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  1. hay alguna lista por ahi de posiciones (coordenadas) utiles? por ejemplo las posiciones de las tiendas para poder ponerles iconos (blips) saludos
  2. where is this code triggerEvent ( "showWindow", getLocalPlayer() ) post more try: triggerClientEvent (source,"hideLogin",source, username, password)
  3. ok also, you should send to the clients all the "locations" table once and not separately, it's more efficient
  4. post a screenshot of the folder where your files are
  5. i dont know why it is not working is your locations.xml in the root folder of the resource?
  6. is your xml file specified in the meta.xml?
  7. maybe giveWeapon (playerWhoUses, 3, 1, true) setPlayerNametagText (playerWhoUses, "[COP]" .. getPlayerName (playerWhoUses)) setPlayerSkin ( playerWhoUses, 280 )
  8. hi, i get this error while loading mta server root@debian:/home/gtachile/mta/Publico# ./mta-server & [2] 906 root@debian:/home/gtachile/mta/Publico# ./mta-server: error while loading shared libraries: /emul/ia32-linux/lib/libpcre.so.3: file too short [2]+ Done(127) ./mta-server On debian lenny 5 64bit
  9. hi, i want to get the world position ( x,y ) when the player click somewhere inside the f11 map. this is what i have so far: function onMapShow(key, keystate) if keystate == "down" then if isPlayerMapVisible () then showCursor(true) else showCursor(false) end end end bindKey ( "F11", "down", onMapShow) function mapclick(button, state, x, y) if state == "down" then if isPlayerMapVisible () then local minX, minY, maxX, maxY = getPlayerMapBoundingBox () if x >= minX and x <= maxX then --HERE I WANT TO GET THE WORLD POSITION end end end end
  10. maybe http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Gui ... eLoadImage
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