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  1. I've problem. In MTA 0.5 I have this "We are no longer takking error reports 0.5.thank you"
  2. MTA 0.5 doesn't work with Win 98.
  3. YaCeQ

    MTA server

    I've w problem. I want to take my server in MTA 0.5. I take on MTA 0.5 - Create Game, name - Poland Deathmatch server MTA, map - Deathmatch, max players - 10 and port 2003. Next I take Setup Server and there I write informations. I take Save & return and Start Server. In this window on right page I've host or my friends. I give it my friends but they can't go to my server. Who? My English isn't good, sorry...
  4. But why MTA Server is on Linux?
  5. I've Linux. Is MTA 0.5 Client on Linux?
  6. He have connect to internet. He takes Refresh but next is this... He takes servers with MTA's pages and he can't connect to this server. WHO HELP ME?!?!?!
  7. My friend has got problem. When he take MTA 0.5 and Servers - Isn't aby servers in this window. MTA dosen't connect to server with MTA page. He reinstal GTA VC and MTA, but next this is:( What's problem?
  8. My friend has got a problem. On instalation MTA 0.5 he has got this: Run-time error: 429 ActiveX component can't create object
  9. Hello! I'm from Poland and I my English isn't good... I have problem when I want have my server. In MTA 0.5 - Create Server I write in Name - name my server, map - VC Deathmatch, Users - 10 and port 2003. I take Setup Server and I set up my options. Next I take Save&Return and Start Server. I can go to my server but my friends not. On right I've IP for my friends but my friend can't go on my server with this IP.
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