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  1. thanks, after trying it i discovered that the event is only called when setPlayerMoney, givePlayerMoney or takePlayerMoney are called on a server side script. It's not bad after all since i only need to move the money related things to the server.
  2. Just an event that's triggered every time a player recieves or loses money, so if you save some player's money serverside, you don't have to script "saveThisPlayersMoney" everywhere.
  3. Thanks for your help. I'm converting an old sa-mp business-script to mta (and adding all the bonuses of the new system). The problem comes when a player leaves the server, because after that you have 5 minutes to come back or else your business will be sold. Also, the other players can't buy that player's business if he's not connected. This system helps players that are dropped from the server for any reason (time-out, crash, etc). Anyways, here's the code: addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", rootElem, function() playerMarker[source] = nil setTimer(sellAllProperties, 300000, 1, source, getPl
  4. simple: function isPlayerConnected(theplayer) <- returns true if the player is connected, false if its not. theplayer is a player element. Any substitute will do.
  5. where is this function? i cant seem to find it
  6. Is there any way to detect mouse movement along the x axis?, (when aiming or moving the camera around the vehicle you are driving)
  7. You win http://community.mtasa.com/index.html?p ... ils&id=488 (oh and also the 3 seconds difference comes from the previous alpha function: totalFramesToShow/currentfps. So 250/50fps -> 5 seconds and 250/30fps -> 8 seconds)
  8. The difference between 30fps and 50fps is 3 seconds, not a big deal. http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ils&id=488 There's the standalone-freeroam resource, updated with more comments and that kind of stuff.
  9. I'll work on that. If i release it as a standalone resource then it will work with a custon xml file. If i use the setTimer function the text flashes, so if you know any workaround for that i'll use it.
  10. Thanks 50p. Here's my working code: (if anyone is interested) Server side: --read the xml file yadda yadda local rootElement = getRootElement() function cargarXml() local i = 0 local xmlRoot = xmlLoadFile( "vehicles.xml" ) local xmlTag = xmlFindChild( xmlRoot, "group", i ) local xmlName = xmlNodeGetAttribute( xmlTag, "name" ) while xmlName ~= "Todos los cambiados" do xmlTag = xmlFindChild( xmlRoot, "group", i ) xmlName = xmlNodeGetAttribute( xmlTag, "name" ) i = i+1; end i = 0 --[[here we will save the important values, tablaid is a table with integers representing each of
  11. Is it possible to change the vehicle names (the text that appears in green after you get into one)? if so, which functions should i use? Thanks.
  12. or make a map with a jump over 10 busses what about the modified cars on game? (with parts that you get on the shops on sa)
  13. I have a suggestion of having the ability to spawn vehicles into the map, not for players, just like you put a cone or pickup you can put a vehicle with no players on it. For example you can use this to make a police roadblock or to make the race more difficult because you have to evade the vehicles on the street. I want this because i was making a drag map of nfsu2 in sa but i didn't find the trains into the items. ah.. i was near to forget it.. can you get cars modified at start? tnx.
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