehicle when you saved at that moment. Taalismaa's vehicle panel: Press F3 to spawn vehicles with F3, much easier than ''F1'' GUI. Normal: Press F1 for some normal commands, change gamespeed, weather or time/freeze is not allowed. Neither are getting weapons. To heal type "/heal 0-100" 0-100 is the amount of health you want. For vehicle repair press ''F2'' or bind you own key using "/bind <key> repairVehicle JasperNL's Home System: Only admins can create house, contact admin if you would like a house somewhere. Dakilla's Trial script: Make salto's just like in GTA IV!! Use the arrow-up and down buttons for salto. Special stunts located at ''trials'' tab. Teleports: Type /teles to see a collection's of teleport's. Press F5 for teleport GUI, more teleports, but no vehicle teleport. /teleport for some more info about teleport's. Skin Selector by Nich: type /skin to select skin, then use the buttons. P-spawn by B!erpunk: No commands, it will spawn you after your death at Grove street where you can choose a teleport. P-Login By B!erpunk: Logging in/registrering is optional, but required to enter your house if you have one. P-Login is really easy to use. When you connect to this server, type /plogin to login/register. If you ever want to change your password, type in the command /changepw. Here you will see a window in which you can change your password. If you don't want to change your password but opened the window accidentaly, just enter your password twice. This script is made by B!ERPuNK. GNR stunt map by Fabio(GNR) (me): Yes its buggy Have fun! ]]> </help>
  21. Or you could use: pAccount = getPlayerAccount(player); -- Or the source in player events. if isGuestAccount(pAcccount) then -- You are not loged in return; -- Return allways stops the script while running. Even if you are out side of a function. end if isObjectInACLGroup("user." .. getAccountName(pAccount), aclGetGroup("Admin")) then -- You got access return true; else -- You aint got the rights. return false; end
  22. This is a very nice release! I'm waiting for this since i came to mta! But I'm confused (as natural) i didn't see any time limit in the script, why you tell us that we could try it for 6 months. Of course it could be a joke. And mta it self is planning custom blips for mta v 1.4. Sorry for asking, but that is in my nature Anyway Talidan, you did a great job again! Thank you for sharing this with us, if you were a girl i would kiss you
  23. That is posible: http://wiki.mtasa.com/wiki/RedirectPlayer
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