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  1. engineReplaceCOL engineLoadCOL Use that functions ^^
  2. #Paper

    Some Weird Problem.

    What the problem? ^^
  3. You should insert this check in the vehicle blow up function: if not getVehicleOccupant(vehicle) then blowVehicle(vehicle) else outputDebugString("Detected occupied vehicle: don't blow!") end
  4. #Paper

    Some Weird Problem.

    What u modifyed first that this doesn't work?
  5. I love this skin too! D:
  6. this theme... is simply FANTASTIC! I love it ^^
  7. #Paper

    Some Weird Problem.

    I suggest you to make a backup of the script on every modify that u make, anyway, where is cbGUI defined? P.S: I suggest you to show us whole code
  8. You must disable the script that blow all unoccupied vehicle ^^
  9. Whit what event i can sostitute this?
  10. #Paper


    "attempt to compare number whit nil" in this line "if pointx>boundx then" local selectedTab function checkForCursorInImage() local pointx, pointy = getCursorPosition() local screenx, screeny = guiGetScreenSize() local pointx = screenx * pointx local pointy = screeny * pointy local imgX, imgY, imgW, imgH = x + barX + 35, 13 + textMove - 10, 100, 75 if isCursorShowing() then if isPointInBounds(mouseX, mouseY, imgX, imgY, imgW, imgH) then selectedTab = "stats" checkForTabs() end end end addEventHandler("onClientCursorMove", root, checkForCursorInImage)
  11. Anyway, i analized the code and there is not any triggerClientEvent into an onResourceStart, they are on: onGamemodeMapStart onPlayerWasted And another triggerClientEvent is in a function called by onPlayerWasted So, the problem can't be fixed whit onClientResourceStart
  12. mhh, and is there an event that triggers when the download is completed? And i was thinking, if i use onClientPlayerSpawn, is the same?