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  1. Okay thanks Frank i'll do that but if someone know that script please post it here
  2. no it's for dm it is possible ti have ! commands in dm so thats where i'm lokking for greetzz
  3. http://mtabeta.com/index.php?p=resource ... ails&id=67 I think I have the resource you need, currently it can add / remove commands for each player and change the color of the text I'll post an updated version when dp3 is released in which you can have global commands and much more can u make the update so that there is a !listcom to show a list and make !addcom/!remcom only for admins could u make a pingkicker 200ms max and a nick kicker (nick ''player'' must be kicked)
  4. Hello scripters i need 3 scripts A ping kick script higher than 200ms = kick a kick system that kicks the nick ''player'' and a command script works as following in the chat of server: !addcom [command (!hi)] [output(Hi everyone)] [so if i type !hi the output must be Hi everyone !remcom [command (!hi)] !commands [shows a list of commands that ive added] (!hi, !brb, !lol, ...) !addcom and !remcom must only work for admin if you can help me please help me
  5. and where can u find that prs thing
  6. okay thanks keslertje2005 but this topic stands in general MTA so i think this is the forum for gus so i keep waiting for an answer
  7. haha ruby an dj this is big fun with you guys always asking for trubble
  8. hi all i search for a script as command !o if you type !o = hello ( text programmed in !o ) if you typ !addo ( change the text from !o ) and if you typ !o = msg ( changed text ) the !o command works on name so user1 typs !o = lol user2 typs !o = hi user1 typs !addo = lol1 user2 typs !addo = hi1 user1 typs !o = lol1
  9. i have searched the forum but i never find something
  10. HI in my prev. message i asked for a '' !shutdown '' script but that doesn't work so lil can you help me with this please . and the second thing i wanna ask you is a clan tag script . the script that if you have a clan and someone that is not added to the member list and he uses the tag he/she get kicked!? to add members you must typ :: !addmember te delete members you must typ: !delmember help me please lil i need it very hard right now
  11. do you mean '' allowservershutdown '' yes that is allowed
  12. i have tested the shutdown script but it doesn't work HELP and i need that tag script very hard please CAN SOMEONE HELP ME
  13. Thank a lot betadevil but i still need 1 script. i have a clan and people come in with my clan tag but they aren't members. can i get a script fot that, if someone enter with my clan tag but he isn't member that he get kicked by the console i search for it but i never find it
  14. yeah thats true , you can shutdown bij remote but i'm in my server playing a map but on my computer takes it 5 min. to quit the game and the server pc is another computer. i don't use a remote eather because i got hacked 1 time by the remote so ...
  15. yeah i know but i mean if there is a hacker or something in the server or the server is stuck i can shutdown it with the '' !shutdown '' command
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