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  1. No, The problen continue, the game continue Crashing
  2. No dude, the game continue Crashing ... Crash when i join in any server...
  3. I know, I was replying to this: I deleted gta_sa.set and the game continue crashing I dont know what i do now, but i say "Never Surrender", every problem have a solution.
  4. Single Player Working Perfect, The problem is Multi Theft Auto I Re-install the game and the problem continue... So the only way is wait to a new Release
  5. I deleted it and The Problem continue; I Join in any server And Crash... =(
  6. Oh, i do it, the compatibility turn Off in gta_sa.exe and multi theft auto.exe all Compatibility is Off, and don't Work ... I remember, the game work very well, so when i change the resolution to 640x480 (Because a problem) The game beging to Crash, so i change again to 1024x768 and continue Crash the game I re-install the game, MTA and GTA, I deleted all files and cotinue Crashing, Dont work
  7. Sorry for mi ignorance, but how i can turn off that compatibility? i tried anything and no one work
  8. I Update to the final patch, i still crash down =(
  9. Hi all. Well, This is my problem: I have Windows Vista 64 bits And when i join to any MTA Server, the game Crash. I see the Multi Theft Auto FAQ Wiki, And i can't Resolve the problem, in Any server the game crash, Including my server I dont know what i do now, the single player work perfect... Please Help
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