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  1. It looks like what i need, i'll try it soon, thank you
  2. look what i need: i need to calculate the angle, and do not find players current rotation.
  3. i need to rotate the whole player, not only his head
  4. I've tried math.abs(90+ math.deg( math.acos( math.abs(yvalbig-yvalsm)/(math.sqrt( (math.abs(xvalbig-xvalsm))^2 +(math.abs(yvalbig-yvalsm))^2))))) result - rotation is wrong.
  5. Good day, scripters First, i know about setPedRotation and about wiki.mtasa.com too. I want to rotate my ped to some point and make him look straight at it, but dont know how to calculate the angle of rotation. Can anyone help me? P.S. I want to make a universal function that calculates rotation for any coordinates, so calculate rotation manually isn't a variant.
  6. Thanka, it works. My code: setTimer(toggleControl,1000,1,source, "fire", false) setTimer(toggleControl,1000,1,source, "enter_exit", false)
  7. Hello, i'm writing a script and have problems. How to disable fighting animations (e.g. like in BaseMode's lobby)?
  8. Yes it is.. btw, i solved the problem by moving my map to san andreas'es boundaries. it was about -3500 on X and now its about -1600.
  9. Hello, i have a problem with melee weapons. When i'm in the interior (lobby in my script) they works fine, but when i'm on the my map (created using mta editor) melee weapons doesn't work (there is animation, but no damage). Other weapons such as pistols, machineguns, shotguns, flamethorews, etc works fine. There are no canceled events in my code. Why its happens? Here is my onPlayerSpawn code: if(started == true) then if(skin[source] == 0 and var3[player] == nil ) then setElementPosition(source,x,y,z) setElementModel(source,skin1) else setElementPosition(source,x,y,z) setElementModel(sou
  10. is it possible to play custom sound loaded from mp3 file for all clients?
  11. Hello, it may be stupid question, but can anyone tell me how to freeze game clock? I set time using setTime, and set a veeeery long minute ( setMinuteDuration(6000000) ) But is it possible to completely freeze it?
  12. Hello Is it possible to send a message to all players from client side without triggering a server side? outputChatBox("#FFFFAA> Plater "..getPlayerName(player).." is bla bla bla #FFFFFF"..place.."bla #FFFFAA bla bla bla", 0, 0, 0, true) of course this code sends message only to me.
  13. Thank you, and all guys who helped me. It's works with colshapes.
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