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  1. i think the sync would be better as sa-mp.... the MTA-Team spent so much time on this mod so it must be better... I think it would be perfect...
  2. in the next hours/days we have a new page with a direct map upload... => http://www.betafield.de directly after uploading the map is online and u can play it on the server... ip for the gameserver: betafield.de:22003
  3. hello, how can i sort the maps on the server maplist?! can you prog a plugin which sort all maps? that would be very n1....
  4. a timelimit for a map would be nice.... so one map runs 30 minutes if the server wants to start a new map he should start the map with timelimit again (deathmatch maps)
  5. yeah and perhaps with a lil ranking system... and the bestplayers will start with a better vehicle
  6. hello, in the last days everyone on my server wants to play maps like OJChase3 or H8 Crime this are maps where the police try to kill OJ or the criminals....but if the criminals died nothing happens ... it's stupid^^ can u make a mod where the police has to catch some criminals? or the criminals should kill the police? (its like teamdeathmatch) That Mod would be very n1
  7. Link removed, please do not post copyrighted material
  8. it should be enough to replace the *.exe Link removed, please do not post copyright material ich glaub das der englische nocd crack mit der englischen version der exe gemacht wurde...also die exe zu verschicken ist auf jedenfall net illegal hf
  9. ok i downloaded the new exe ... delete my old exe file and it works... no error nothing! i think thats the same effect when some installed an englisch crack for no cd -> now i have the uk .exe and it works fantastic! Replace your old *.exe file with the new... but backup you old file if it doesnT work
  10. it seems to be a programming mistake with following exe it works! *******Removed************ and a mirror @ Germany HighSpeed -> http://www.betafield.de/******* powered by me Im sorry... im not allowed to post these links... so i remove them now
  11. u had so much time to fix bugs and test... over 8 months! and now there are errors like this.... omg i think that mta could be funny but i can't play this mod .... thats SHiT! *sry but that must be* *sry 4 my bad english*
  12. I install only the version which i have buy after release i never download a patch addons and so on... its a clear new installed system... where is the problem?! i dont know but i want to try it with the uk exe
  13. send mir your exe then iLL try it with that file... email: Blackhawk38@gmx.de
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