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  1. Awesome, im also working on a map right now, hopefully can show it off soon
  2. Yea kimmis is right. I wanted to pay for scripters to make a server, but then I thought, in the long run, learning scripting from MTA wiki will benefit me anyway I want. So just learn the small stuff and then progress. Im not the best sccripter, but Im learning something new every day. this function is what happens when the resource starts. function createTeamsOnStart () policeTeam = createTeam ( "Police", 0, 100, 255 ) taxiJob = createTeam ("Taxi", 255, 255, 0 ) truckerJob = createTeam ("Truckers", 139, 0, 0 ) medicJob = createTeam ("Paramedics", 255, 64, 64 )
  3. yourGatesName = createObject ( Object id, x, y, z, rotX, rotY, rotZ) [color=#0040FF][b]function[/b][/color] openGate (source) [color=#FF0000][b]moveObject[/b][/color] (yourGatesName, int time, new pos X, new pos Y, new pos Z) -- example time = 3500, and the coordinates where you want the object to end up [color=#FF0000][b]outputChatBox[/b][/color] ("You opened your gate!" source, 255, 255, 255) --optional, but its my habit to see if the function was made right [color=#0040FF][b]end[/b][/color] addCommandHandler ("open", openGate ) -- OR doors? for automatic gat
  4. mcB

    MTA:SA Logo Wallpaper

    Sorry I posted the errored image., ill fix it now
  5. mcB

    Scripts download

    Im having a hard time understanding your question
  6. Try hosting a local server, then in the console type "start editor", see if that works
  7. mcB


    attachElements ( arrowMarker, theVehicle, 0, 1, 0.5 ) That would be the offset from the car, if im correct
  8. mcB

    [REL] ResourceZipper

    Just what I need, only if my SE worked
  9. Hey there everyone. I wanted to make a wallaper, and add my own taste to it, maybe you guys will like it I am also working on other ones like avatars or wallpapers. Hope you dig it The link is the HD 1920x1080 version http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd35 ... SAlogo.jpg
  10. Usually logging in will fix the problem
  11. mcB


    Is your frame limiter on or off?
  12. Yeah, it was pretty hard for me in the beginning. Practice makes perfect
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