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  1. This is a quick question that I couldn't find a... quick... answer to. Can variable be access outside the .lua it's originally located in? I am loading from a MySQL Database into a Variable, and want to use that variable in another .lua (in the same resource)
  2. Damn girl you got me good with your 5th grade education. I didn't know. I just got MTA. So excuse me girlfriend. Also I just thought that user system used some other admin panel too. I never looked at it that close. Edit: I'm all lost... You want to use a different panel for the UserSystem resource? Information on the other panel please?
  3. ...You misunderstood me I believe. I meant look at that script, and see how it loads it the 'class'. Also...
  4. Thanks for the tips man... I'm learning pretty well... The hardest part is finding all the functions because I'm so used to SA-MP functions.
  5. You know the User System script in resources? Doesn't it use that?... From UserSystem: function onJoin() if( not connect_mysql ) then outputChatBox( no_connect_sql_message ) else local colour = mysql_query( connect_mysql, "SELECT * FROM `players` WHERE serial='" .. getPlayerSerial( source ) .. "'" ) if( colour ) then while true do local row = mysql_fetch_assoc( colour ) if ( not row ) then if( not TAGS[source] ) then nameJoined = getPlayerName( source ) setPlayerNametagColor ( source, 255, 255, 0 ) createBlipAttachedTo( source, 0, 2, 255, 255, 0) end break end nameJoined = getP
  6. pastebin.com ? I feel like the forums aren't as active as an MSN chat...
  7. Basically I'm looking for someone who would help me/walk me through scripting in Lua... Until I get the hang of it. I need someone knowledgeable to go to for a fast reply about troubles I'm having... I could possibly pay this person for help... If you're interested add me on MSN... mxer720@live.com
  8. Mini

    Stop Lights?

    It just looks extremely confusing, especially since the files are like divided.
  9. Mini

    Stop Lights?

    Yeah, but the problem is, learning Lua.
  10. Mini

    Stop Lights?

    That's awesome... I just switched from SA-MP to MTA... So, I'm still learning about the amazing features.
  11. Mini

    Stop Lights?

    Is it even possible to mess with the stop lights in GTA? They are just weird... It seems like they are almost random. I don't know. Discuss it... Edit: If this is even possible. It is a suggestion.
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