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  1. CUBE WROTE btw. analyze: you werent there ? so what you know.... erm btw cube , what do you no. i was there my alias is [DA]Burn u should of realised seems as i was talking about the match in DA server when you lot came in.
  2. ye gd idea,,, DA did n e off u guys notice they dident die as easy after the scripts went down at the end of round 1 [ crusader glitch wen scripts was down just a ] mt thinks thats y cube dident die after being shot with sg from 3 ppl at the same time
  3. yep i suppose there will always be a bit of lag ,but it aint just bout luck all the time
  4. these tournements r brill ideas dont get me rong. but there so annoyin playing other clans that arnt in the same country as u,coz theres lots of lag and they cant be shot ,the tournements will be so much better in blue. [i cant w8 4 blue less lag, more fun ]
  5. i like the sound of it , but it just wouldent be fair because of lag between players ,ill join in blue
  6. hopefully a tuornement in blue will be fair no lag [or mods}
  7. uva zzz they defended the wasington beach home at first ontop of a unreachable building and we sed we win coz of default but they wouldent agree and they wanted a redo of round 2
  8. ye round 2 should of bin forfited 2 DA ,and there clan got nailed with bullits by loads of us and nufin happend to them, major major lag or sumthin dodgy goin on
  9. r base was reachable by foot ,up the stairs , ures wasent
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