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  1. that doest work either on my linux server see viewtopic.php?f=90&t=21046
  2. I setup a linux server(ubuntu) and i can only play assault or ctf, the other mods are not working, voting, deathmessages, mapcycle arent working either. screenshot: http://aycu40.webshots.com/image/38199/ ... 368_rs.jpg
  3. if you installed it search for a file named libxerces-c.so.27 and copy it to /usr/lib
  4. i found a better way like blokker said: and then select 1 CPU to run on san andreas -> the only problem is: everytime i start mta i need to minimize mta to set this
  5. why is only mta:sa acting weird then? and not other things
  6. "this software requires service pack 2 to install , installation will now abort" sp2 sucks
  7. yes restarting helps but after 10 minutes it happens again
  8. is it because of double core ?
  9. my story: i upgraded my processor from Athlon64 3500 to athlon64 X2 4200+ since then my speed in the game is twice as fast And ever1 is thinking im a cheater BUT IM NOT and i cant help it i was in MTA:SA uk server or something ik also reported this on IRC but no1 gives an answer.
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