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  1. Yes. It will take any version of San Andreas that's not 1.0 (Minus Steam/D2D 3.0) and make it a 1.0 exe so you will be able to mod everything. I've personally used it on one of my retail copies and it works fine.
  2. No it wont. I know if 2 other people that want this in MTA. There may be more people I dont know of. Maby a option in settings to turn it on and off?
  3. Hows this sound.... Remote Admin Map Uploader? Also auto update or a command that updates anti-cheat.
  4. I want to request that Radio stations (RadioX,K-DST,etc...) be put in cop cars in MTA:SA. If someone found out how to mod it to add radio stations to Cop cars please email me at gamerzworld@gmail.com (must work with MTA) Thanks!
  5. My xFire works. It was working when I was using my disk. It still worked with the HOODLUM no-dvd patch. I dont know what to tell you but mine works.
  6. We need more Diggs! http://digg.com/gaming/Multi_Theft_Auto ... .0_IS_OUT_ Lets get it on the home page!!
  7. worked for a while now it dont work for me
  8. Im haveing truble puting a pic in my sig! I try to put
  9. That would be cool! Also I want Auto Bans put in to! Because lots of people keep on killin there OWN teams!
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