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  1. Thanks for pointing that out, however the original post is correct. Mb = Megabit. MB = Megabyte. 100Mb/s is equivalent to 100Mbit or 100 Megabits per second. 100MB/s is equivalent to 100 Megabytes per second. From the link you posted, "The megabit has the unit symbol Mb or Mbit." From the Wiki link on a megabyte (, "The megabyte (symbol MB, sometimes abbreviated as Mbyte) ".
  2. If you PM me your Volt Host username I can look into this for you. Alternatively, open a ticket in our control panel and one of our staff will look into it for you. Thanks!
  3. Please open a support ticket and we can get you setup!
  4. Thats a joke right? SSD RAID? 256GB RAM? 24+ Cores.... You must be having a laugh? Not even google uses these kinds of specs! This would cost you probably $5,000 a month! False advertising much? if this was true i'd love to see some proof... These are screenshots of terminal connected to one of our servers. 24 processors, 96GB RAM and a picture of it pushing 37Mb/s on the network. It's hard to show that we have a 1Gbit port to you but that's the connection speed, during on peak times our servers push 50Mb/s+, but it's capacity is 1000Mb/s (and we have done 600, 700Mb/s no problem in the past). Would you like a trial?
  5. VALID UNTIL AUGUST 5TH, 2013 ONLY 40% OFF FOR LIFE (0.15 PER SLOT) using 'MTAVOLT' Hi friends. We're Volt Host. We provide progressive server hosting solutions across Europe and North America for less. We run your server on real, powerful hardware on our network that can handle the load. Then we throw it on at least 1Gbit of direct network capacity connected to a network backbone of 1Tbps+ in the highest quality connections and bandwidth. We strive for a friendly, customer oriented company so when you open a ticket, we're here to help you solve your problems as best we can (within reason!). To top it all off, we include one free web hosting account (10GB Space, 50GB Bandwidth) with all game server customers. Sound familiar? We've hosted over 11,000 game servers and 2,500 websites over the past 4 years. 11,000 game servers can't be wrong. Get a no obligation 7 day trial for free (no credit card or payment required). We have 8+ locations at this time to choose from: - (EU) Amsterdam - (EU) Netherlands (This is technically the same country as Amsterdam, but these servers are in a different datacenter north of AMS). - (EU) France - (CA) Quebec - (US) Arizona - (US) California - (US) New York - (US) Virginia Our typical server setup looks along the lines of: Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620+ (24+ CORES!) 64-256GB RAM SSD ONLY Memory in RAID 1Gbit+ Network We accept: -PayPal -OneBip -Western Union Free Trials: We offer a free 7 day trial on all of our game server and voice server hosting. Please open a ticket to request one. Trials are limited to one per customer. We host other game servers (like SA:MP and Minecraft), voice servers (TS3), VPS and dedicated servers. CURRENT PROMOTIONS VALID UNTIL AUGUST 5TH, 2013 ONLY 40% OFF FOR LIFE (0.15 PER SLOT) using 'MTAVOLT' WEBSITE ORDER A SERVER