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  1. NoHear

    Vortex Handling

    This has potential.
  2. I don't mean actual exhaust model, I mean the place, where effect of exhaust is shown. As far as I am aware, you cannot move it with setVehicleComponentPosition.
  3. Hello, I would be that many servers that include modifications on vehicles, would agree with this suggestion. getVehicleExhaustPosition would get the current position of exhaust on vehicle, setVehicleExhaustPosition would change the position to correct place (to fit modifications on vehicles, such as adding custom bumpers or so), also setVehicleExhaustType for changing type, for example Infernus has only "exhaust" node in DFF file, but displays as two exhausts on each side, mirrored by axis of car. By changing type it would change to only one exhaust, or two. I don't really know how this works in handling, maybe it could be worked on somehow. Cheers, NoHear.
  4. It seems only people with Multi Theft Auto v1.5.3-release-11204.7.003 are affected by this, I have a friend who has Multi Theft Auto v1.5.3-release-11204, yet his vehicle mods work completely fine. He told me I should uninstall MTA and reinstall it, however I keep getting .7.003 back while my friend did not. Is there any way I can stop MTA from updating to 11204.7.003? Cheers.