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  1. [NB]ExPloiTeD

    Stream Fixes

    MTA doesnt support that mod
  2. Or press 'E', the crosshair turns red and you can click on the pickups
  3. [NB]ExPloiTeD

    MTA login issue

    you dont need to
  4. Or maybe you got 2 GTA SA installations and MTA San Andreas.exe is pointing to the modded one ?
  5. Download this http://community.mtasa.com/data.zip and replace these files at GTA San Andreas/data folder.
  6. Install the latest nightly build and try again. http://nightly.mtasa.com/
  7. Maps are located @ C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\server\mods\deathmatch\resources
  8. Why dont u make your own floor ?
  9. He made it clear enough. He will pay 10 euros ( REAL MONEY ) to a person who will make him a DD/DM/Cash script.
  10. [NB]ExPloiTeD


    Dont use nub passwords like 123456
  11. Amazing. Will you also put this map for download ?
  12. Download this http://community.mtasa.com/data.zip and replace these files at GTA San Andreas/Data folder.
  13. [NB]ExPloiTeD


    Reconnect / restart MTA and try again ?
  14. Nightly builds bug the map editor, you wont see the icons at the bottom and cant test either. Just try to avoid pressing ESC twice really fast and also alt+tabbing ( this also bugs the menus ) and youll be fine.
  15. [NB]ExPloiTeD

    annoying bug

    Are you using any car mods or wheel mods ? This can cause this afaik.
  16. Install Windows XP ? Have you tried single player ? Does it work fine ?
  17. He means the skins from SP missions, Sweet/Ryder/Big Smoke etc
  18. You probably alt tabbed your game or pressed ESC 2 times which bugs the menus. This is an MTA bug so install the latest nightly build it should b fixed there.
  19. Dont post any comments just post the song your listening to right now.
  20. Install the latest nightly build see if it fixes it. http://www.nightly.mtasa.com
  21. How do i create a track with this new rcg ? Anyway good work, i will def be using this.
  22. There is already a /kill command and yes bases/arenas have different dimension
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