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  1. GTA3, GTA:VC and GTA:SA works on vista, and works fine for me, no crashes yet (RC1 build 5600) although it wouldnt let me run it Beta 2 because of the drivers wernt finished, i seem to be happy with playing GTA:SA in vista and the stock drivers seem to be more decent in this release, although they could always be better, but thats microsoft for you... it is a proper release, close enough to it anyway, RC1, best to get in things early, for testing and development, you mean there waiting for RTM i would like to see something, but lots of devs seem to get paranoid about there reputation if the
  2. so people can test it and develop working apps for its release, its up to RC1 now But if the MTA:SA devs didn't know there was a problem with vista and there programs, how do you think they would fix there problems
  3. If your gonna post a reply, you might as well post something useful I'm having this problem too, seems to not do anything, but GTA works, i hope there will be a useful reply to this to deem myself userful i thought i might put the output of core.txt as follows ** -- Unhandled exception -- ** Mod name = TODO Time = Mon Oct 02 17:48:22 2006 Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x03348C0F EAX=03348C0F EBX=7FFD7000 ECX=022407C8 EDX=01850844 ESI=00000006 EDI=0184FAE0 EBP=0177FEFC ESP=0177FEE4 EIP=03348C0F FLG=00010202 CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000 ** -- End of unha
  4. why wouldnt it work, all mta needs is gta, the api, the win32 environment to execute it and the reference to the correct dll's
  5. wine should run mta perfectly fine, but i got a question for you, did you try running it in wine before you posted or are you waiting for someone else to explain it to you, if you cant figure it out then there maybe someone in the wine forums that will be able to help you, but mta should work in linux fine, there should be some info or howto's on http://www.winehq.org/ if you still have trouble wait till i get linux installed and i will guide you through it
  6. whats your code that comes up on your BSOD, sometimes you can google it and it will come up with something, like a hard drive failure, device conflict, if this number is always changing then it may be time you got a new PC
  7. try turning of any indexers or schedulers you have running in the backgroud jusched.exe comes with windows and sometimes that can slow your system down, also look for other programs with "sched" "search" or "index" written in there program names windows and google both have released indexing programs, Googles desktop search and msn Desktop search, although theres nothing wrong with these programs, they just require to update themselves everytime something happens to a file, and that creates overhead, and so on also turn off swap space, you do not need swap space with 1.5gb of ram, swap spac
  8. this could be your graphics card, most modern ATI and nVidia cards will work, what do you have, and does gta work on your pc another problem there might be is not enough shared memory, you change this in your bios settings, if you have trouble just reply here
  9. it works in single player but not multiplayer, thats what the weird thing is
  10. i cant get my user tracks to work, i only get adds, is this a bug or is this a feature that hasnt been implemented yet
  11. I know how hard C++ and Object Oriented shit can be, not that hard, except when you need to learn it then it's just a pain in the ass but for everyone who wants blue sooner should go out and learn it thereselves then assist I would love to help with the coding, except i'm shit at it, lost my mind nearly 2 years ago and got amnesia, had to learn simple shit like Visual Basic all over again, I know that wouldn't help with the project much except for GUI's but once I get my feet back on C++ then i would be glad to help, might take me some time That's all that i'm good for, and beta testing prod
  12. If this project is taking so long, why don't you show us people how to get involved, i'm sure if someone wanted it to come out bad enough they would be willing to help speed development of the core along in any way they can (like paypal links and shit like that, although there probably already is a link somewhere) but I can see soo many people just waiting for the release of blue, i'm sure at least one of these people are willing to give a hand with something, I know I would be
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