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    Dice City, MTA (Hardly), Art, Strategical Warfare
  1. Wild A.

    Funny Screens...

    is in that server =.= ban me if you like. i don't really need to use this forums. besides- if i get banned on the "official" servers, just as fine with me. I always have more servers to go to lol.
  2. Wild A.

    Funny Screens...

    lol. modding server?..too bad it's not in .5 =.=
  3. Wild A.

    Funny Screens...

    That's mine to start off with. STOP GETTING EMOTIONAL ON ME! The human bat!...that is a funny mod =.= Just plain fun butt whipping action. BANG! I'M SHOT! It speaks for itself...
  4. i have SA for PS2. I was desperate lol, 4th day, i was already having trouble with loading objects. sad, isn't it?
  5. Hey, I know- you'd probably all say "Yep." But think this out, in the previous GTA's- Ex. GTAIII, some people had problems with the game such as trouble with the map loading, it would either not load at all, or not completely load the objects. So you would probably drive into something without seeing it until you actually hit it. The problem continued on in Vice City, but worse. I have experianced it on VC. I was only able to fix it by reinstalling Windows. Now, San Andreas has more than twice as much objects as VC. Do you think the SA Multimod would work? I think it's garunteed to fail aft
  6. Wild A.


    Too bad it wasn't like Postal 2 or Medal of Honor, i know one of them showed custom skins...forgot wich.
  7. Wild A.


    aww, that's a bummer. I was hopin I can run around with my own player character or skin, oh well lol.
  8. Wild A.


    nice.....i guess i might return when it comes out. So, custom vehicles and models work, but do you think it will show for others?
  9. Wild A.


    hmm, nice, what about custom models? lol.
  10. Wild A.


    Will MTA EVER be able to support player's custom skins? I'm bored. *Gone to Dice City*
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