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  1. This isn't the place to make such a comment. You can gladly express your opinions of a given individual directly to them. We (The Multi Theft Auto team) do not need your opinions on a team member, it does not affect us. We will gladly experience our team members directly and directly communicate with them if there is an issue. Yes, you are in your right to an opinion. We are also in the right to keep our forum free of drama that does not in any way pertain to the project. Please don't post about it here again. Thanks Yep, we plan to start merging a ton of the feature PRs soon
  2. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.8 is released Happy autumn! We've been working hard and today we're proud to announce the release of MTA:SA 1.5.8. You will receive an automatic update soon, but if you don't have MTA installed, you can get it from the home page. Statistics This is the 25th 1.x.x release 407 days 1 deprecation 5 announced backwards incompatible changes 41 new functions 68+ bug fixes and changes 465 commits (see comparison) 197 new open GitHub issues (see list) 102 resolved GitHub issues (see list) 108 closed
  3. Woovie

    Hans Roes

    Hans Roes is @Blokker_1999 He worked on MTA years ago and still helps with some hosting and EXE signing.
  4. I can say with 100% confidence that would never happen. 1. We would never implement pawn 2. Kalcor has very strong opinions about this project and isn't willing to budge. Try mentioning MTA on the SAMP forums. He'll just ban you 3. Why should we? Provide me the positive effects that would give us. We don't fake our player numbers, we are pretty open to changes, we actually have anticheat. What does SAMP have? Some custom models and a few extra features? They don't have even close to the feature set we do. I don't see any reason why either party would agree to th
  5. Funny, I actually added this functionality too, via https://mtasa.com/api/
  6. Woovie

    Server list spam

    Please use our new subforum for reports https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/188-server-list-help/
  7. Closing this thread for now. Please open a new thread if you start a new server. it's only off topic and not leading anywhere good.
  8. This is how you handle these issues, discuss them in a PM. Spamming and putting private conversations in this thread as some of you did only causes us to get involved and stop it. You gain nothing, we gain nothing, the server owner gains nothing. Do not do it again.
  9. Locking because of an old bump. If the OP wants it reopened, they can message me.
  10. Individual servers can still allow it if they allow the modification of files needed by these, which is timecyc.dat.
  11. It's official, MTASA has been bought and we are becoming SAMP. Future MTASA builds will be closed source and half the features removed. Have a nice day!
  12. Our forums do not provide support for leaked or stolen resources.
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