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  1. Would it be possible to make a Server Side Custom Radio Station, Like RadioX but have it play Server Side Music, ie mp3's. Have the Server Owner pick the music, Radio Station Name (Or A Default "Server Radio", "MTA Server" or "$Name Radio) $Name Radio nane like $Name Radio. Or Make It Auto Shorten To Like The First 8-10 Alphabetical or Numerical (Including Spaces) of the name. $Name = What The Server is Named
  2. i mean all the Skins/Cars/and other files, besides the ones need to mainyly run the game, are SERVER SIDE, so if the owner made the Elegey a BUS, all player would see and use the BUS skin, over the elegey. or changeing the Skin on the AT-400 all players would see that skin
  3. it is possible, but if you saved a Mad Dogs Massion, there a glitch if you save there that the BBalls stop spawning (idk about Xbox, or PC) but it is in Ps2 Version.
  4. what i mean by server side it All ost all files are on the Servers Side, the Car files, truck, ect. and if the owner of the server changes like, the Elegy to a dif Elegy all the Client connecting to the server uses Those file not the local stored files. but the ones on the server.
  5. When MTA:SA Comes Out Will There Be 2 Types Of Server, or jsut you pick it, in config to have it run on, Server Side Files or CLient Side Files. Server Side = Servers Files, Cars, Boats, ect Client Side = All Files On Players Comps
  6. is there any specific program you need to do .race scripts or is it just in the game? i dont own GTA:SA right now, im gettig it today i hope. and my GTA:III install disc is scratched, i did have GTA:III installed for that last 1yr or so because i played Starcraft: Brood War on Battle.net. but i quit it for M/GTA:SA cuz SA is fun. but mp would be very sweet
  7. if you dont know ur LAN ip u could just put which is a loop back to the LAN Not always. it is a mainly used LAN ip setup but not all have it. and you can also change it.
  8. Tatical Dogfights: Every one flys a Harrier (Hydra) and Try to Shot Each other down last one flying wins. Old School DogFights: Same A Tatical Dogfights but with SPITFIRE (Rustler) DogFights: You Pick Between Spitfire (Rustler) or Harrier (Hydra) to Fight. Protect the AT-400 1 person flys the AT-400 and has Harriers (Hydra) try to protect it. The other try to shot it down. or Suicide ram it with other planes. Protect to Leaviathian 1 person flys the Leaviathian and has Apaches (Hunters) try to protect it. The other try to shot it down. or Suicide ram it with other Helicopters.
  9. ill change them to jpg or gif and hope its faster
  10. ooooo, but why did it come up when i was searching for MTA:VC to fidn my servers
  11. Yea i did i dont know how iswa it i refreshed The All Seeing Eye Program. and There it was Oli's Server For MTA:SA Yes i know it was Only probly Testing stuff for MTA:SA, But Here Are Some http://ClanoP.hn.org/images/Oli%20First%20MTA-SA-1.jpg http://ClanoP.hn.org/images/Oli%20First%20MTA-SA-2.jpg
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