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  1. I don't know why I even have to point this out since this is something I figured out automatically in my early days of MTA scripting. But it seems necessary because I see people using Lua tables but not taking advantage of their flexibility. Very brief overview of tables as arrays Anyway, Lua tables are often used as arrays - that is, data structures that store values under consecutive integer keys starting at 1 (0 in most other languages, but that's another story), making a sequence. Various functions that operate on tables, including those in table namespace, treat them as arrays.
  2. It means you pass a boolean to ipairs, which means "result" is a boolean. According to dbPoll documentation, it returns false if there's something wrong, in which case it returns two more values indicating what went wrong. So if you change this: local result = dbPoll(qh, 0) to this: local result, error_code, msg = dbPoll(qh, 0) if result == false then outputDebugString("Error code: "..error_code) outputDebugString("Error message: "..msg) end it will display a more detailed message.
  3. The variable name in that function's parameter list is "targett", but you're checking "target", so it's a different variable.
  4. My mistake, I meant if isElementSyncer(source) then But now I looked at your code more closely and realized that this checking will prevent the code inside "if boss == "Mutant" then" block from working when the attacker is not the syncer, because that code requires the attacker to be the local player. So that would require more changes. Or you can just keep using "attacker == localPlayer" instead of isElementSyncer after all.
  5. Player damages won't duplicate, right, but you probably didn't notice my first reply. If you use isElementSyncer instead of checking "attacker == localPlayer", the damage will be synced by the player who syncs the ped, and there will be no duplications whether the attacker is a player or a ped.
  6. The damage will still be triggered multiple times if multiple players see the ped damaging another ped.
  7. This has the advantage that the damage event will necessarily be triggered if the attacker sees himself hitting the ped. However, the attacker is not necessarily a player, and the server side code indicates that peds are supposed to damage each other too. Therefore, this code prevents the event from triggering in cases where a ped damages another ped. It's better to check if you are the syncer of the ped: if isElementSyncer(ped) then end This way, the ped will be damaged if the player who syncs the ped sees him getting damaged. It's also more consistent this way because that's exa
  8. There's a simpler solution: use function getAccountsByData. If no account has the value, the returned table will be empty. So this expression will evaluate to true if the number is already taken: #getAccountsByData("bank", bank_number) != 0 Apart from being easier, using getAccountsByData has the advantage of working correctly even if new bank numbers get added from outside your script - which may or may not be relevant in your case. And if you still decide to keep track of them yourself, the problem with the script is that in_table function loops through the whole list of bank num
  9. By "remove only the 3 big cities", do you mean remove the cities but keep the rest of the map? Then I suggest you make a list of object model IDs and positions to be removed, then loop through that list and call removeWorldModel for each entry. But building the list itself is the hard part. I don't know if MTA map editor has any functionality that helps this. If it doesn't, then there are several things you can do. You can use some GTA SA map editor to pick out the objects. You can take the IDs and positions directly from .ipl files in GTA SA data. processLineOfSight returns mod
  10. No, the wiki says setPedControlState was made to work for the local player as well (in addition to peds, because previously it only worked for peds). It was setControlState that only worked for players, and because setPedControlState now works for both player and peds, setControlState has been deprecated on the client side. Anyway, if that still doesn't work, I guess the ped has not been streamed in yet when the function gets called. Another thing I just realized that needs to be taken into account is that when you hold the fire control, you only shoot missiles once. Not repeatedly. In or
  11. setPedAnalogControlState takes a third argument, which is a number between 0 (no effect) to 1 (full effect). For the control to take full effect, it should be like this: setPedAnalogControlState(ped, "vehicle_fire", 1) But I don't know if it's even valid to use analog control state for vehicle_fire, because you can either be shooting or not, there's no "in-between". For this reason, maybe it makes more sense to use setPedControlState: setPedControlState(ped, "vehicle_fire", true)
  12. Aš kažkada scriptus dariau, ir dar pats savo serverį su savo gamemode sukūręs buvau. Bet laiko nebuvo, tai viską nutraukiau, o po to iš viso nustojau MTA forume lankytis ir apskritai su MTA kažką daryti. Dabar keli metai praėjo. Pasiilgau MTA, sugrįžau čia į forumą. Nekoks jausmas, kad taip ilgai nesilankiau. Nežinau, ar ką nors vėl scriptinsiu, tik norisi prie MTA būti. Bet šitam subforume, žiūriu, tikrai veiksmo beveik nėra.
  13. Hey folks So, I joined this community back in 2008, when MTA SA DM DP1 was released. It was great. I played in servers. I scripted stuff. The scripting part is especially important here, because I was amazed to see what possibilities to customize the game MTA SA gives to the scripters, and that's what got me involved so much. It was by scripting on MTA that I got lots of coding experience. I had such a great time that 2008 was one of the most memorable years for me, because I can still remember the good moments, including my first time playing the non-race version (I played MTA SA Race in
  14. MTA 1.5 and greater versions seem to have problem with launching under Wine. I need to test if that's true someday. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Cl ... nux_Manual The last time I tested, I had problems running it on 64-bit wine prefix, but it worked on 32-bit.
  15. I have done this on Linux by running two instances of Wine and an instance of MTA in each of them. Not sure if there's any solution other than virtual machines on Windows.
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