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  1. this has problay been mentioned b4 but stats would be good, but it would broblay have to be gaurded by a log on add on too but i think stats are very needed in MTA SA whats the point of winning? just to get your name across ppls screen? also i think you guys sdid a terrfic job on MTA SA but the lagging also needs to be fixed i mean if you start off in the back there is NO way you are going to get ahead if you do it is LUCK thxs [XS]Vital
  2. Vital

    Installation Error

    the only thing i can say is try reinstalling MTA Client and GTA VC
  3. Vital

    Multiserver Program

    have you heard of ******MAJOR LAG******* well depends on your connection but i doubt there is nothing like that. or you can just get a dedicated windows servers for each one : P
  4. Vital

    script loader?

    you are uploading the wrong one first upload MTA.mrc in the MTAMA File.........................then upload MTAMA.mrc
  5. Vital

    Script loader?

    Aeron.tk it is the MTAMA file not the mtama:GRS File
  6. hey its good both ways i think when im flying i use joystick when i am dricing , running i use keyborad but its your choice any which way you want
  7. reinstall MTA and i doubt you do not have anything open cause it seems to work for everyone else on the bottom RIGHT make sure there are NO programs running s.a. MSN , Yahoo , AIM ANY .exe programs....................................................... also press CTRL + Alt + Delete and go in to process do not mess around in there but make sure there is nothing running with keywords suxch as crack hack etc.........good luck. IF none of those works might be a mod you had installed earlier on GTA VC Reinstall GTA VC ~ Vital
  8. Vital

    Ok Noobie Question

    who the hell said 4 yrs i ve been working on it since .5 came out b4 other RPG servers had an idea i NEVER said anything about 4 yrs.........
  9. Vital


    nah im just having probs with my GTA VC but i got it thxs....
  10. what about a voice server built in like a teamspeak??? in MTA Blue
  11. you that shit is phat nice job MTA should put it on there site nice job again
  12. elseif ($3 == !jail) { if $rpg.area($1,$2) == Police-HQ { if $rpg.cash($1,$2) >= 0 { if ($readini($scriptdir $+ suspectlist.ini,list,$mta.name($1,$4)) == 1) { if (Cop* iswm $mta.skin($1,$2).name) { mta.msg $1 $2 You Jailed A Wanted Person You Got His Wanted Money! } !writeini rpg.ini cash mta.name($1,$32) $calc($readini($rpg.ini,cash,$mta.name($1,$2)) + 1000 !remini " $+ $scriptdir $+ suspectlist.ini" List $mta.name($1,$4) !remini " $+ $scriptdir $+ suspectlist.ini" Reasons $mta.name($1,$4) !writeini rpg.ini cash $mta.name($1,$2) $ca
  13. Vital


    yeah bu the prob is my game isnt starting when i use that script.........
  14. Vital


    Hey Can Someone give me the coord. for Police HQ next to Malibu ???
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