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  1. nah Jax Hieu was at the last match I reffed besides he was going to be there as a spec n e way. Its not trust here
  2. good point I know but since it was around that time I made the point but yet the rules posted here are good for other matches
  3. Hieu's rules for the eula are set on his eula webpage so their his rules and they will be used for the finals
  4. Hieu picked me for ref ok Mr. Bump so stfu Ican handle it. PErhaps if u stayed out of it and didn't start a flame war aren't u breaking ur own rules?
  5. why did MR. Bump bring this up again??? and ZOR dude no one on XII was pausing I was watching XII the whole match, Hieu was watching StK, nothin was funny on XII side. And Brula stfu grow up
  6. I know what controversial means ok so maybe that match I reffed wasn't enxactly 100% precise. But I can handle this match
  7. Mr. Bump u don't even know what happened in that match so stay out of it its not ur Euna so until u know enxactly what happened stay out of it.
  8. I'm not a controversial ref, ok Mr.bump keep out of the situation its hieu's decision, me being ref will be fine.
  9. Hieu wants specators don't worry its really 4 cause Hieu is one of the spectators
  10. WooT [FMJ] vs XII should be good match oh by the way I'm gonna be the ref and there will be 5 spectators for the finals.
  11. http://forum.uvaclan.com/ post about ur age, previous clans, how long u been playing MTA stuff like that. And post in Join the Clan in General Talk
  12. WooT GO Quig vote yes to gunny ignore the warnings stupid reasons n e way
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