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    All I can say is you guys are awesome! The game is fairly new and already you are making MTA:VC. Just amazing! But I guess working through GTA3 made it a MILLION times easier to get MTA:VC going. Can't wait!
  2. I can run MTA on LAN with no problem. It says that the IP is already logged in but so what... it doesn't stop me from playing on my LAN.
  3. I was wondering this too. No cars = how do yuo get one?
  4. See you are looking at it all wrong... sure we are getting a lite version now but we still would have had to wait to get the full thing just as long as we are waiting to get what will now be v0.4 This way we have something to play with while we wait for ALL the features. If they werent releasing this now we would have nothing in the mean time. I dont understand you... we will still get all the features and the wait for that will be just as long.
  5. got it again I get this error everytime I try to post: "Ran into problems sending Mail. Response: 502 unimplemented (#5.5.1)"
  6. Yeah double posts are evil (but so is "leet"...) but I didn't even know my posts were going through... I was just getting an error after hitting submit... so there might be a few more double posts from me around here from yesterday/today... sorry about that.
  7. I didnt vote because my reply is both. If it was between VC and GTA3 I would vote VC. But you are asking about VC vs. GTA3MTA and thats a different story. Both will be great fun and I will be playing both. Now, if it was GTA3MTA vs. the let to exsist GTAVCMTA then no question it would be GTAVCMTA
  8. LoL, well the spam of this thread grew exponentially.... Anyway, its going to be nice to play this Can't wait and its a shame that modes are not going to be included yet but bah, as long as we have something to play with as we wait then I am sure the majority of us will be BURSTING with deliciously devious diabolical delite
  9. Iggy, PM me and I will help you set this up an easy and correct way so people don't have to download every picture and you can post some of them right in the forums if you like.
  10. Iggy, PM me and I will explain a good way for you to do this.
  11. You are assuming: 1) He isn't using proxies 2) He is actually at the place where he lives. Ever heard of public Libraries? Internet Cafes? Friends house? Sure, its easy simoyd. Assuming the guy is at home and lazy.
  12. Try to read all the posts in a thread please (especially on one like this that isnt really that big yet). I posted just before you saying: "Here is one example: At 20:00 CET (8pm) it would be 13:00 EST (1pm - Eastern Standard Time - ie. Toronto Canada, New York City USA, etc)"
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