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  1. Looks great and looks basic.
  2. No, I need this program to decompile files.
  3. *rolls eyes back* You are still not getting it. You try and find a lua download for Windows Xp, I don't see any there. Hey, all of those this just put me back where I was at. Thanks for no help at all.
  4. Re-read my post... and if you are too lazy to read it, it says I can't find it. I tried google many times.
  5. Hey, I thought I could get some help here since there is alot of code to do with Lua! My question is, could some one give me a download link for Lua - Windows Xp I can't seem to find it, if you get it for me it will be very greatful!
  6. Like I saw it looked like this: local showMyIcon = true local chattingPlayers = {} local drawDistance = 100 local transicon = true local chatIconFor = {} local screenSizex, screenSizey = guiGetScreenSize() local guix = screenSizex * 0.1 local guiy = screenSizex * 0.1 local globalscale = 1 local globalalpha = .85 addEvent("updateChatList", true ) function chatCheckPulse() if( isChatBoxInputActive() ) then triggerServerEvent("playerChatting", getLocalPlayer()) else triggerServerEvent("playerNotChatting", getLocalPlayer()) end setT
  7. Well on your germen server you have a chat icon thingy.
  8. I bet XetaQuake is the one to talk to....
  9. Ok thanks Vercetti and what do you mean do the same for the open position?
  10. May I ask how this works? Like, where do I put these commands?
  11. I accidently exited the fricken notepad and have to restart all over but also can you make it so you have to pay for gas? And also I don't see the markers but it still refills my gas.............
  12. I'll just find them all, but if you finish before me great, and codemaster, wanna give another good update, theres little buildings by each buildings in SA, that is where you pay for the gas, if you can make it like this: You go up to the station and you pay the money (100$) then it will let you go in the gas markers then you have gas refilled, if you can't do that then just make the markers and when you go in the marker you pay 100$ also just like pay n spray on mabako services make it so if they have 90% or higher gas it wont let them buy the gas.
  13. U wrote a second before me Vladmo Its already fixed it spents 1% per 200m which is quite low enough to travel all around SA, and if you got in mind how much stations XetaQuake found it will be easy to refill I'll just post another load of gas stations, I know where they all are
  14. I am just finding some way to ban vehicles, people are spawning hydras in stuff with the vehicle command.
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