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  1. replace all those lines which u found after copying text: if ( getPlayerTeam" class="kw2">getPlayerTeam ( player ) ) then with if ( getPlayerTeam ( player ) ) (( [lua][/lua] tags makes getPlayerTeam and set .. to wrong
  2. but he wants to do that in lua ?
  3. A: When its ready, u can download unstable Q: MTA RULES! yes?
  4. waiting for the full movie. Make subtitels too. I dont get russian well, but i understand a bit.
  5. None of scripters will work for free. EDIT: Admin place isnt pay. I can make myself easyly admin in my server. And in ur server, i have to control players -> more job ( free ? )
  6. there isnt, ur right, but, you can setAccountData ( player element, "Password", password ) and after get it using getAccountData ( player element, "Password" )
  7. 1. http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ils&id=955 2. no idea.
  8. For everyone, who wants to have on bind "B" house blips, add this to server-side script in house resource. function makeBlips (player) local root = xmlLoadFile ("homes.xml") local houseroot = xmlFindChild (root,"houses",0) if (houseroot) then allHouses = {} for i,v in ipairs (xmlNodeGetChildren(houseroot)) do local x = xmlNodeGetAttribute (v,"x") local y = xmlNodeGetAttribute (v,"y") local z = xmlNodeGetAttribute (v,"z") local number = xmlNodeGetAttribute (v,"num") if not (xmlNodeGetAttribute (v,"owner") == "") then blips[tonum
  9. Jaysd1 should come here, he speaks allways using caps.
  10. Amazing job ( kidding )
  11. CowTurbo


    make a folder with named your gamemode,add there meta.xml, and add in meta.xml type="gamemode" .
  12. Im searching for a hosting company who i can work for host.
  13. Good luck Its pretty hard.
  14. If you have givecash functions in server, then he gives you money what you want, and you sell house, and then he can buy. Need some maths from player, but can be used. You do got my msn, i will help with that you.
  15. A: Jeep ? ( say when im wrong ) Q: Was im wrong ?
  16. CowTurbo


    local myMarker = createMarker ( float x, float y, float z, [string theType, float size, int r, int g, int b, int a, visibleTo = getRootElement()] ) setElementInterior ( myMarker, float int )
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