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  1. There was some open source MP's for SA AlienX released some of his multiplayers' source like Online andreas and RPG Andreas ,but I can't find it anymore(all the links are offline) Also,once I saw at IRC a link to GTA Rumble's source but now I can't find it and I don't know if it was real. I think the SA-Party's developers released SA-P's source,but I'm not sure I suggest you to contact the developers of these mods,maybe they give you the source
  2. ... &&start=30
  3. You can play it.Just dowgrade GTA SA to 1.0
  4. Is it here ? No Then it is not released.
  5. BaygoN

    How long for mta DM ???

    MTA SA DM will be released in 16 time units
  6. BaygoN

    ideas fo mta:sa dm

    no,you need to go to school
  7. BaygoN

    I need a good reason

    Can't you play both?Can't the two mods co-exists?Why does one mod have to suck and the other be good?Can't both be good?
  8. 256k
  9. same here,mta 1.0 worked perfect,but now 1.1 isnt working oh,yes i use gta sa 1.0
  10. BaygoN

    1000 players

    the day has come,congratulations