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  1. Actually, should i just wait for MTA: SA to be released? Yes, I know i can edit but this way, people will notice a new post.
  2. Lol, figures. So online is everything unlocked? (I'd imagine so but I'm too lazy to re-do the missions.)
  3. Hmm, My mate told me if you get one game you can goto any game island (Liberty City, Vice City etc.) on MTA. B.S. or not?
  4. Now I'm at a gaming fork. Vice City or Smackdown! vs Raw 2006?
  5. That was the question I was asking, thank you. How much are the games nowerdays?
  6. Uh............god this is confusing me. >_< When the server is up, how do i actually play MTA?
  7. I believe it is the 'Andromeda' [/CLARIFICATION]
  8. Well how do you play it? I mean do you NEED the games to actually play it multiplayer if that makes more sense.
  9. Fucking automatic resizing. ¬_¬ Just a question before i continue, do you have to have the PC games?
  10. I downloaded the server and I'm trying to get it going but it comes up with this: Is it something stupid or something which I'm missing?
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