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  1. Now there is a screenshot. Here's a direct link for lazy people http://mitglied.lycos.de/trunkstom/gta3tscreen.JPG
  2. Maybe i'm stupid but can someone explain this to me : "Tomorrow is here a Screenshot (when Draco work good)... " I understand the "Tomorrow is here a Screenshot" part, but i can't make anything clever from the rest of the text.
  3. What a..... If someone doesn't say anything to "the people", how can "the people" "find these things out for themselves". I think that, if no-one gives credit, the people think that they are doing the right thing and don't change their way of doing "things". Example when you are at school and your teacher tells you to do cartwheel and you do a somersault. Teacher looks at you and says nothing, you think : Cool, i can do this right! EDIT: same goes here, if people SPAM and do stupid things, and nobody tells them HOW WILL THEY LEARN?
  4. Now, my opinion is also that it's a fake... Those two people are acting very mysterious (like jesus) and they don't even refresh their homepage which has the old release dates, but i dont want to make any hassle about it, if it turns out that it's a fake, i'll just laugh at them by myself...
  5. I think everybody got the f**king point now tintin, could you now go to somewhere else posting that sherlock holmes stuff ?
  6. No, annoying is reading your stupid five words long post in every thread, you are like raping english when you write... Tount taike tis in personal wei man, tis is just mai opnion abaut tha situatoon, ju now swat i mean ?
  7. They have remade their website, now there is samekind of progress counter thingy that mta also has (i wonder why). They've set a release date between 30.4-1-5, so lets all hope there's no delay. http://dracoblue.de/gta3t
  8. Isn't "gar" the word that pirates use when they speak example : Gar, i will stick this sword to you arse. Call me stupid if i'm wrong
  9. You are right. They deleted it like this thread http://members.lycos.co.uk/jonistus/Before.jpg http://members.lycos.co.uk/jonistus/After.jpg
  10. I think everybody got the point now, because there are like one hundred threads where's somebody saying how hard they are working and everyday we get a new thread about it, so what if we all forget about it and let the moderators handle those bitchers.
  11. Ok righty then, what ever that means, could you tell me the same thing in english.
  12. Here is something for everybody http://members.lycos.co.uk/jonistus/Before.jpg http://members.lycos.co.uk/jonistus/After.jpg
  13. There WAS this thread that said that it IS NOT coming out posted by admin, but now someone has deleted it.
  14. Why are you still posting this pointless crap about releasing every next fucking week, if you say you are going to release it on next week then you release it! Not half years later, i think i just go into my cave and come out after next new year, maybe you have then finally released version 0.3... Or not.
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