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  1. Create the breakable bars below the prisoners hitting level, so he can crawl through if he crouches, but he cant hit them. The upper bars are solid and cant be broken. So the explosion 'bends' the lower bars and he crawls through. As far as i know, there aren't any objects, which break from explosion and don't from hitting. Create the breakable bars from street traffic posts or something, and unbreakable from these posts, which can't be broken (there are some tall and thin ones in some places in san). I tested this and the results were quite good. Here are some pics of before and after th
  2. Sounds too difficult, i rather use my own method. Changing some files can do damage to san. The only thing different is non-synced players.
  3. don't give up after a couple of trys Sometimes it takes up to 50 times of esc-f5 to get it, sometimes it happens on the first attempt.
  4. First, go in MTA:Race map editor. Choose a road or any other object, and place it deep underground, so the spawnpoints on it will be blinking. Now use f5 and esc many times, until your character will spawn on san ground and you can explore your map built on stock ground in san andreas. It usually takes about 10x esc-f5 to finally spawn as CJ. The map: The Spawnplace: The same thing can be done if you put the map in a server, but in there, players always spawn on ground on the first attempt, but they are not synced.
  5. [RevC]Irw

    Snow City

    Using Structures:ramps:9/63 to create a quite realystic snow for smaller areas. It can be used to cover the smaller villages all over san, good for MTA DM.
  6. Something like that. The TV has got a video game such as in CJ's house, and if you use it, you will see a full screen picture of the area, where the 'camera' has been set up.
  7. 1.Players having 'energy'. When a player floats on water, this energy bar will slowly decrease. When it reaches 0, the player will sink and drown . 2.Oxygen pickups, similar to HP pickups, if you take it, the oxygen will be regenerated to full. 3.On edited maps, walls can't be penetrated with camera. Right now many objects have that bug, and on smaller maps the camera is inside the wall all the time and you can't see anything. 4.Explosions from grenades and satchels don't affect a person on the other side of a wall or any other object. 5.Cars have manual gearing, not automatic. 6.When a c
  8. Is it possible to shoot every weapon while being in a car? Shooting a sniper rifle or rocket launcher as a passanger or other weapons while flying in a maverick. Can patriots be modded ,so they have a rocket launcher or a machine gun on the roof?
  9. Here are my 9 custom maps. But before i start changing anything in them, i want to ask a question: If i don't add any spawnpoints,pickups or anything like that, only objects, then the map file should only contain the object tags and locations, which are the same in race and DM, and then i could copy the empty map to MTA:DM map editor, adding everything else in there to the map. Anyway, here are the maps: Island DM Forest DM: Ship DM: Submarine DM: Quarry(custom) DM: Prison DM: Airfield DM: Garden DM: Urban Assault DM: These s
  10. I was wondering, if i can just copy these maps to MTA DM 'maps' folder and load them in MTA DM map editor , and edit them there, adding pickups and weapons.
  11. Island DM: Forest DM: Ship DM: Submarine DM: Quarry(custom) DM: Prison DM:
  12. I have created 4 maps so far from the list i mentioned in my first post(MTA race maps can be used in DM), they are all custom, 200+ objects on every map(Prison,ship,airport,quarry), but that SDK is too difficult to learn i think, someone has to create that gamemode for me, when DM is released.
  13. As far as i know, that isnt very easy to use, i have never used SDK, so i thought maybe someone is skilled with it, stfu.
  14. Maybe some more possible classes: 1.Heavy weapons soldier: non heatseeking RPG(5), Desert Eagle(60), Molotov Cocktails(10) 2.Explosion expert: Can drive a forklift to transport barrels into any place he wants and use Tec9(150) and pistol(60) to shoot the barrels from a distance, when someone unsuspecting is nearby(Barrel kills still give him xp). 3.Engineer: Can repair damaged vehicles, heal other players(gets 1xp for 2 heals),and use the Teargas(10) and AK47(120) to kill any enemys. 4.Spotter: Can see everyone on the minimap, but has crappy weapons : Katana, Pistol(60). 5.Terrorist: Can
  15. MiRc scripts can only create those 20 levels and the xp required, no spawn weapons or something like that? I'll start practicing it then, or if someone has time to create this gamemode himself tell me.
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