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  1. Hey, I just made this for our server (XIII). The symbols work out of the box with the chatbox, guiTextBoxes and DxDrawText. You have to save the nicknames on another way than it does standard, and than you have to make every resource use that other nickname (which is bit annoying).
  2. Hello, Someone is faking our server name, i don't know you if can do anything about this. But we don't like this at all! XIII #3 |24/7 Race DD/DM [serverFFS.com] IP: Hope you can force him to change it or shut down his server. Thanks in advance Regards, Goomba
  3. Ok, so we can't do anything about this? They already send a mail with a warning about this, but we should just tell them to f*ck off? And well, the server runs just normally. So we haven't got problems with it, just the host.
  4. It's a linux server. banlist.xml = 16KB internal.db = 59KB registry.db = 772KB MTA:SA Server v1.0.4-release-1771 The host is serverFFS.com
  5. Server is using excessive CPU, please optimize your resources. Server is using excessive RAM, please optimize your resources. This is what the log says, and our host has warned us for this. The server runs fine, you can't notice anything about this problem. Hope you can help me with this, 'cause i've got no clue how to optimize the resources. -Goomba
  6. Goomba

    Top Times.

    Hello, How can you get the toptimes working with a vehicle pickup instead of the last checkpoint. It's on gamemode race - destructionderby I want it to set times when people pickup vehicleid 425. I guess you guys will yell "read the f*cking wiki" Well, there's nothing about the top times on there and I've spitted throughout all the .lua file's inside the toptimes resource but I still don't have a clue how to get this working. Hope you guys can be friendly and just give me a hint about what to do. I know the basic stuff of .lua, but ye I'm not that good. I don't think this is a crap lo
  7. I just set all redirectplayer functions to false, and it seems to work so far. Else I'll try your fix. Thanks anyway
  8. Hey, So here's the issue; Since a little while it seems our servers is hacked or something. It moves people to the zombie server of gamenet.fi And I have no clue where to find this 'hack' and how to fix this. It's really annoying. Our servers are the XIII #1 & #2 we run Race mode. Hope you guys can help to fix this. Greetz, Goomba
  9. Goomba

    Error when launching

    Did a fresh install, windows 7 64-bit and it works fine now.
  10. Goomba

    Error when launching

    I'll just reinstall windows 7 then.
  11. Goomba

    Error when launching

    What's this about? Here are my specs: AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core QL-65 ~ 2.1GHz 4096mb RAM Ati Mobility Radeon HD 3200 ~ 1468 MB HyperMemory Windows 7 Ultimate - 32 bit Directx 11 And btw, GTA San Andreas runs really slow. While I can play Modern Warfare 2 on this laptop. And Modern Warfare 2 has a really decent fps. I don't get that either.
  12. I can't find that config_DX.ini file.
  13. Goomba

    Moving Objects

    Fixed, thanks for helping anyway
  14. Goomba

    Moving Objects

    Thanks for helping, but still haven't got it working. The object does create but it doesn't move. It's on a race map, don't know if that matters. Here's my script: function gate() myGate = createObject ( 18284, 4207.430176, -1787.572388, 75.101517 ) end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement ( getThisResource () ), gate ) function moveIt (thePlayer ) moveObject ( myGate, 3000, 4207.430176, -1787.572388, 95.101517 ) setTimer ( moveBack, 5000, 1, thePlayer ) end addCommandHandler("myCommand",moveIt) function moveBack () moveObject ( myGate, 3000, 4207.430176
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