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    Virtua Fighter, Mortal Kombat, FIFA and of course GTA
  1. Ah be a realist. MTA won't support many players (for non-laggy game) and RPG servers don't need to be so extended... No one would use it anyway...
  2. In single player, when entered drive-by cheat, I couldn't keep shooting at one direction - gun was always turning back into car's head. Is this already taken care of? EDIT:: I tried to fix some errors. My english is bad damn... Look - I enter OUIQDMW cheat in SP. I have an uzi. I enter a car. Now i can shoot in any direction from my car. but! My gun always changes its direction into ahead of a car. Can you understand now?
  3. fiedore

    rat race

    I started creating such gamemode in sa-mp a long time ago, but haven't finished it. One thing - no planes or choppers. If you watched cannonball movie you should know why
  4. Awww I am afraid if it will really be released in 2007 I dunno if i wont get bored of gta till then
  5. If it would be possible to stick players to boats there could be some speeder fighting. And packing more players to AT-400 or andromada would help creating desants
  6. Hmm what if... it won't be released
  7. Maybe the team should look for new members? I think that sa-mp authors + MTA team would create some great multiplayer together.
  8. No way, they won't. It's like their biggest secret
  9. I don't think so... it is just impossible to fly throught them
  10. Then heavier weapons should be hidden and changing their place.
  11. Will it be possible for dm to create (maybe simplified) gamemodes without coding? Something like sa-mp debug, but with many functions and saving gamemode right from game. Sorry if I am asking for impossible thing... (or already asked )
  12. he "sayd" that boat aiming may cause some animation bugs.
  13. uhm, yeah this is sort of problem. So another question - Is there a way to stick to a boat (user taps a button and is sticked)? Normally you fall to the water.
  14. I know about this, but i was asking if there will be targeting driveby like in cars. (MTA team wants to remove normal drive by because it's unbalancing the game)
  15. Is it possible to turn on boat drive-by? I read about heli's so I am afraid this one won't work too but...?
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