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  1. well you are inactive nowadays so i guess yeah.
  2. I hope XII will be back in MTA:SA. It was an elite clan like PCP
  3. sounds fun, everything what's new in this dying mtavc world sounds good.
  4. Only the councils and our new honourary member Spit.
  5. sry, no fat aussies STFU boro sure you can Spit
  6. Kozak

    FIFA World Cup 2006

    lol they are joking...
  7. Kozak

    FIFA World Cup 2006

    mmm i think u should stop watching gay p0rn. The final will be Germany (the refs will help them) vs Brazil (the best team).
  8. Kozak

    FIFA World Cup 2006

    Aight. Polish hools will pwn English fans
  9. cos we only win the matches O_O
  10. rofl so change the lang u got lil flags in the upper right corner
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