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  1. SHC//Sniper

    New Team Script Help

    The code posted by the user "novo" is my copyrighted property and he does not have any right to use or publish it. Please close this and delete my code, thanks.
  2. SHC//Sniper

    New Language chinese

    Ah now I know what you mean. This already has been submitted:
  3. SHC//Sniper

    Help me pls

    1st: Try to run it as admin 2nd: If it still doesn't work reinstall MTA 3rd: Last possible solution: reinstall GTA
  4. SHC//Sniper

    Solution to map Editor 1.1 // Solucion map editor 1.1

    Nothing really new, this was the most common solution even in 1.0.5. But maybe people will finally stop making threads with this problem.
  5. SHC//Sniper

    New Language chinese

    Good idea. Even if there is a big censorship in China like in Bahrain.
  6. SHC//Sniper

    Reserved Slots System

    Exactly Talidan. Tested and it doesn't. Please make that possible soon! Edit: I will put this into the bugtracker.
  7. SHC//Sniper

    Reserved Slots System

    Nah, that's not my point. I want to know if the "onPlayerConnect" event is fired when somebody wants to join a server that is full (32/32). I had no possibility to test it yet but I don't think so.
  8. SHC//Sniper

    Reserved Slots System

    Yes, sure. The problem is that I don't know if the event is fired when a player attempts to connect to a FULL server. Normally this event is used for players that connect to a server with free slots. And always keeping a slot free would be annoying to people if they get kicked everytime they try to join a 31/32 server.
  9. SHC//Sniper

    Reserved Slots System

    Dear lovely MTA developers, today big clans self-finance theirselves by receiving donations. I've heard many suggestions about something like reserved slots to special players. As far as I know there ain't any possibility to detect/identify a player who has failed connection to a full server. I suggest to extend the "onPlayerConnect" event with functions that make reserved slots realizable. So we need the possibility to use several functions before a player gets disconnect from a full server. "onPlayerConnect" when a player ATTEMPTS to join | v run some code before being disconnected from a full server like "kickPlayer(someAFKPlayer)" | v let the identified VIP player join the server using his "reserved slots" | v finish the event and the server is back full Kind regards Sniper
  10. SHC//Sniper

    MTA:SA 1.1 [serverFFS]

    I got MTA 1.1 running on a 64bit Debian Squeeze system and they even fail at 32bit Lenny. I bet deprecated libraries cause the problem.
  11. SHC//Sniper cannot open shared

    Ye looks like it's running. You did exactly the right thing with installing the libraries. BTW: Do you use the 32bit emulator on 64bit?
  12. SHC//Sniper cannot open shared

    You must add that library into your /usr/lib32/ folder. Please give us some more information how you run the server (emulator? Debian? Version?)
  13. SHC//Sniper

    Host serverFFS -.-

    As far as I know, a mapper called Crystal aka XiSoRz has updated his serverFFS server to 1.1 But you have to look for a contact with him, I don't have any.
  14. SHC//Sniper


    Oh, yes, my mistake <.< I meant ACL.
  15. SHC//Sniper

    [1.1] Getting Maximum of Performance and Download Speed

    Thanks for the answere. Now I'm running it on maximum bandwitdh reduction. But I do have problems with download timeouts when about 30 players download ~5MB at the same time. I hope this will reduce it.