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  1. I wonder why google don't give any results to "Submit a job application to the employment agency." but if you say it's right I'll trust you, not google ^^ Thanks
  2. Another one: I'm making UCP, and I need to make a link to submit an application for job to employment agency.. Is this correct: "Submit a job application to employment agency" (I bet it's not, since google found only 1 result with this sentence)
  3. Hey, I have my game site, and there are some games where you can't submit your scores, so I want to show message for players about hat.. But is this message grammatically correct: Scoring for this game is not available ?
  4. Hi, I still get that error when trying to use [img ] tags in my signature or in forum posts.. :\
  5. Since no-one helped me yet, I'm still waiting for YOU people! But don't promise if you can't do it.. I got promises from 3 people already and none of them helped me..
  6. Well you are really great at the video editing.. But you could record a real voice or at least don't use MS Sam (google "Text to Speech") Next time try hiding name tags..
  7. Well it had a normal title at the beginning.. but after 2 days there were only 5 topic views, so I decided to do this tricky title.. Contacted u
  8. Hey, I need a little help from someone who has a working mic, and nice voice.. I'd like you to record me a 5-word phrase, so I will use it as a Jingle for my internet radio.. If you're interested, please reply here (or PM me) and I'll PM you the phrase.. Thanks!
  9. Here's my work with this great resource: EDIT: Updated video: Thanks vovo4ka for this great script
  10. maybe you didn't spawned cars with map editor? you have to spawn cars with map editor. I've already fixed this.. I'm not sure what the problem was.. All vehicles was placed in map editor, but it didn't worked.. Now I created a completely new map and everything worked fine.. I have no idea what was wrong with it.. :\
  11. Hi.. I got problems with Stage resource.. I start my server (my map is already loaded - selected in resources menu on Host Game option), login as director and try to record a person driving a car. I record - everything is fine. But when record is over, I see bot standing in the position vehicle should be. I press play and... MTA starts freezing (unfreezes ~every 5seconds and after second freezes again), map objects and vehicles gets to player screen (I mean every object and vehicle moves to my screen so I can see whole map's objects) and after some work with it, I can make it stable again and
  12. Hmm.. but I remember moving group of objects at once.. :\ Maybe it was different map editor, not mta..
  13. Hello, I'd like to ask if it's possible to select few objects at once, and move them all as one object? I remember doing this on some earlier version of this editor, but now I don't know how to do this.. :\
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