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  1. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.5.5 released!

    Is fetchRemote updated in 1.5.5 with additional parameters like options object with informations like request method, form fields, headers etc? @edit Ok, I read change list so I know it is ..
  2. Official MTA Discord server

    Oh .. Ok, I'm kinda blind. Thanks for reply :D.
  3. Official MTA Discord server

    Hi, How about official MTA Discord server? Where everyone could meet everyone, share some programming and mapping skills and also learn something new (like english language ).
  4. [Scripting] Changing the programming language.

    Ye, cause bitwise operators were sooo important ... Cool feature would be to extend existing MTA classes like Vehicle, Pickup etc. because we could easily make new classes like PoliceVehicle, RacePickup for cleaner code of course.
  5. dxRotateTexture and dxScaleTexture

    It's working! Nice, thanks. One simple question: is this technique faster than normal calculations, for loops and dxSetPixelColor?
  6. Hi, My suggestion is to create two functions: dxRotateTexture and dxScaleTexture (ofc. for oop is Texture:rotate() and Texture:scale()) which will return new rotated and scaled texture or will work on texture in parameter.
  7. Execute shell command on MTA Server

    Sounds promising! I can't wait to test it. Thanks a lot! I will post updates in next hours.
  8. Execute shell command on MTA Server

    For example: I will plug something to USB. From batch i can detect it and then i want to restart my resource.
  9. Execute shell command on MTA Server

    I don't want to use lua for this. I want to use batch script. Which means - 'if something happens inside my OS i want to restart server'.
  10. Hi, Is possible to execute command on working server on windows? I mean I want to restart resource using batch without sending HTTP request on MTA Server.
  11. Update Lua to 5.3.4

    Ok but why there is an option like PolskiSebek12 said?
  12. Update Lua to 5.3.4

    Ok, fine, thanks for response. I will test it ;).
  13. Update Lua to 5.3.4

    You mean in mtaserver.conf? It is tested? I mean did someone tried change version to other like 5.2?
  14. Update Lua to 5.3.4

    Like in topic - update Lua version. It has few cool things like __pairs and __ipairs (from 5.2 ofc.) metamethods...
  15. Which is the best MTA Lua Editor?

    Visual Studio Code. There is also plugin for debugging MTA's code.