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  1. As long GTA is streaming the audio files from your harddisk try to defrag it.
  2. We changed the stuntserver now its with anticheat enabled, the race server always had the anticheat running.
  3. And once again you are trying to get support for creating a mod that has nothing to do with mta... why for gods sake are you posting something like this in a board called MTA: San Andreas?
  4. Well i dont think so... its just another kind of business! While the older GTA parts where more mafia like, GTA:SA is more the kind of ghetto gang criminality. Thats just depends on whats your favour gangster style (sounds bad but isnt as long you keep it ingame) i for myself like both styles so in my opinion GTA hasn`t lost it.
  5. Well i am going to withdraw that, due to tactical reasons... going to update my request this evening. Thanks for pointing it to me
  6. "Yamakasi" is a old clan about 4 years now, with the release of MTA:SA we started our GTA squad. Introduction and claims of our clan follows this weekend. thx Esco
  7. Fraps is the weapon of your choice i guess its easy to use, and there is a (restricted) free version of it. I never used gamecam so i cant say something about it.
  8. Yay thats the answer i had been searching for thanks Harry. I gonna try it from my home pc first, even if that means that the script is only running while i am online.
  9. Oh boy i should read the whole post before i hit reply^^ In this i case i dont think its lost athmosphere, cause i always got this moments while playing Singleplayer SA where i had my laugh p.e. driving down the road some passenger jumps of the street to escape my car and got wrecked up by a big truck, sounds simple and violent but its just the game i definitly wont laugh if something like this happen in reality. imo thats the thing that make GTA such a great game its close to reality and you can be any kind of person you want to from a mass murder to the gently guy that helps an old lady a
  10. My answer would be Yes/No i really like the huge map of San Andreas there is so much fun and life in it. But Vice City was the most atmospheric part in the GTA series imo. I was really in love with the 80`s style i never played a single player game longer than GTA:VC. GTA3 was not that good at all and i think you cant compare the older 2D GTA games with the ones based on the 3D engine but they were great fun also.
  11. Well sorry for that, but i guess posting in the MTA:San Andreas part of this boards is not the right place for such a question... well anyway i cant help you with that. Good look fixing your issues.
  12. If you dont know how to open a dll file better stop right now, dont try to change anything in there all you get would be more bugs. Even if i cant imagine that the d3d9.dll is bugging you i guess the error is somewhere else. Download the maps you like from http://center.mtasa.com/ and have fun, else start the map editor and mess a bit around with it, its pretty simple to use.
  13. lol, calibrate your controller then. Has nothing to do with the controller, its some stange mapping of the axes... got the same problem, but i doesnt bug me.
  14. I got mine off Ebay, and it works like a charm.
  15. Well i try to explain it a different way.... We got two MTA servers up and running on a "rented" linux machine (no chance that the lead admin going to install VM and Windows there), i got the MTA client installed on my Windows homePC where do i have to install MTA:mA and MTA:GUS that i works proper? Client or Server?
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